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  1. Ah yes, nostalgia for the good old days, which did not in fact exist. A single income anytime bought the average working class family either a very, very modest home by todays standards. Or more likely, they rented. And both of those outcomes are possible today for a single middle class wage earner. What has changed is peoples expectations, and that has been dramatic. That small, tired 900ft2 bungalow in the iffy neighbourhood That was the norm for Mum and Dad back then is not acceptable to many first time buyers. They want the 2000ft2 new house, 2 new vehicles, new furniture and 2 weeks in the sun every year. That takes two people working full time at decent jobs with no time off for having kids or getting laid off. Both of them will vote for the party that promises subsidized day care too.
  2. There is nothing to worry about if Russia simply takes the Canadian land up there. Canada will get Foreign Minister Freeland to draft a strongly worded memo to Russia asking nicely if they would stop. If they refuse, she will cry. Then they'll have to go home.
  3. I have a full grasp and knowledge that you always reveal yourselves.
  4. The passage of this Bill would be a wonderful vehicle to hurry through some unpopular legislation... somehting like ranked ballots as electoral reform....hmmmmm?
  5. I think you give him too much credit. I'm not convinced he has opinions on many things. His handlers do, of course, and he has become adept at parroting those memes and talking points when instructed. It is his profession really- he is a professional dramatist and staying in character and costume is well within his skill set. I doubt he has any interest in mundane shit like the economy. He really, truly is cut from the same cloth as his father.
  6. No, he is much more like Neville Chamberlain than he is like Herr Shicklgruber
  7. Yes you are wrong. Actually, I became filled with lowgrade loathing for you when I saw this bit of unrestrained bigotry from you "this is what the elite zionists, who control our media and politicians by the politically correct brainwashing strings" Calendar note: I know it is hard to calculate sometimes, but this is Canada in 2017, not Germany in 1937. Jewbaiting is verboten.
  8. Yes, I'm sure all those couple hundred journalist, and 30000 others, were all enemies of the state. No point in having trials, right? They are all guilty, and your beloved strongman Erdogan should simply execute all of them. Are we agreed? Ataturk would vomit if he read what you write.
  9. If Chong wins, ti will be because he is the compromise guy, the least offensive choice within the party. He is also Mr Bland, and has no chance whatsoever of beating Trudeau. Like Dion before him, he is everybodys second choice and that will be reflected in a general election too.
  10. Deniz Yucel. Journalist. Feb 2017,carted of to jail to join 86 other Turkish journalists, some of whom have been detained for years for speaking their minds. Erdogan issued arrest warrants for about 80 more late last year, to go along with the 35,000 imprisoned already for speaking. Time for you to explain why you think this Fascist swine from the Middle Ages is the right man to lead Turkey?
  11. Snippy? It is a recitation of fact. Over the last half century or so, we have had a PM that is a white guy from Quebec about 75% of the time. For 20% of the balance, we had a white guy from Toronto. . The other 5% were the Temporary Foreign Workers:: Campbell, Clark and Turner. Quebec has 20% of the population and virtual control of central government. It makes sovereignty sentiments hard to understand.!
  12. And lets just get it out there: Chong is the Tory equivalent of Stephane Dion. Mild, inoffensive, utterly ineffective, hopeless. That blandness just might be what the Cons compromise on of course. But only of they choose to surrender 2019, right now.
  13. How can anybody bu a white man from Quebec win an election as PM?
  14. To be fair, Christianity has gone through long periods where apostasy of any sort was met with a quick death, but only if you were lucky. It was a slightly different course though, in the matter of the Holy book. For centuries ordinary people were not allowed to own a Bible, which was kind of redundant since clergy were often the only people trained to read,. And of course access to the Bible for many centuries was further controlled by only being avail;able in Latin- a language know only to clergy and few of the very wealthy.. It is all about control, and the Vhristian VChurch- really the Catholic Church- lost control in the Reformation and have struggled since. There are many brands of Islam, but they all read the same book, in ASrabic, and quite a few will cheerfully kill you for disputing a word in it.
  15. I am trying to recall more nonsense and untruths per sentence by anybody, ever, in this forum I;m coming up short.. I would like to see Turkey not ruled by a fascist prick intent on moving his society back into the Stone Age, while simultaneously imprisoning every person who does not agree with him. I doubt it is possible to stop him from either act, certainly not when the likes of you applaud his every miserable, hateful oppressive action.
  16. I'm not a conspiracist, but all the people involved and all the money for 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia. SA is a totalitarian state, and it boggles the mind to think that a project of this scope happened without some state knowledge-at minimum. They might have been surprised at the near-total success of 9/11, since only Flight 93 did not complete its mission.
  17. I think you meant to say The Holy Quran. Failing to show the proper respect will get you dead fast in quite a few places. This is not one of them.
  18. Mad at Turkey? Not me, I am just correcting your erronious perceptions of the economy. I don't like Erdogan because he is moving Turkey quickly into an authoritarian state with himself as the President for Life. As we have sadly seen in many countries many times, that is an inevitable formula for future domestic violence. Why do you hate Turkey, that you'd wish for that to happen?
  19. It also saved millions of Japanese lives, civilian lives. Though it could be argued that there were no Japanese civilians.
  20. You are apparently unaware that the Turkish economy is struggling and contracting. It is going to get worse, as the shortsighted strongman Erdogan continues to alienate his prime customer base. Duh.
  21. They are pikers compared to the war fought on the same ground in the 80s between Iraq and Iran, probably 2 million killed in a war that was fought for religious ideology, ego and greed. A few years later, Uncle Saddam did it again in Kuwait. Did you applaud both?
  22. Why do you think that Americans or Westerners believe anything of the sort? Why wuld anybody spoend one nickel on guns or armies or cops if they though the world was a gentle, kind place. You've been watching too much Elmo on PBS. As compared to the Muslim world, which has been killing each other and infidels for every day of its existence for about 1300 years. The US is achievers, but far, far from that sort of record.
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