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Widow suing Khadr

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On 2/19/2020 at 1:44 PM, Goddess said:

Maybe blame the media?  Khadr is the one who's flying freely on airlines, demanding the return of his passport and unsupervised visits with his terrorist sister and mother.  After shelling out over 10 million to this POS, maybe taxpayers have the right to know what he's up to.

I wonder if Khadr had his passport if Canada would still be the only country that would allow him to fly.

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On 2/26/2020 at 2:48 PM, eyeball said:

The only circumstance in which that could have occurred is if America'a military tribunals had the same legal standing as a real court.

You'd also have to scrap the Geneva Conventions and do away with consideration for children that are indoctrinated and taken into armed conflicts....

Between that and all the dialing back of Canada's laws and Confederation and what have you to bulldoze pipelines thru indigenous lands...you right wing conservatives sure like tilting at windmills don't you?

They do have the same standing, Give a source where it states they don't  ?  I've asked you this a million times, if they did not have any legal standing WHY was he sent to a US civilian prison, not only in the US civilian prison but also a Canadian civilian prison... 

Once again you need to read the Geneva Convention, it clearly states that NO child is immune from prosecution for his or her crimes... it also states where possible children should be given treatment instead of prosecution....once again give us a source ?


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Had he been covered in debris , then how could he take two to the chest by sf guys clearing that area of the complex, as that was the last action in that conflict...he would have had to dig him up ,shot him  then bury him again....and the angle of the photo is deceiving, there is nothing else to put it all into context...

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On 2/26/2020 at 11:39 AM, eyeball said:

Rue the whole point of this is that no explanation fits any evidence to the degree required in a real court of law.




In any case the fact was just a kid still predominates whatever else that was wrong about his persecution. 

Yes in a court of law in Canada he would not have been tried as he was. The Charter would have never allowed the lack of full disclosure of evidence as to his charges or the testimony since he was not at all times in the presence of a  guardian or lawyer when he confessed. I would go so far as to say he may never have been charged under Canadian laws.  I am not arguing his confessions are admissable. I get that.

What you see from me is an angry moral opinion that this man today should not be taking or profiting from money from his actions. I could live with the fact he has served his time. I could even live with the fact he was entitled to rehabilitation. Sorry I can not and will never accept the conclusion he was entitled to money for his actions. I can not and will never accept any form of law that compensates criminal or terrorist actions. I can not and will never equate the pain Kadr claims to have suffered from as being more worthy of compensation  then that of  the family and widow of the deceased soldier.

Also as a Muslim which he claims he is, he can not accept money from actions he knows caused another pain and suffering. I judge him by his own moral standards.

By the way Eye the Geneva convention does not apply. Also international law has no treaties for the treatment of child terrorists or any terrorists. The treaties that do exist contemplated children drafted into conventional armies or uniformed militias  fighting soldiers. not  operating as terrorists (attacking civilians). 

The UN has never attempted to establish any treaty for the treatment of terrorists. It has not because most of the nations in the UN can not agree on what a terrorist is and probably never will.



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