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  1. Eyeball.. looks like some good news today.. and not from the source I would expect. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/airbnb-montreal-aj-host-suspended-accounts-1.5252233 How AirBnB handled it might be a bit stupid, as in not notifying it's guests about the cancellations. But this is good after public pressure from multiple investigations by news organizations. However it looks like this particular operator is talking to how wide spread this issue with certain operators are. I hope more are called out and removed from the platform.
  2. Hacks can cause these types of scenarios as well.. https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-49393479 Take out a city's ability to operate and you have a decent problem on your hands.
  3. The Chinese stuff was irrelevant, I am concerned about how Canadians view this. This is about Trudeau's direct involvement in the SNC-Lavalin scandal. Which is what this thread is about.
  4. Negative. Sanders is about getting out of failed dragged on costly wars (aka Afghanistan for what 20 years now??) and with that be able to pay for universal healthcare.
  5. What are the consequences (if any) for a PM making the whole nation bleed?
  6. Showing more of how weak our government really is on the whole. Absolutely pathetic. Sheer has been given the chance of a lifetime. But they are .. politicians...
  7. Attributing something to someone which was not said by that person is also weakness. That's what Shady did, and that is what you failed to comprehend.
  8. The government is in control and allowing corruption. My location on the political spectrum is irrelevant.
  9. Profits? Well now let's see .... Ottawa's LRT is 1.5 B over budget and 1.5 years late ............ All while SNC has been reporting record losses this year in profits ( in the billions) SNC-Lavalin failed to meet the technical score TWICE, yet phase 2 was given to them. Still the LRT is not ready. Now with government level widespread corruption we have... Local government corruption - Jim Watson Provincial government corruption Ontario - Doug Ford , Cathleen Wynne. ( I am sure we can the same corruption findings in other provinces
  10. Alright, reading comprehension is not your strong point. It's not about the parallels, it's about Shady assumption/projection.
  11. Again this is partisan hackery thinking. I've complained more about Trudeau than Harper regarding SNC-Lavalin. Go here to understand that.
  12. What is historically accurate about a projection/assumption?
  13. Is there a question you'd like to ask instead of making idiotic assumptions and projections?
  14. So you are giving me the same answers as a 4 year old? Noted. So have other candidates. But you went off on theoretical tangents regarding China. No, what you put forth has been hard to actually read. Well the USA has made a lot of enemies. For many reasons. The USA brings these problems on itself. (Failed war on terror) What's wrong with Compton? I thought you said America was beautiful?
  15. Suddenly you care about Arabs being employed? Right.
  16. Actually it was your assumption that Harper had no knowledge about the corruption taking place at SNC-Lavalin. I proved you factually incorrect and you are taking it as an attack on Harper. This is a Canadian Government problem. Both the Liberals and Conservatives are to blame. But don't let this get in the way of your partisan hackery.
  17. Pure hyperbole. What connection are you making to Chinese communism killing people and the USA not giving it's own citizens universal health care? And then connect that to the USA wanting to be a world military power. And you say I don't make any sense.
  18. There are a lot of places that never get attacked and don't even really have a a military. Iran has no ability to project their forces as the USA is surrounding them completely. I've heard this from other members. However those members don't post here anymore for whatever reason. BUUUT we are getting off topic now. So we shall stop there and then get back to the candidates.
  19. I probably understand it more than most here. So fighting China is more important for the USA than providing universal healthcare for it's own citizens. Again proves my notion that war is more important to the USA compared to anything else. Guess what is needed the most for wounded soldiers returning from the battlefield? Healthcare.
  20. I am with you on this notion. Exactly. Products/services made in the occupied territories passed off as 100% Isaeli products is what people have the problem with. Ethically I cannot support this.
  21. What is so hard with addressing what I posted instead of addressing what you THINK I posted? But the government can find 1 trillion tomorrow for more war effort. If Trump wanted 50 B tomorrow for more war, he'll get it.
  22. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/jody-wilson-raybould-snc-lavalin-regime-1.5248561 What a hot mess this whole thing is. Disband SNC-Lavalin and I want to see some politicians' heads roll. It seems that Wildon-Raybold was not aware of the extent of the dealings. She only blew the whistle on things she was aware of. And now we can see the bigger scope here. Maybe time for some protests around the Liberals and where ever SNC-Lavalin operates.
  23. That's what I get out of her as well. I really would hope she's the real deal. But I would not be surprised if she ends up just to be like any other politician. She would be a great VP to Sanders in my opinion.
  24. Why is it that tomorrow they could find 50 billion for perpetual wars or bailing out corrupt banks that were to big to fail, but they cannot fine 1B for healthcare, because ...socialism?
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