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  1. Canada: Remains of 215 children found buried near Kamloops Indian Residential School - CNN Report: Over 600 bodies found at Indigenous school in Canada - ABC News (go.com) Kamloops Indian Residential School - Wikipedia Canada mourns as remains of 215 children found at indigenous school - BBC News 215 bodies discovered at former residential school for Indigenous children in Canada - ABC News (go.com) Canada mass grave: As country mourns discovery of children's remains on grounds of Kamloops Indian Residential School, action is demanded - CNN Canada: 751 unmarked graves found at residential school - BBC News Fucking liar.
  2. Like COVID unvaxxed kids who contract it?
  3. See COVID deniers and ask them.
  4. Concentrated wealth has always viewed anything that would question their wealth redistribution scam as "redistribution", yeah, we all know that. Don't you know CNBC is fake news? Review The Powell Memorandum.
  5. It's no mystery to US law enforcement who aided and abetted the operation for decades as they (Epstein/Maxwell) supplied kiddie flesh to america's economic and political aristocracy.
  6. Sorry, Mann Coulter is no one to ever pay attention to.
  7. We in the US have had over a half a century to observe this attention whoring, life-long deadbeat trust fund baby grifter, racist dickhead son of a KKKlan supporter. We know what he is, some of us approve of what he is, and he speaks to america's darkest, racist, pedophile, feudalistic urges; the quintessential corrupt, entitled, ugly american. To see him worshiped by some Canadians as well does not bode well for your society. Don is what happens when an entitled concentrated wealth aristocracy bears fruit that falls not far from the tree. And his spawn from 3 different baby mommas are even worse. One of whom at least he sodomized.
  8. No, not everyone, that's bullshit and you've just indicated that you refuse to read and grasp the primary peer-reviewed research. It (vaccination) also retards the spreading thereof. Fool proof? No. Who ever told you that? And why were you sucked into that mindfuck? What happened was, as with now, you are relying upon someone else to do your due diligence. The media? And as anyone who even remotely understands how the scientific method works knows, we (well some of us) are learning about a NOVEL, EMERGING retroviral pandemic in real time, which is lag time. And so long as we endeavor to keep COVID alive, each new variant spun off will be a new beast with its own learning curve. I know what the US military has decided on this "issue" Army Guy. What has the Canadian military decided?
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