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  1. I only suggested the International Court because it was set up by left wing idiots, and it would be priceless to see them have to try one of their own darling Socialist/Marxist butcher's. As to the comments about Bush et al. At least Bush was elected twice and democratically at that. The mission in Iraq was UN supported just like the Afghanistan mission. Castro has held power and seized power with the gun and by brutal murder of all who disagree with his Socialist Tyranny.
  2. Today they harvest human organ's to get rid of their dissidents, they are still a brutal Communist regime. www.ninecommentaries.com
  3. I thought it was just the evil Israeli's that didn't want the Palestinian Homocide Bomber's. Amazing how the leftwing MSM have kept quiet about the Moslem wall's keeping the Palestinian, killers out of their Moslem land's.
  4. Why should Butcher Castro not stand trial, Allende, was hounded, the Serb's paid the price. The Nazi butchers at Nuremberg. Why not the darling of the Trudeauites. The Trudeau ass lickers favourite hero Fidel and his gutless buddy Che.
  5. The useful idiot Trudeau sniffing Fidels A-s. http://www.therealcuba.com/The%20Useful%20Idiots.htm
  6. The coward Che getting his, in Bolivia. Death pictures. http://www.therealcuba.com/MurderedbyChe.htm
  7. The Castro Butcher Squads. http://www.therealcuba.com/page5.htm
  8. Castro charged with crimes against humanity Judicial Watch brings case against dictator in Belgium -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: October 08, 2001 1:00 am Eastern © 2008 WorldNetDaily.com RE-COPIED ARTICLE DELETED by moderator
  9. Now that Fidel Castro has stepped down. Is it not time for him to face the International Court for crimes against humanity. Over 100,000 Cubans were murdered by this man for not supporting his Socialist/Marxist ideals. Let him rot in jail.
  10. I suppose Bayman, you also subscribe to the idea that Alberta's resources belong to Canada as well. You really shouldn't be too darn proud to crow about an illegitimate document like Trudeau and Chretien's Charter and Canada Act. A document that was never ratified by Canadian Voter's. It really does show how ignorant you are of History and the facts. The sooner Alberta quits supporting the failed Sociliast Dreams of Trudeau the Commie Ass Kisser the better.
  11. Entitlement programs starting with the Trudeau era, and ending in $4,000,000,000,000.00 in total public debt with an actual base of about 15M actual taxpayers. Pretty well seals our fate. The Canadian Taxpayer suffers under a burden of rules and laws and regulations that is in excess of 550,000 PAGES, you need an extension ladder to reach the top page. All this paper is shuffled by union scale Public servants. About 40% of every taxdollar extorted from the rightful owners the people goes into supporting a bloated, Gubmint. The average Public Servant earns 48% more in real wages and benefits than the same worker in private industry. We are overtaxed and over governed and over regulated. We need to end about 60% of all Gubmint programs, and fire 60% of Gubmint workers. Get back to the basics. Let people take care of themselves more and leave them enough of their own property to do that.
  12. According to some experts the claim to the biggest enviromental disaster in the world goes to Quebec and the massive James Bay Hydro project, build with tax dollars from all Canadians and one of the biggest CO2 emmitters in the world. It needs to be shutdown.
  13. No publishing pictures of the prophet is not a crime, in fact does anyone know where to buy toilet paper depicting the prophet. I would like large quanities. I think I could turn a good dollar selling it over the internet.
  14. Canadians are more likely to die at the hands of the local Gestapo, than they are Terrorists. Bring home all Canadians from Afghanistan and let them go at each other full throttle. Just sell them guns and dynamite.
  15. It is time to shutdown the Red Chamber of Whores.
  16. Maybe Ottawa should recognise our own Constitutional Documents before they start running off their big mouths all over the world. The so called Canadian Constitution is based on the Statute law of a foreign country Britain, and the Charter was cobbled up by the Little Crook from Quebec Chretien. It was forced on all Canadians without our consent contrary to International Law.
  17. You can't trust them, many of them are lairs and criminals, according to daily news events.
  18. From what I can see the cops make up law as they go. For example, I have heard the RCMP at Mayerthorpe were illegally on the criminals property without a warrant. A crime in itself. They were apparently trespassing while armed. They were actually criminals themselves. Anybody else heard this?
  19. Stelmach and the PEECEE are the new leftwing in Alberta. Stelmach's pre-election spending promises amount to 120 Billion in Tax Dollars. Even Don Getty and PET look like miserly bastard's, compared to the old Communist Stelmach. He has made a few Billion in promises since calling the election. His Ego is huge. His brain is small, and he is desparate.
  20. I wonder were we can buy Prophet Toilet paper.
  21. He was an Ego-Maniac who got his neck stretched in a rigged typical Canadian Trial. So What? The RCMP have killed thousands since then. They are nothing to be proud of either.
  22. He did laps at 110 km/h to prove turban held tight Observant Sikh challenges Ontario motorcycle regulations KIRK MAKIN From Friday's Globe and Mail February 15, 2008 at 4:10 AM EST BRAMPTON, Ont. — A devout Sikh all his life, Baljinder Badesha never imagined that his religious devotion would compel him to race a motorcycle around an Ontario speedway to test whether turbans unravel at high speeds. The bizarre image of Mr. Badesha's experiment last year - conducted under the auspices of the Ontario Human Rights Commission - was evoked during a constitutional challenge to a law that forces motorcycle riders to wear a helmet. Ontario Court Judge James Blacklock was told yesterday that, in order to disprove a Crown theory that turbans unravel at high speed and cause accidents, Mr. Badesha drove around Cayuga Speedway at 110 kilometres an hour. His turban held fast. Baljinder Singh breaks the law Thursday by riding his motorcycle without a helmet in Brampton, Ont. Manitoba and British Columbia exempt Sikhs from such rules. (J.P. Moczulzki for The Globe and Mail) Mr. Badesha and the human rights commission maintain the helmet law discriminates against Sikhs because their religion obliges them to cover their long hair with nothing more than a turban. "Observant Sikhs are put in the impossible position of choosing between ordinary, everyday activities and observing their faith," said lawyer Scott Hutchison, who is representing the OHRC. "That is religious discrimination." Mel Sokosky, a lawyer for Mr. Badesha, said his client is far too religious to consider compromising his beliefs. "Mr. Badesha's desire is not a trivial pursuit," he said. "This is not a game he is playing. He isn't here to waste the court's time. This is a matter of primary importance to Mr. Badesha." In an interview, Mr. Hutchison said the Cayuga turban test became necessary after the Crown declared that an expert it had hired proved that turbans unravel rapidly in 100 km/h winds. The Crown's test had been carried out by a professional engineer who purchased a mannequin head, mounted it on a stick and then placed the assemblage in a wind tunnel. However, Mr. Hutchison was unable to find a documented case anywhere in the world where a Sikh motorcyclist's turban had unravelled. Skeptical, he persuaded the OHRC to authorize its own test. After he confronted the Crown with the dramatically different test result, prosecutors conceded that their engineer had grossly miscalculated the force of the wind he had generated to batter the imitation head, Mr. Hutchison said. In fact, the device had been subjected to a 300 km/h wind. Mr. Badesha, a 39-year-old father of four who immigrated to Canada in 1989 and had been an avid motorcyclist in his native India, said in an interview yesterday that he was charged in mid-2005, about a month after he purchased his 2003 Honda Shadow. He noted that Sikh soldiers have never worn helmets, and argued that Sikhs should be left alone to make their own decisions about motorcycle gear. "Who cares?" Mr. Badesha said. "Everybody ends up dead anyway. People die in cars too. In life, you have to take risks, no matter what." While the Crown case initially questioned the sincerity of Mr. Badesha's religious convictions, its main argument is now based on increased costs to the health system, should helmetless Sikh motorcycle riders end up suffering head injuries. Mr. Hutchison and co-counsel Owen Rees disputed this contention yesterday. They pointed to a study they had done that concluded that, assuming half of all Sikh motorcyclists wear turbans, the increase in serious injuries would be between .43 and 2.83 Sikh riders a year. The study also projected that medical treatment for traumatic brain injuries would increase from $151,700,000 to $151,834,685 - a .00005-per-cent overall increase in the province's annual health-care budget. Mr. Hutchison told the court that the province already licenses motorcycle riders in spite of the fact that they have far more accidents than automobile drivers. "Clearly, the decision to allow motorcycles to be used at all recognizes and accepts a significant degree of risk and concomitant social cost," he said. India and Britain exempt Sikhs from wearing helmets, as do Manitoba and British Columbia, where a human-rights challenge precipitated the exemption.
  23. Yah what a shame, such a benevolent regime. After all Chairman Mao only had about 100 Million murdered in the name of Communism. www.ninecommentaries.com
  24. I agree, but let's also test the teacher's, the cops, the judges, and the politicians, once a month randomly.
  25. Canadian Police are corrupt. Just like the famous PeaceKeeper's. Look at how the famous Peace Keeper's have been raping children in Africa and getting away with it, because Canadians worship the UN. The Air India Bombing did not happen in Canada. Did you not understand what I wrote. I said more people have died at the hands of Canadian Police, who are starting to look kind of sadistic the way they herd human beings like Gestapo with animal prods. Than have died at the hands of terrorists in Canada. Fear the Police they have become sadistic and brutal.
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