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  1. This is the same bullshit the media throws out. Communism when someone hears socialism. How you gonna pay for health care? How you currently paying for endless wars?
  2. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-economy-watchlist-graphic/predicting-the-next-u-s-recession-idUSKCN1V31JE When the too big to fail financial institutions (corporate socialism) are telling us there will be a recession, then there will be one. Did those banks ever pay the American people back for their trillions in bailouts?
  3. People know what they like ... and they like Bernie!
  4. Since the war was not approved, that would be a crime in the USA, and then going to war with a nation based on fasle information is also a war crime. Assisting 'rebels' to take down Assad is a war crime. Consider Syria assisting dissidents in the USA. What do you think the outcome would be? What would the USA say about it?
  5. I really am disappointing that CO2 appears to be a bigger threat than overall pollution in our environment that is degraded it to the point where planting more trees is not going to help. Microplastics were recently discovered in the Arctic.
  6. The American people wanted a reality TV star. Not a president.
  7. I'll have to get this thread back on track yet again. https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/democrats-next-debate-make-miss-1.5263814 Only Bernie can save the day now. IF the Dems put Biden forward, then Trump is going to win another 4 yrs. Biden is an absolute train wreck on the campaign trail. The DNC seems to be pushing against the people that wont tow whatever line they are looking for. Using 4 'official' polls that show Gabbard polling under 2%, even in most other polls she is polling MUCH higher, and has exceeded the number of independent doners needed to be in the September debates. Can someone explain to me why the RNC is not also holding debates for their next leader? Or they have to go with Trump? I don't understand this 'democracy'.
  8. She was running?? Did not notice her over the crowds chanting BERNIE BERNIE BERNIE !!!
  9. What do you think is happening in Syria? The USA has had had direct involvement in that. It seems you are very ok with officials lying their asses off to start another war. That's troubling.
  10. Democracy would mean that the person with the most votes would be POTUS. The political process in the USA does not look or feel like a democracy at all.
  11. Interesting that Trump wants to bring manufacturing back to the USA. But it won't mean the jobs that people think. It will be heavily automated. And since you consider tariffs to be self harm, Trump has been doing that since he killed NAFTA. Trump has tariffed the USA into a new recession.
  12. Such hyperbole. And the bashing is well deserved. OH NO ASSAD HAS WEAPONS.. I guess we forgot about the bullshit propaganda that was pushed out to go into Iraq.
  13. Interesting that only select nations were affected by the 'Arab Spring'.
  14. The mission was not accomplished. Afghanistan is still a place loaded with terrorists. And now the USA wants to negotiate with the same terrorists that helped other terrorists bring down the WTC. Not at all. It's just a simple fact that the USA has been in Afghanistan for close to 20 years. Some estimates it's costing the USA 3-4 B a month to continue operations there. And yet no money for healthcare for Americans.. Absolutely shameful.
  15. Skipped over the last two pages of garbage... time to get this thread back on track.... Sanders is up in the poles now too! Here is how the media is treating Tulsi.
  16. People born on 9/11 are now old enough to join the military. So is two decades long enough? WWI and WWII combined did not last this long.
  17. You don't think it's a slight on all of America to be negotiating with the same people that gave the 9/11 hijackers a base of operations?
  18. I've seem examples of extreme callousness and this is right up there.
  19. Nazi Germany was defeated, The Taliban and Al-Queda and ISIS have yet to be defeated. That seems to be an important point to note. This means negotiating with the same people that helped the Saudi hijacked take down a couple buildings in NYC. Again, nothing morethan an insult to all those who died and for those who tried to rescue people on 9/11. Two very different scenarios and are not comparable in anyway.
  20. Trump cancels trade deals with several nations and I am the problem? I was not aware I had that much influence. Tariffs punish the end user only. The corps pass that cost onto the consumer in higher priced goods. Well take a look around your home and find out where it's all made. You'll be surprised! Designed in California, made in China!
  21. https://www.foxnews.com/world/us-taliban-awkward-alliance-isis-afghanistan This is an insult to the memory of the people who dies on 9/11 and to the emergency services who came to the call.
  22. It's not sudden, these issues brew for years before they become a problem. The opioid problem has been talked about before. Essentially these companies lobby doctors to push their drugs on people. Giving them incentives to prescribe a specific drug over another. Apparently Oklahoma has fined several pharmaceutical companies in the past. https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/johnson-johnson-opioid-oklahoma-1.5260479 They mislead people on their product?? Shocking.
  23. I asked specific questions and got non-related answers. I'll move on.
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