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  1. Then go to the Canadian politics section and bash him there like the rest of us do.
  2. The job numbers went up during Obama's Presidency according to the chart posted. That appears to be continuing with Trump.
  3. The rate of degradation in threads is much higher than a few years ago. Most threads I cannot participate in because of how shitty the OP was and then the vitriol and stupidity that typcially follows. I can easily tell which thread is going to get locked before it does. Predicted that easily a few times.
  4. This speaks to the insanely high costs of education by these universities. Which is another problem.
  5. That's how a government run universal healthcare system works.
  6. How does one get insurance in the USA Shady? Knowing you live in Canada, I will bet that you would much prefer Canada's health care system compared to the USA's current system. Lemmings? Dumb.
  7. I think Sanders proposed to eliminate for profit insurance companies. Cutting out the middle man that sucks money from the government and the citizens. Single payer healthcare plan. One plan that covers them all. And yes people can still buy supplemental insurance if they want and Companies in Canada still offer health benefits above the standard universal health care in Canada. BUT even without a job, a a trip to the hospital is covered. You are correct, they cannot be compared, very different system.
  8. Those are the points Sanders drives home as well. Yes taxes go up. People will pay more in taxes, but then they won't need to pay for deductibles, hospital visits. And when you change or lose your job , under the current system you are screwed. Under Sanders' plan, you are covered. Hence the average American will save thousands of dollars a year. Millions more will actually have coverage. And yes their taxes will also help pay for the healthcare system. Everyone pays in and everyone benefits. Currently only those who can afford it can pay for it. Anyone who can't afford it can't even see a doctor without paying the very high cost.
  9. Actually not in the latest Trump budget. He increases Military by 33B and cut healthcare by 85 B.
  10. What's the difference?? Military spending is still higher than it was 10, 20 years ago.
  11. Trumps last budget with the increases to the Military show you are 100% incorrect.
  12. Costs of current healthcare system. And with that Sander's plan is not going to cost any more and will actually cover ALL Americans and not just those who can afford it. https://www.cms.gov/research-statistics-data-and-systems/statistics-trends-and-reports/nationalhealthexpenddata/nationalhealthaccountshistorical.html
  13. He refused, but end up putting troops there anyways. Also he has been sending more troops to the M.E. to prep for a war with Iran. More proof that the military runs the nation and not the President. https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2019/05/trump-says-sending-1500-troops-deter-iran/590263/
  14. Money can easily be found for war to bomb foreign nations. , but money is always hard to find to take care of it's own citizens. Shameful that the USA's mentality is rather to kill people instead of curing people. Absolutely incorrect. USA is still involved in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and elsewhere. And they want to smack Iran.
  15. 100 B would be better spent on health care and education. That would actually help people. But interesting that the USA would complain about Iran missile tests after the USA pulled out of the deal. So the USA pulls out of another deal with Russia and starts testing missiles previously banned under the agreement. The USA is continually going down the same route as it's adversaries. Another big war is on the horizon. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/the-pentagons-cruise-missile-test-new-strike-possibilities https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-49198565
  16. If Trump needed 100B tomorrow for more wars, he would get it.
  17. Harper got us part of the way here. Ignoring Harper's involvement is ignoring the real scope of the corruption the Canadian government has allowed SNC-Lavalin to get away with for decades. This is partisan hackery thinking ruins conversations.
  18. That's what I would hope for too. Some people will disregard corruption as long as they can get in on the action. OH NO all those jobs will be lost. We don't need companies like SNC-Lavalin.
  19. The problem with cities is that they are a government type entity. Governments are always trailing behind the public sector in terms of keeping the hardware and software up to date. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/ransomware-marymound-attack-1.5034950 This one got it right. They have regular back ups of their information which is the only way to recover from ransomware. However many corps are not in this kind of position to handle that specific scenario. You cripple a hospital with ransomware and you can cause a LOT of problems.
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