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Found 6 results

  1. This is an explanation on what viruses and vaccines are, why and how they operate, and what the particular root of the politics are that are creating a chaos of misunderstandings. I will try to relate this to the least knowledgeable by using a comparative analogy to chain letters, given many might make better sense of the background. What are viruses? A virus is just a packette of data in the form of rib(b)ons of linked amino acids that originated as a mechanism for single celled organisms to alert other cells of what to change in order to better protect themselves of some common external threat. They are 'dumb' in that they are identical in kind to a chain letter in function. These are much older than multi-cellular beings, like plants and mammals, and are originally something that had to exist in order to have evolved into more complex beings. If you are unfamiliar with chain letters, let's first discuss this to be sure the analogy makes sense. A chain letter is a letter that (1) contains some value in the form of information and (2) contains information on how to copy itself for redistribution. The idea relates to network marketing or pyramid schemes and is the actual foundation FOR them. A chain letter may thus look like: This is the simplest kind and note that you don't include what I wrote in the brackets, "[", "]". These are just to help explain the content's meaning. A virus is thus like an envelope plus the chainletter inside it. On any envelope you would place your friend's address. For a virus, this is done by designing a unique package or envelope plus some 'address' in the form of a key that defines who and how to open it. For a letter, the language and format of the address acts as a 'key' that the recipient can use to determine whether this was meant for them and where it came from. Think of the postal code, for instance as a 'format' unique to Canadians that act as a 'key' that Canadians understand. A virus uses chemicals usually in the form of some unique shape as its key. The outer packet of the virus is the same as the letter's shape of envelope (or package) and the keys the same as the envelope's written "To:" and "From: data as well as the stamp. But just like the possibility of some letters to be accidentally be sent somewhere else, a virus may be accidentally sent elsewhere unexpectedly. Normally, the post office or couriers have means to reduce the possibility of it being lost or sent to some unintended recipient. For living things, we have this too in the form of 'antibodies' and related immunity cells which act as wandering security gaurds seeking to remove unwanted 'bodies'. The 'virus' doesn't care whether the recipient is legitimate or not and so should not normally be a threat. Likewise, ANY letter doesn't care who receives it and we expect that if it has no use, the recipient is the one who decides whether to open it or not. Unlike letters, viruses are sent without delivery personel and so just wander about. Also the copies of it act more like the chainletter type of letters most specifically. They act like spam or unsolicited junk mail to which many copies are made and distributed. The recipient then chooses whether it will accept it versus tossing it out in the same way as antibodies and other related protection cells. [Note that the antibodies are more like the process of tossing out ones letters whereas our reading of the outer envelope is what is used to determine what is important or not before tossing them out. Thus, the antibodies are technically the response of immunity cells that have to first notice the foreign bodies before rejecing them by covering them with 'antibodies'. This is thus more like tagging the unwanted letters with something and putting it in a pile to be tossed out later. But I'm sure you get the point. So viruses, just like chainletters, do not necessarily represent anything harmful. It can also be comparatively used with sincerity like a public notice to watch out for some danger and spread it around. However, where they become harmful is if some recipient opens the letter if it was not intended for them. Of course chainletters are more formally understood to be the 'scamming' part even to those the letter is intended for. The analogy fits sufficiently though as we will later see. What is RNA, mRNA, DNA, and ribosomes? The actual structure of the letters or symbols of our language that creates the contents of the chainletter represents RNA, mRNA and DNA. The differences between these are like the difference between single sentences versus parargraphs or whole pages, etc. For biology, all RNA and DNA normally come only from the nucleus of the cell and represents the 'N' in "RNA" and "DNA". The "D" and "R" represent whether the string of data are mere segments or the whole collection. The RNA are simple segments or "ribbons" and what the "R" represents. [They just shortened it to "ribo"] Oxygen acts like cut ends that make the long string of DNA into small segments. So RNA has oxygen by default at its 'ends' so to speak that act as scissors whereas the 'D' for "deoxy(genated)" means that they are uncut. [It might have been better to name RNA (or "ribo-nucleic-acid") to RONA (for "ribboned-oygenated-nucleic-acid) and then DNA (for "deoxy(ribo)-nucleic-acid" as RUNA (for "ribboned-unoxygenated-nucleic-acid" instead, right? But it doesn't matter any more than how we might spell things differently in words like, "center" versus "centre". RNA are copied segments of DNA. The RNA act as individual protein creating instructions whereas the DNA is the 'masterplan' for ALL cells in the bocy. The DNA always stays in the nucleus. But the RNA once made is evicted out of the nucleus and is the referred to as "mRNA" for "messengerRNA". This term is was created after recognizing that viruses have RNA too but don't originate from the particular cell and so only the "mRNA" are used for the INTENDED cell's functioning. The collection of mRNA that defines the function of a particlar cell's construction and operation are approximately what we mean by the "gene". That is, a gene is actually the parts of the DNA that gets used in a particular cell that becomes the collection of mRNA outside the nucleus. Once outside the nucleus, the mRNA floats around until it runs into a unique creator complex protein, called the 'ribosome" that takes RNA or mRNA and translates it while it makes a more complex string that becomes the proteins. Proteins are the elements of construction for all parts of a cell. Comparative analogies to these using our chainletter would be like comparing a whole library to a mere sentence. The whole library is the DNA while the RNA are like books; or you can think of this as also a whole book versus a single page or sentence. The ribosomes are like the mind interpreting or creating sentences, books, or whole libraries. In the cell, the do the 'reading' of the RNA and 'interpreting' it by the final created protein; the creation of RNA might be understood as the reverse process, a protein that creates it to which the DNA has components that do this in the nucleus. Bacteria creation of viruses These processes in the cell also occur in single-celled organisms, like bacteria. Since all cells begun evolutionarily as individual cells like bacteria, viruses act as the original means of sharing information between distinct cells and what formed our DNA in stages of past evolution. The bacteria here are what act as the creators of the chainletters, even though larger cellular complexes may do this (?). The bacteria that runs into its own threats can communicate this to other bacteria, usually of its own kind. Thus the virus is more like the chainletter without intended deception, like a public service alert. The copies it intends to make when it reaches new bacteria recipients is likely limited in the same way I restricted the names at the top of the letter to five. Thus, they do not likely have the threat they pose to duplication in the cells they are intentionally sent to. The message part is the significant point of them whereas the copying part is just the means of assuring the message is more likely to get passed on. A single cell may even just make one copy before stopping the process. The chainletters within some community may be harmless and act as entertaining or useful simple 'memes' among friends. But they are relatively 'immature' and thus the bacteria can be compared to communication between less mature people or the young learning to read and write. As such, while recognized as a root of our more complex means of communicating, we often interpret the attraction of those who rely on chainletters are either potentially deceptive where it is used by someone more mature used to manipulate those less mature. To the recipient, they are more likley to pass on the deception immaturely or unaware of any intended harm. The problem begins when the message that the virus represents between bacteria gets accidentally sent out and intercepted by more mature cellular complexes of non-bacterial life and falsely interpreting it as valid intake. The destructive factor of viruses ...occurs because when it accidentally gets interpreted as a harmless friendly guest particle, it robs the normal functioning of a cell because the ribosome cannot differentiate between the mRNA versus foreign RNA. It accepts any RNA that is like its own nucleus, not foreign nucleii. Then given these created viruses have no other functional utiliity for the cell, it builds up, reopens some of its new creations when they get torn apart by other parts of the cell and eventually kills the cell as it then explodes filled of a much larger quanity of viruses that it begun with. Our immunity cells where they are themselves not attacked (like HIV/AIDS) normally have a list of identifiers they can use to notice foreign particles. They are expected to release antibodies that surround the foreign matter that flags them for removal. They can be removed by urination, sweating, defecating, saliva, semen, or the exhalation of the lungs. The 'exit' process depends upon things like the size of the particle and is how we infect others. Given it only takes one virus to begin the process of destruction, such a small amount of them are not always enough for the immune system to notice before a triggered cell is infected. Each kind of virus usually has a particular unusual key that opens an unintended host cell of one kind. So one virus might infect only lung cells for instance. The analogy using mail would be like how someone might be tricked into opening some junk mail (or spam for email) that could be disguised as legitmately for you. But it can be even undeceptive like should you quickly open any mail in an envelope without confirming that it is for you. You might get a letter for a neighbor only to discover something upon reading it that affects your behavior before you noticed it was a mistake. You might have difficulty trying to forget something that might be damaging of another person's reputation in your eyes, for instance. It is thus hard NOT to be affected by such reading as it can when a cell's ribosomes begins interpreting viral RNA. Discovering how this happens has led us to the creation of vaccinations: Vaccines are any set of possible intakes that contain 'hints' of the original virus used to trigger the system and grants it time enough to become immune to its potential harms. This can be compared to the difference of someone naively interpreting chainletters as literal. The deceptive forms attempt to draw upon your emotions the most. If you were fed less harmful or fake chainletters, like the one above as an example, it can "immunize" you without creating harm. The vaccines operate by taking the actual virus and create a nondestructive version of it. So it requires to be as close as possible to the real thing and in a large enough dose so that the immunity cells have a chance to notice the intruder before it gets to be affective. Because it is the envelope that holds the means to get noticed first, the usual means of creating a vaccine is to tear apart whole original non-destroyed viruses and destroy the inner RNA data. Then, using the leftover remnants of the envelope, use this to tease the immunity system into noticing it and give it time to develop the identification factors that the immunity cells can use to police them. It is akin to sending "wanted posters" used to catch a criminal. If you followed the logic here, you should have enough information to understand why vaccines have effectiveness. But note that this can still cause other side effects, one of which is that your system might over-react chaotically. You then may die from an 'allergic' reaction that acts 'scared' of unknown particles. It might be like if you discover some violent mass murder in your neighborhood but not know who it is. But nobody thinks that NOT informing the public of such danger is responsible. Well, maybe this does actually happen at times because the police might fear the overreaction of the public like how riots may be unintentionally created and become destructive. So this is the background that everyone should at least require before further speaking about the politics on vaccines. I hope this has helped and encourage others to add their own means of describing this by analogy. Note that what I did not mention about the chainletter above is that IF such a letter were convincing enough to get people to copy it, the destructive effects occur at the post office when they get flooded of them. This is the main reason they are no longer legal and why the skepticism against pyramid type schemes that many Network Marketing schemes constantly attempt to relegalize by technical means. Amway distributers, for instance, uses the soap as a 'legal' product that goes along with the chainletter role of the scheme. If you carried out the above scheme and it succeeded, by the time your name gets to the top of the list 6 layers down, you would gain a fortune in dollars being sent to you. It is exponential and is NOT able to actually operate far beyond that level because you'd end up having to get the whole world's population playing into the scheme. I won't deal with all the possible good math examples here given the awkward lack of means to express math terms here and that this may just be too much for many. However, take a simple online input in google, "6^6". It is 46656. Yes, I know I used 5 names in the above example. I chose '6' because it is somewhat a popular scheme that those Network marketers and other related schemes like to use and might make some of you familiar to it. That number means that the person on the top of a 6 person list would make $46, 656! Another simple six layers needed to permit the person on the bottom of the list to reach their $46, 656 means that the person on the top would require that number to the powet of 6 = 1.0314425e+28 which is $ 10,314,425,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 and of course would need just as many people! So now copy my post and send it to all six friends and maybe we can get everyone to have the vaccine and eradicate Covid in a little over 6 levels! ? This is my attempt to immunize you of the ignorance of viruses and vaccines with a bonus in immunizing you from pyramid-chainletter related schemes!
  2. Bill Maher said it was fine to call the coronavirus the “China virus,” adding that a global pandemic was no time for political correctness. “‘What if people hear Chinese virus and blame China?’ The answer is we should blame China. We can’t afford the luxury anymore of non-judginess towards a country with habits that kill millions of people,” Maher thundered Friday in a monologue at the end of his HBO show “Real Time.”
  3. All over Ontario, people have been quarantined for weeks in order to flatten the curve and save lives, for the majority of places it has been working. Health officials are now saying that some places in Ontario have reached their peak and the daily number of cases are slowly starting to decline. However, long-term care homes are still at high risk and are being closely monitored to prevent a wide-scale outbreak. READ MORE AT https://www.youthinpolitics.net/post/leading-death-of-covid-19
  4. Canadians won’t be able to return to life as they knew it before the novel coronavirus pandemic until a vaccine is available, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday. “Normality as it was before will not come back full-on until we get a vaccine for this… That will be a very long way off,” the prime minister said during his daily news conference on Canada’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  5. As Canada confronts the worsening COVID-19 outbreak, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has hinted his government might declare a federal emergency, giving his cabinet extra powers to battle the pandemic. “It is a major tool and I can tell you that we already have a lot of tools that allow us to do what we need to do,” said Trudeau, at his Thursday news conference outside Rideau Cottage in Ottawa. “If there are other steps that need to be accomplished and can only be accomplished through invoking the Emergencies Act then we will do so.” Some experts have been urging the government to invoke the Emergencies Act, while others have shuddered at the idea, which would be an extraordinary step in the government’s response to the crisis. “We do recognize that the Emergencies Act is an extreme law with certain implications that would also require us to bring back the House of Commons to pass these measures,” said Trudeau.
  6. Premier Doug Ford has declared a provincial state of emergency in response to a worsening COVID-19 outbreak and will now order the closure of restaurants and bars not providing takeout service along with a host of other venues where crowds are known to gather. Ford made the announcement at a hastily-called news conference at Queen’s Park on Tuesday morning, noting that the province is facing an “unprecedented time in its history” and must “act decisively” and “take any and all actions necessary as COVID-19 continues to spread.” He says that under the order the government will prohibit all organized public events of more than 50 people until March 31, including services in places of worship. He said that the order will also force the closure of all facilities providing indoor recreational programs, all public libraries and private schools, all licenced childcare centres, all bars and restaurants that don’t provide takeout services and all theatres, cinemas and concert venues.
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