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  1. Damn what the F. MODs FIX this pls. How did you manage to combine these two threads? Did you even read them?
  2. Sanders has put out an amazing tweet today with the line : "If the environment were a bank it would have been saved already." He is 100% correct!
  3. Airbus pulling out of the contract does not mean Canada will go with the F-35. But that's not how BC2004 wants to frame it.
  4. Biden's a right off. He can't string words together. Kind of like how Bush Jr stumbled on many many many words.
  5. Well in a way Sanders is correct. China has a very large middle class that has exploded in the past 20 years. Mainly because a lot of corporations (many of them American) outsourced their manufacturing to China. They benefited immensely from all of that. However if you asked Sanders what he thinks of the Chinese leadership, he'd say something very different.
  6. I don't believe there was a merge, or was there? How can you tell?
  7. You might be right, but you have failed to even provide one simple cite to back up your 'claim'. This is the exact rhetoric Omar was talking about.
  8. I am still waiting for proof.. like a cite or something.
  9. Amazing that Canada has so much pull in this thread regarding Trump and the USA. For people that seem to hate Canada, you sure talk about it a lot.
  10. 100%. What she was eluding to was because of the 9/11 hijackers, Muslims in America were treated like second class citizens. Prove me wrong!
  11. You put forth nothing substantial at all. Nor will you. I can guarantee that much for the rest of this thread.
  12. Her statment regarding 9/11 has been severly twisted by the media. Only using part of the bit she overall said to make her look bad. The media does this constantly to the ones they despise. A line similar to "Do you think I like to kill people?" can be clipped to "I Like to kill people ...." creating a completely different narrative. And that's what was done to Omar by the media.
  13. I accept your defeat. The challenge was to see if anyone could clearly show Sanders is a communist. The only things put out were tripe and nonsense. Nothing substantial. Par for the course for certain members who want to merely shitpost.
  14. He wrote and sold a book and should benefit from his work. https://www.npr.org/sections/itsallpolitics/2015/07/08/421151627/sanders-among-the-least-wealthy-presidential-candidates
  15. Another good video showing the media bias. Washington post gives crap to Sanders for a statement that WaPo made themselves several months earlier.
  16. And now you have justified cuts to military spending. Again, good job.
  17. You have justified Iran's desire for nuclear weapons as a deterrence against a US invasion. Good job.
  18. A wikipedia article is your proof that Sanders is a communist? Laughable. Not one member of this forum can clearly articulate with proof that Sanders is a communist. Challenge is still open.....
  19. Still waiting for someone to define it and to still show me some proof. Otherwise, nothing but stupid talking points for stupid people.
  20. Why are these companies recession proof? Corporate socialism? You bet. And yet many in the US government will scoff at the idea of any kind of socialism that would actually benefit the average American.
  21. Define how Bernie is a Communist(s)? I hear the term applied, but not once have I heard anyone clearly show that he is one. Another idiotic talking point that has no merit in the real world.
  22. Massive turnout for Bernie in Iowa.. did anyone report it?? https://heavy.com/news/2019/08/bernie-sanders-iowa-state-fair/ Wonder why CNN, MSNBC, FOX and all the rest of the corporate 'news' organizations can't get their story straight about Sanders? Answer : they don't want to talk about Sanders. But they scream like babies when you call them out on their bias.
  23. I thought Trump was going to resurrect the manufacturing sector in America? Should anyone be shocked that this is not the case?
  24. So defense contractors, Interesting. Again showing the priority is the war machine above all else in America. The USA needs to keep perpetual war, to keep the military industrial complex moving forward at the expense of educated and healthy Americans.
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