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  1. There has been lots of chatter in the past 24 hours about the PM's press conference with selected members of the media in B.C. An article describing Harper's relationship with the media was written today. He needs to do better with the media. I'm sure his communication's person must pull their hair out at times.
  2. Interesting article by Justin Ling today outlining the Toronto Star's over the top approach towards Rob Ford. The Star asked a select group of 'thought leaders' why they were not more vocal against Rob Ford. Ling essentially says the Star has gone beyond the journalistic boundary… perhaps by buying the Ford video. http://looniepolitics.com/ling-time-toronto-star-get-back-journalism/
  3. Justin Ling must be doing a series on the Harper heirs. He talks about how Kenney is probably the one to inherit the crown, or perhaps kill the PM's career. He has been outspoken lately over the Ford issue. It will be interesting to see how this unfolds. http://looniepolitics.com/acting-dreadful-thing/
  4. We can debate the merits of the specifics within Chong's proposals, however we also need to get back to the basics and have a Speaker who will enforce the rules. An example should be the UK model where the Speaker is not afraid to kick someone out for poor behaviour and makes sure the questions are relevant. We have gone down hill with pizza and Santa. http://looniepolitics.com/bashful-speaker-scheer-helps-one/
  5. There has been talk lately of Harper's resignation in the new year or an early election. A number of potential heirs to the PM throne have been mentioned and have started to be more visible and speak out. While he has always been somewhat of a loose cannon, Bernier has to be considered a potential successor. As this article suggests, will he be the first to publicly call for Harper to step down? http://looniepolitics.com/et-tu-bernier/
  6. There was an article at Loonie Politics from a group that is trying to unite the Lib/Dippers and Greens. The point of the article was that they are all using Jack's words and that they should unite if not in party then on positions and work together. I doubt that it would ever happen as parties and leaders have the thirst for power. Wishful thinking on the left. http://looniepolitics.com/love-hope-optimism-jacks-words-tell-us-trudeau-mulcair-road-2015/
  7. Businesses need to start speaking out publicly and to their employees about the rising hydro costs. There will be many more Heinz, Kelloggs who rely on energy who will close up. Just as business spoke up in the 80s over free trade, they need to speak out on what is happening in Ontario. Found this letter from Ottawa businesses trying to highlight the crisis over hydro rates. http://looniepolitics.com/letter-ontario-premier-business-regarding-hydro-rates/
  8. The current reform proposal is window dressing. They need to give the power back to the grassroots and not the caucus. They should also include recall powers. An interesting article by Dale Smith talking about the reforms. http://looniepolitics.com/rent-tories-liberal-supporters-death-accountability/
  9. There has been a lot of chatter in the past week as to whether or not PMSH will be stepping down in the next 6 months. If he were to resign, the window is getting smaller to allow his successor time to clean-up and put his/her own stamp on the government. Interesting article by Justin Ling. Doubt that he would break his own law and call an early election. www.looniepolitics.com/stephen-harper-seeker/
  10. Justin Ling wrote a piece in Loonie Politics that outlines the pros / cons of these reforms. I tend to agree that the reforms would be putting too much power in the hands of the MPs and caucus limiting the ability of the PM and cabinet to do their jobs. We don't need the British model here. Remember how the Conservative caucus threw out Thatcher. There are other measures that can be put in place to enhance parliamentary democracy versus the suggested proposals in Chong's private member's bill. http://looniepolitics.com/taming-pm/
  11. The whispering of Harper resigning is starting to get louder and now journalists are openly starting to write that the PM should resign. I think that he will be staying on. Even if he resigned, he would be handing a mess to his successor just like Chretien did which could devastate the party going forward. http://looniepolitics.com/harpers-lincoln-continental/
  12. The Senate needs to be abolished however the odds that will happen is nil. I didn't know that the process by which to reform the Senate had been layer out in the constitution. getting all the provinces to agree on a path forward will be difficult. Concerned that we will get back into the constitutional discussions of the 80s. http://looniepolitics.com/reform-senate-abolitionists/
  13. Great that Gore was congratulating Wynne for closing down all of the coal powered power generation stations and replaced it with expensive solar and wind power. The Liberals have been responsible for the destruction of Ontario's manufacturing base by making power too expensive. The Green Act needs to be reversed and cheaper power generated. http://looniepolitics.com/videos/al-gore-speech-climate-change-environment-toronto/
  14. Is it only me or does anyone else feel completely uninspired about the by-election. The debate was horrible. It is interesting how the two front runners each have published there own books outlining their thoughts or political manifestos. Justin Ling has just published an article providing his thoughts on the books. In my opinion, the riding doesn't have many alternatives. http://looniepolitics.com/billionaires-plutocrats/
  15. Terrible situation for job losses in Southern Ontario over the past 5+ years. leamington will not be able to replace these jobs. http://looniepolitics.com/dig-hole-debt-stop-digging/
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