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  1. Nope, just you. Per ardua ad astra Air Force, I knew you would come around LOL
  2. Oh doogie... you are so sad. LOL
  3. A employee got the Arrivecan contract. Not a bad side gig DND suspends contracts with ArriveCan contractor after learning CEO is a DND employee https://www.ctvnews.ca/politics/dnd-suspends-contracts-with-arrivecan-contractor-after-learning-ceo-is-a-dnd-employee-1.6788617
  4. Give it a rest you basement dwelling troll. I do not worship murders so yeah, i don't like what you like LOL I have never chased you anywhere, nor would I. You come to me LOL, like you are now
  5. Canada procurement purchases what Canada wants. No other reason. Ha Ha Ha. Don't care what you like or don't. Canadian Military personnel are very happy with what they got. You can keep whining and playing politics but it is what it is and the Military is happy....and what you think is totally unimportant and makes no difference LOL.
  6. Your constant comparison out CH148 to whatever American helicopter or capability game. We ain't American and we got what we, Canada wanted. and, I am pretty sure the Navy and Air Force could not care less what you think. Your politics does not matter sh1t. Suck it up buttercup, Canada got exactly what Canada wanted.
  7. OK, 28. Look, as much as you don't like it, we got what we and wanted and we pay for operation, regardless of cost. Diddly sh1t you can do about it. I was part of a team that bought what the Military wanted. Sikorsky is responsible for then service support, $5.8 billion contract for it. Become aware. https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/procurement/ch-148-cyclone.html
  8. You do not understand. It is an American fuselage... a bare shell. What is inside of it is all Canadian requirements, even the seats. There is no "American Helicopter" in there. The H92 shell is used for many things. Like a Porsche 911, one basic body style with about 25 variants. If you want to add missiles to the Cyclone, you have to remove something. You cannot keep adding, the helicopter will never leave the deck or the range will be restricted to 50 miles away from ship. You are wrong, hard points are for Canadian requirements, not interchangeable. We will never have more than 12 helicopters on board ships and it is very unlikely we will ever have 12 at one time. Best we can do, from personnel and ship side is 6. So, 36 Cyclones (minus the crashed one) will be more than enough. Play the American game if you want but, the Americans have many different types and variants of type to do their specific tasks. No one helicopter can do it all. No all singing all dancing machine.
  9. I think so many on the outside are not in line with what a requirement specification is. I can assure you that it is not a rectal pluck. It is a long drawn put process. The teams, and it is a large one, including all the specialists and planners and whomever has stake in it go to great lengths to get as much as possible. The request for proposals (RFP) then go out and bidders try to convince us to buy their product. We do not always get exactly what we want but, the planners and high level folks know what we want and take what is needed for our policies and tactical needs. Some of what is in the RFP is secret and cannot be divulged as that can give away our secret plans or military tactics to what is in essence public. Our senior planners also have input into the evaluation of the bidders to ensure our capabilities will be as they planned for. So, this discussion of missiles and other extraneous equipment was not what the Military wanted and so, did not get it. Regretting not getting missiles on a ASW helicopter is only useless talk on this forum by a few unknowing people. Canada will not and never has procured for the "future". So we get what we want. EDIT: I forgot, the other thing we always want in anything we buy is that it is multi functional I speak through my experience at NDHQ as a military man, as a member of SAR helicopter procurement beginning to delivery. Then as a public servant in a MHP procurement as a contract manager.
  10. 10 year postings have been around since the 90's. The military is not mandated to provide housing for it's personnel. What I said and stand by is that a private, with 3 years in makes $62K a year and that is more than the average Canadian salary. Can they afford a home? Probably not but neither can civilians and there is my comparison. Is the recruiting crisis the military's fault or a societal issue? Way back when, the Army always had a recruitment problem. Enticing young people to become a grunt and go fight in the mud and muck is difficult. The young people these days are not built that way. But, that is a totally different topic All I said was that when the Army is deployed, they get deployment and danger pay, on top of their salary. How they spend it, is up to them but they do not have to use their salary to obtain extras. For sure there are differences between Military and civilian but the discussion was salary and your claim we are all entitled to or have the right to own a home, and that is incorrect. The salary today is much better than wh we were in.
  11. OMG..... We got what we asked for...what about that is it you do not understand?????
  12. There ya go again...... we are not US Navy!!!! We got what we asked for. ....Period. We are Canadian, not US, not British but Canadian and we got what we asked for for our reasons. Your constant comparing nonsense is what pisses me off. When the Canadian military decides what it wants and needs, it does not whine that we don;'t have what the Americans have....only losers like you do that. You are a basement dweller that knows absolutely zero about Canada Military requirements or policy or procedure. \
  13. Never against Militia. Just you.
  14. For sure I can. It is when the conversation departs reality and floats to imaginary scenarios that have notihng to do with the real situation, well, I get offended. Tsk Tsk Tsk doogie. Stay with the real and reality and maybe you can recover.
  15. Boo Hoo doogie. Left you alone for long time until your cup of BS overflowed again. I don't chase you,,, you are just there to be ridiculed. I cannot resit a fool. Want me off your back, shut up. I delete my repartee with you.
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