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  1. ??? Protesting against an elected official is part of Democracy. What are you on about? You may call for an elected official's resignation. It is part of the game.
  2. Anyone defending the fact that one of the organizers face 10 years in jail?
  3. The Federal government, committed in a supposedly anti-racist crusade, has decided to give away $10M to Black families exclusively to find housing in GTA. The government of Canada says that disparities in homeownership between Blacks and other races is a result of systemic oppression, and that this correction will alleviate racism and discrimination in Canada. I think it will do the opposite, it will create resentment, and housing will remain difficult to obtain: there will be more money for bidding, not for building more houses and apartments/condos. The announcement comes a little bit after the Federal government promised to increase the number of PR by 1.33m for 2024.
  4. Your points are certainly valid, money laundering exists and snow washing is a major problem. But it is worsened by the fact that Canada has the lowest housing units per capita in all of G7. In the US, prices decreased in New York during the pandemic as restrictions were higher and less immigration happened. There is a clear link between supply and demand. Adding an equivalent of the province of New Brunswick in Canada in less than two years will make the problem worse.
  5. House Price Index rose 26% in 2021, fastest pace on record The Canadian Real Estate Association's House Price Index rose by 26.6 per cent in the 12 months up to December, the fastest annual pace of gain on record. --- The annual inflation rate rose to 5.1 per cent in January compared with a gain for 4.8 per cent in December, Statistics Canada reported Wednesday, driven higher by prices for housing, gasoline and groceries. Over the same stretch, wages rose by 2.4 per cent, a gap in purchasing power inflamed by rising costs for essentials like food that often hit lower-income households the hardest. Shelter prices rose 6.2 per cent year-over-year, the fastest pace since February 1990, driven by higher prices for new homes as well as rent increases. Canada’s hot housing market should cool if the central bank hikes rates, though Nguyen said hikes alone won’t solve the problem of low supply of, and high demand for housing. --- My take; Wages up only 2,4%, inflation at 5,1%... the poorest are the most affected according to Statistics Canada for the raises in the cost of living. Yet... The Feds want more immigrants coming not from Germany, France or Japan which are richer nations. They want more poor third world immigration from Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East and Africa. They are those who want to move to Canada to make a better living. At the same time, more and more jobs are being automatized, robotized, replaced totally by an algorithm. In the US, we're talking about 20 million jobs that will be replaced by techonolgy by 2030. So, we have less and less housing available. We have seen wages go down last year, especially for the poor. We have seen price gouging for everything, including groceries, gas and housing, that impacts primarily the poor. We predict less and less workers will be necessary in the future; many jobs are going to be replaced by machines. How does it make any sense to increase immigration by 1,33 million PR by 2024? It is an economical and sociological suicide.
  6. I love Québec and I would gladly live there for many years to come. It has its charm, but also its flaws like all things. A headline caught my attention today; Garderie sous gestion douteuse: le ministre exige un examen du processus d’enquête it translates to Kindergaten under suspicious management: the Minister requires an exam of the investigation process You don't need to know about the full story to get my point on this title. For me, this title of the article is revealing on how Québec is handled: With committees, counsils, investigations, inquiries, groups of experts, intellectuals, all thinking about "the process" and not going out of their way to be efficient rather than being protocolar. We have too big of a State, and it is getting ridiculous, up to a point where even the management of a kindergarten has several layers of government involvement and still, nothing is working, despite all the funding and all the experts working on the file. When you compare that with the management of Denmark or Sweden, we're the laughing stock of the world.
  7. Housing is expensive, schools are full, Hospitals are crumbling... yet the Feds want to add 1.33 million new Permanent Residents in Canada. At this point, it is adding a population the size of New Brunswick each year in the country. This comes at a point where our economies will rely less and less on cheap labor with automization/robotization of most tasks. Rents will increase and competition for labor will put a pressure downward on salaries. We can not sustain such massive increases for our economy.
  8. Another way to convince and make your voice heard is by thoughtfully criticizing the ideas you find wrong and not get too personal. Saying it is civil war... lol. Your Liberal cashier is no more dangerous than your Tory Truck driver.
  9. It's not a civil war. Most people supporting your views about the convoy are good people living their lives, so do most of the Liberals. It is not a civil war, it is by far an overreach, but I don't see how shooting your political opponents will change any of that for the better.
  10. That's a such a radical statement that I will blame on alcohol and tiredness. You should get a rest man.
  11. Civil war? A little hyperbolic to say the least.
  12. The LPC has power while the CPC tries to get it... the chances an opposition party has internal turmoil and power challenges are high. Trudeau's leadership has remained somewhat uncontested for years since 2015. His ideological views specifically were not denounced by two MPs, two days in a row. Remember when the LPC eradicated all the pro choicers in the party? No problem at that time to impose that. I wouldn't say that the 2019 scandal with Wilson Raybould was ideologically driven. Now there is a fracture inside the Liberal Party's ideology (live and let live vs. Proactive government intervention) . It is irreconcilable.
  13. That's a funny comparison, but it has its limitations. Trudeau's hair is legitimately better than Kim's.
  14. You're not getting over the fact that unintelligible rants against Trudeau, making an obsession with irrelevant, made up facts, make you look bad, ain't it?
  15. I wouldn't make it a Woke debate. To be honest, the problem of nespotism in Canada predate the Woke movement.
  16. Imagine living in a democracy where the Attorney General is under pressure to not charge a corporation for financial crimes by the Prime Minister of said democracy.
  17. The Truckers' movement was all that was needed to break apart the Liberals unity it seems. Trudeau divided the country so much, and had such a divisive rhetoric, that even the Federal Liberal Party of Canada is now having dissidence over the direction of the Minority government. Are we reaching the end of the Omerta of the Covid measures? --- A Liberal MP is speaking out against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and provincial governments’ pandemic policies, and politicians’ handling of the ongoing trucker convoy protests. Joel Lightbound, the Louis-Hébert, Que. MP, held a press conference on Parliament Hill on Tuesday morning saying that he thinks those concerned about COVID-19 policies have “legitimate concerns” that should not be dismissed.
  18. I think Trudeau father was an elitist tyrant, his war measures were uncalled for and he almost broke the country with this act alone. But saying he's an old Quebec money when the dude comes from the famous Elliott family that exploited generations of French Canadians is funny. He didn't care about no one.
  19. The worse joke of Canada is claiming you are its representative all by yourself, incidentally in your dwelling or living room. You are part of it, but you are not the only one having an opinion here. Many agree Trudeau and his father have and had flaws, major ones. But criticizing a sane way is mandatory if you want one day to get rid of him; wording precise, concise, legitimate criticism hits much more than a rambling with no goal whatsoever except to vent. "Olol Trudeau is super evil he treats every hocker player as a terrorist" hits much less than "Trudeau called protestors who were engaging in sports games in the streets of Ottawa as being violent protesters when almost no acts of violence happened during demonstrations". Can the cowboy in the picture, or yourself, comprehend that?
  20. How am I a fraud? Am I supposed to, just because I don't like Trudeau, to immediately follow and agree to everything the opposition to Trudeau says, like you saying that Trudeau called hockey players as a whole terrorists? Do you read what you post?
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