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  1. So if she didn't wear the hijab in Pakistan, you would be criticizing her right now??
  2. Yeah, seriously. I don't agree with the paranoia that you shouldn't shake anyone's hand (if you are healthy) as the media has been reporting lately. But if you ARE sick, stay at home as much as possible, don't shake people's hands and for the love of God cover your mouth when you cough. If everyone did these very simple things, illnesses would be cut down dramatically.
  3. Mine is fine (I'm using firefox). What browser are you using? Maybe that's what is causing problems?
  4. It's not that annoying, but I certainly wouldn't miss it if it were gone.
  5. The outbreak started towards the end of March of this year...that's about 7 months. Considering that it takes time to produce a vaccine for millions of people, and that's on top of the regular seasonal flu vaccine, and that the virus could easily mutate making the vaccine useless, I guess the question is...what would you have done differently?
  6. I agree that the stimulus money is a case of rural ridings getting more than urban ridings. However, I disagree that this is anything new. I'd be interested in seeing some figures, but I suspect that more government money has always gone to rural ridings per capita than urban ridings.
  7. That's odd, I would have thought it would have been more of a summer sport.
  8. Good post. Ok, I didn't read all of it but I skimmed most of it, and from what I've read I like it. If you get a party started and run a candidate in my riding, I'll consider voting for you.
  9. Why not just tell your landlord that it bothers you...and if they refuse to remedy the situation, sue.
  10. Personally I'd like to see a good variety of different parties, but with more cooperation between parties on issues.
  11. Left of what? Left vs. right is all relative, so by definition you can not have only left-wing parties. It would be like saying there is an Central-Eastern Canada, an Eastern Canada and a far Eastern Canada.
  12. Wikipedia gives a good summary A lot more newspapers endorsed the Conservatives than the Liberals. I get a kick out of people complaining about the so-called liberal (or Liberal) media.
  13. Letterman's top ten is usually not very funny...they should really change it to a top 3.
  14. Or when Republicans didn't want Obama to speak to school children because he was going to try to brainwash them with socialism.
  15. Agreed. Although, we might not see the full effect of an early election call unless an election is actually called, and it's quite possible that one of the opposition leaders will prevent that from happening. I thought it would have been Duceppe, but then again the most recent poll has them at 49% in Quebec.
  16. The latest poll would suggest that's not the case.
  17. I think the only explanation is that the people who called Dion weak for not defeating the government are the partisans who will criticize the Liberals no matter what they do. I remember having this debate with many Conservative supporters who argued that Dion was weak for not defeating the government, but also didn't want an election. Partisanship is the only explanation I can think of. The average Canadian doesn't want an election, and knows that you can't have it both ways. This is why I think Dion's approach was the right one and Ignatieff's approach is wrong. If Canadians want to punish the Liberals for being "weak" (which sounds crazy to me), so be it. At least they are doing what is right.
  18. If that is true, that says something very strange about voters. "We don't want an election, but we want you to force an election because if you don't we will think you are weak."
  19. Looks like I have my answer: link Am I the only one who misses Dion? He was often criticized for being "weak" because he didn't want to defeat the government and force an election. I don't think there is anything weak about not forcing an election that no one wants.
  20. Agreed. Like I said, I must be dreaming, but wouldn't it be nice of politicians did work together?
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