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  1. 'Johnston Quits" . . . . as he should. He laid down in front of the bus, unable to decide if his 'appointment & recommendation/decision would cause derision and contempt for himself as Justin walks away unscathed. A fool laying down his reputation and respect? for another fool . . . . .
  2. You . . . "Loyal Liberal" . . . ? That's ok, Justin needs support. In a sentence or two, what is it that you like about Justin and his minority Liberal govt. ?
  3. He's graduated from an obnoxious nuisance to a creepy stalker . . . quite disturbing.
  4. A cast, a strike, reel in the dumbest fish in the pond - the one with all the hooks in its mouth. It just can't help itself, it has to bite, and bite, and bite again. A 'catch & release' puddle. . . that's good, as others like to troll for the dumbest fish too. Tight lines !
  5. Perhaps bullied in school - geek/nerd? . . . now the tyrant of the keyboard. Oh well!
  6. Jughead . . . un-employable after the election. Shuffling down the road kicking horse turds. The NDP stands for nothing. No fibre, no ideals, sfa.
  7. CdnFox . . . . you've added new meaning to the words nuisance and obnoxious. Keep that post count up my friend !
  8. National Day of Gun Violence Awareness Now, that's the kind of drama a failed drama teacher would use to scare/worry the inner city penguins.
  9. Crow Indians of Montana have a 'whitening process' they now look very Scandinavian but with a British accent. You'd be hard pressed to identify one of the Crow tribe now.
  10. Stalker, your assumptions are laughable and child-like . . . keep that post count up.
  11. CdnFox . . . stalker? obnoxious pr!ck? both? Keep that post count up . . . . 44 per
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