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Provinces vs States: Language, Abortion

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Yes, Canada is a civilized place. And also yes, the tribes of Europe have warred on and off for thousands of years. Most of these are short-lived conflicts but occasionally erupt into much larger ones. Since tribes have more formalized into nation-states, wars have become both less frequent but also more intense. Tribalism is an aspect of humanity that also pre-dates human arrival into Europe.

Canada's big picture is one where governments are able to be elected by and be supported by multiple tribes, and so we have a normally prosperous and peaceful country unlike the fragmentations elsewhere.

Just like many forces of history, good can be the product of many intentions including non-good ones.

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2 hours ago, 500channelsurfer said:

Yes, Canada is a civilized place. And also yes, the tribes of Europe have warred on and off for thousands of years.


Thousands of years? More like every three/four generation. Once the men forget.


IMHO, what makes Canada a civilised society is that individuals cross lines. Protestants voted for Laurier. And Catholics voted for Diefenbaker.

Huh? 1957 - Duplessis? 

Look carefully at how Stephen Harper won in 2011. This is my Canada.

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On 10/14/2022 at 12:22 AM, August1991 said:

Pierre Trudeau once said that the measure of a society is how the majority treats the minority.

I now think that the better measure -in a democracy- is whether the minority votes for the majority. 

True. True.

Mind you he did give the finger to the minority 'lesser' western provinces, soooooo.....

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