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  1. Canadians are not poor, but extravagant and conspicuous wealth is not generally valued here, thank goodness. Perhaps there are more rich Americans, but there are also more poor ones and the poor ones are poorer than here and many without medical care, though more money per capita is spent on health care there than here. That is because our government health care system has 'economies of size' and spends far less on administration than the many private plans in the states.
  2. This is not segregation. We have no segregated schools that students are forced to attend against their will. This is freedom of choice, providing alternatives.
  3. Sorry Wilbur ... I don't agree. I think it is selectively applied to cops. They just don't think they should have to answer to the public and I think that stinks. Clearly the prosecution is in collusion on this, paying off favours to cops no doubt. Why should the cops not be accountable for crimes? Why do they so strenuously avoid civilian oversight? What are they hiding? There is something very wrong in our policing system, imo. This is sick.
  4. Thanks for staying on topic. I am sick and tired of hearing this excuse for cops not going to trial. These cops in particular ... that drug squad ... has a long reputation for corruption, were in the news a lot when they were charged, but then it just gets buried ... NO TRIAL no nothing. Disgusting. Why should we trust our police when they are not subject to the same system of justice as us? I think the cops better get their act together and realize that their credibility is in the toilet and that might just be related to increases in crime.
  5. I had some odd feelings listening to Ms Manners. I felt she was imploring her people to assimilate to the dominant view so we could 'all be together'. I do not think the civil rights movement was intended to teach Black people that they must assimilate and go along with the majority. I think it was fought to gain respect for Black people and their own culture. 'Going along with the dominant culture' is not working out well: Black kids are dropping out in dozens from the curriculum and the culture that does not value them. Alternate programs for kids in danger of dropping out are common. This is just another one designed to address specific needs identified by the population at risk. I hope it works for them.
  6. Army suicides up 20 percent in 2007, report says DELETED by moderator http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/01/31/army....f=ib_topstories
  7. ... when other cops or the Prosecution routinely delay submission of papers so that officers charged for corruption routinely get off!!???!!! http://tinyurl.com/2d5clm The other cops, prosecutors and judges are all suspect in this corruption of justice, imo. :angry:
  8. Including photos of the 15 year old's throat with abrasions on his adam's apple indicating application of considerable force against his windpipe.
  9. This is only the prosecutor's version. Where is the rest?
  10. yadda yadda yadda is right at least! 52 ... and he might not be happy to be called a 'geezer'
  11. Wow! Thanks for the update. I am glad he is suing. This will be interesting, since Justice Linden said the same thing about the OPP in the Ipperwash Report. Hay was basically repeating what the report said, and related it to his own experience in the OPP and RCMP. About questioning orders ... absolutely, you're right. They are responsible for such actions for sure, although the presence of threat has to be considered too. And that is why I am glad the OPP made a decision to keep things clear for themselves and uphold their Oath, regardless of political pressures. Unfortunately, the RCMP's only Oath is to follow orders and instructions. However, our government needs to be held accountable for exercising political pressures on police, and for misleading all of us about the law too.
  12. Only for bail, prelim, no evidence, no trial yet. It's a commonly used expression in some circles, eh?
  13. I was told there is some video, outside the house, of the builders waiting at their vehicles.
  14. I heard it from a person who was watching. It will be interesting to see if the builder is charged once all the facts are in court.
  15. Cripes, you people who are still whining about bilingualism are going to have to drag yourself out of the 1950's sometime! Canada's edge in the new economy will be having employees who can do business in many languages. It's just simple economics, and French is a very useful employment skill, as are the many other mother tongues of Canadians.
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