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Found 2 results

  1. Im currently a grade 12 student who started an Initiative to Inform Youth about Politics and World Issues. I started this podcast in the summer of 2019 after seeing the lack of attention being given to the Canadain election of 2019. My older friends were not voting, and if they were voting, they voted without the proper knowledge. That led me to create this podcast where I try to inform the youth about world issues and politics, and hopefully encourage them to vote. CHECK IT OUT HERE & TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK
  2. 7 Rewriting World History, ​​My Spiritual Work​​ by exegesisme 1 rewriting world history, all crimes are recorded as they are. 2 nationalist party and communist party in china are two evil groups of serious crimes, until now still have been decorating their serious crimes under name of revolution, and heavily have been twisting chinese history. both of them should be forbidden in constitution, democratic progressive party should take the duty rebuilding china. 3 all other nations should take china as example, get serious crimes in their nations being recorded as historical lessons of each nation. 4 all religions should take all nations as examples, get their serious historical crimes being recorded as they are, and reform their theologies for preventing such sorts of serious crimes reappearing in future. 5 all financial markets should take all nations and all religions as examples, get their serious crimes being accounted and recorded, the borderlines of all serious financial crimes should be very clear for preventing financial fraud. 6 all massive weapons are illegal, should be forbidden, and except some crucial preparations for dealing with natural disaster. 7 world population in total should be well controlled. all other environmental measures and human improving measures are trivial without the control of world population. 8 basic equal living rights, job importance related privileges, and contribution related awards should be equally paid attention to. new theories of politics, economy and others should on this trinity. 9 refining desires to meet more needs are welcomed, and should be supplied on priority, and serious self corruptive desires should be taken into moral or ethical observation, or be met with higher prices. 10 human beings would enjoy peaceful healthy living in a world with real liberty and true goodness. ​
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