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Trudeau pulls racist towards the Chinese and makes them test to enter Canada


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2 hours ago, Contrarian said:

I wonder what he said about local Greeks supporting a parallel force in a foreign country?

More importantly, what would Sun Tzu say about that? He's the tactical go-to...

As a general rule, it's awesome. Any alternative to attacking yourself is an improvement. 

The best alternative is to be a shit-disturber though, and then stay out of the fighting.

Eg, Russia and China said jointly: "We might attack Ukraine and Taiwan", but Xi is still sitting on a hill watching two tigers fight.

I'm not sure what this has to do with the price of T's (and sweatpants) at the No Frills on Biden St in downtown Beijing though. 

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Screw the Chinese, I would ban everyone of them for 6 months. Call me racist if you want, but with the crap going on in China, maybe the Chinese should make a personal choice and stay home till they get a grip on things.

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1 hour ago, Contrarian said:

When, today? Do you have a link? or you are referring to those naval exercises?


It's actually hard to find articles from when China and Russia were jointly rattling their sabres now that the war in Ukraine has already broken out, 99.9% of google searches point to articles from after the war already started, but that's the closest I could find in 5 minutes. 


This^ article mentions the Russian-Chinese agreement to let each other run wild in Taiwan/Ukraine, but mostly Russia's support of China. China said basically the same thing about Ukraine. 

2 hours ago, Contrarian said:

China's ruling class did not issue any kind of direct official support for Russia yet. 


Hong KongCNN — 

Chinese leader Xi Jinping reiterated his support for Moscow on “sovereignty and security” matters in a call with counterpart Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, upholding his backing for the countries’ partnership despite the global backlash against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

Speaking on his 69th birthday, Xi also pledged to deepen strategic coordination between the two countries, according to China’s Foreign Ministry.

They may not be openly paying lip service to the invasion in as many words, but their tacit support and their overt strengthening of ties says everything.


China, too, has refrained from referring to Russia’s actions as an invasion and has walked a fine line on the issue. It has portrayed itself as calling for peace and upholding the global order, while refusing to denounce Russia’s actions. It has also used its state media apparatus to mimic Kremlin lines blaming the United States and NATO for the crisis.

It's exactly like I said: China is being coy about their support, they made Russia believe that they were attacking too (which would have lessened America's ability to aid Ukraine), and China is now sitting on a hill watching Russia and the US deplete themselves. 

They're like the USA in WWII - growing like a weed on the sidelines while the other superpowers were destroying each other. America's rise to power was 50% from building themselves up, and 50% because of everyone else going down. 

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