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  1. You said the Haradi were about 10% of the population of Israel. I saw that program the other night also. I don't think they will grow that much. There are probably a number of different sects. But the difference between them is they still live in a democracy in Israel. They have basic freedoms which the Muslim world does not have and are probably outnumbered by about 100 to 1 in the middle east, or maybe 1000 to 1. It's a sad situation but not much we can do about it, except put up a wall.
  2. You should have said Islam instead of religion. One can be devoted to their christian religion and attend a christian school or university and be devoted to their education as well. The work ethic which includes education is part of the christian religion, particularly the Reformed churches and possibly other denominations.
  3. I gave you a lot of information, carefully thought out, but you responded with a one sentence comment. So I don't know if you agree with the various details I gave you. The ordinary conservatives (not necessarily a party member) I believe favours birth control. Even the Catholic church people mostly ignore the prohibition against birth control I heard. I think most of what I said would also describe ordinary conservatives, not necessarily party members. A woman working in the Liberal government at Global Affairs is reported to have written a book for elementary non-Muslim school children to teach them with pictures to wear Niqabs or Hijabs to school to make Muslim students feel comfortable. This is completely wrong and demonstrates the kind of extreme social engineering Liberals will try.
  4. It seems N. Korea is a very unstable place. I heard many people in South Korea are christians. In fact I heard they supply more missionaries than any other country in the world. I don't know if that's a fact or not, but I can understand living under the threat of North Korea could make one nervous. I hope and pray there will be no war with N. Korea. I think the U.S. has to find a way to negotiate with them to find a meaningful solution. I don't think there is a military solution. War would be catastrophic. The number of people killed in Seoul, South Korea could be in the millions, not to mention the number in N. Korea and other places. It could also draw China in.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows how it works with resource development if there is no treaty in an area. Logging, mining, etc. seem to be continuing to operate in areas throughout the province and there are no treaties in most of these areas. I would assume a treaty is not necessary to log and mine in an area. It is still crown land even though native bands claim it is their traditional territory. So what does a treaty accomplish?
  6. People "discuss" things as a form of social interaction. Do you understand what I mean by social interaction? A person does not have to have a lot of information. If we don't discuss anything, then we don't really get to know other people. Sometimes we learn something from someone else that we never thought of. Sharing information and opinion is part of life. I am surprised you don't think discussion is a good idea. If you can't discuss things with people, you may have a hard time in life. It is important to learn to discuss things with people. These forums are a good way to learn.
  7. Conservatives have never said a word against birth control. The Pope and RCC is against it but not the Conservative Party. Yes there are many Conservatives opposed to abortion. But the Conservative party has never had a leader that would do anything about abortion. However, I don't know if the majority of CPC members oppose abortion. It is a bad thing and should be outlawed. I don't think most Conservatives oppose someone wearing the hijab/niqab on the street but they probably oppose it during the immigration ceremony and if one is a public servant. There should be no religious symbols if one is serving the public. I think most Canadians agree. Liberals are more in favour of controlling people's lives as with M103. Conservatives no so much. That's why Harper opposed the long form census. Too intrusive in people's lives. Trudeau brought it back. I believe Liberals meddle in the Arts and culture by funding Canadian arts groups and culture. Also I think they have used government to control what television channels Canadians get and what movies we watch. There are movies Americans get on Netflix for example that Canadians do not get I believe. This is all liberal social engineeering. Big government knows what's best for you. Yes Conservatives are strong on support for the military. Looks like Trudeau is going to cut back on spending for the military. Liberals are a little more pacifist than the Conservatives. That's why Trudeau withdrew our fighter jets from the fight against ISIS. NDP is strongly pacifist.
  8. Just looked through the report on the present status of treaties with native bands in B.C. and found that very few have been completed. There is a six stage process. A good number have reached stage four but seem to be stuck in that stage. Many bands are not in any negotiation at all, which is their right. Wonder how this bodes for resource development in B.C. Not sure how one could know or find out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Status_of_First_Nations_treaties_in_British_Columbia
  9. So you never even read the article. I never suggested to get rid of lefties or atheists. That is something you threw in there. You use unparliamentary language. Seems like you are angry and venting yourself on here. I'm not interested in joining in that kind of discussion.
  10. Just watching on CBC TV at Vimy Ridge 100th anniversary memorial today April 9, 2017 in France. I think 3,500 Canadians lost their lives at Vimy Ridge. The huge sacrifice made there by Canadians represents the freedoms we have today.
  11. Every one is born with the sinful, fallen nature, you and me included. Not sure if you read the article about the title. The Enlightenment has become the liberal-leftist ideology. Atheism is dragging the west down. It is threatening civilization. You need to examine it to see if there is any truth to the claim. It makes sense to me. Canada was built on the Judeo-Christian culture in the past 500 years but in the last 100 years has shifted so that those in power and media actually oppose the things that built our civilization. Trudeau worships at the alter of "diversity". He talks as if that is the be all and end all. His concept of diversity is to shove Judeo-Christian culture to the background and embrace anything but traditional western religion and idea. He is bringing in masses of people who oppose it so we end up with something that threatens our civilization as we know it. We can see what is happening to Europe. You might like to poke fun at the idea. But it would be better if you would look seriously at the situation. It is individuals and ideas that make a country or threaten it.
  12. That's the original reason for the fall. There are all kinds of consequences flowing from that.
  13. I think you are mistaking me with someone else. I never mentioned a lot of what you are talking about. I don't think Canada should bring in a lot of low-skilled workers. This creates problems. Contractors will hire them if they are willing to work long hours for low pay and just lay off regular Canadians who don't want to work extra hours. My point was we need to go back to bringing in Europeans to try to save our Judeo-Christian civilization from being destroyed and bring in fewer from the rest of the world. Lot of the people from the third world are not willing to assimilate and want to change our society to suit their backward culture. Trudeau thinks that is great. That's why I think liberal ideology is destroying our Judeo-Christian civilization. Conservative governments are not much better either.
  14. If they bring in a lot of low-skilled workers willing to work slave hours, a contractor will simply hire them and lay off Canadian workers. Why would he waste time with Canadian workers if he can get slave labour willing to work 14 or 16 hours a day. A contractor can make much more money with slave labour.
  15. I just typed a long reply and hit some key causing it to all disappear. Very frustrating. I don't think you have it correct. Conservatives believe in obtaining the same good things for people but just believe in achieving it in a different way. Conservatives believe prosperity and happiness is best achieved by private enterprise. They believe private industry is the best creator of wealth and jobs not government intervention and meddling. Liberals believe in big brother government, and tax and spend policies. That is what Pierre Trudeau did and that looks like what Justin is doing now, by creating a big deficit. They somehow have the idea that this will create a strong economy. But it won't. Also Conservatives believe in personal freedom and respect for individual's rights while Liberals believe more in big government meddling in the social sphere. Example is M103.
  16. We have to have immigration that will fill good-paying jobs in order to pay taxes and keep our Old Age Pension, Canadian Pension Plan, Health Care, Education, etc. going. Without sufficient immigration our social services will collapse. The percentage of the population in the older age bracket is increasing and we may be heading for a crisis. Canada is not having enough children or enough young educated people to replace them. But I like Kellie Leitch's proposal to interview every immigrant to make sure they will accept Canadian values. I would go further and try to get as many as possible who would fit in with our Judeo-Christian culture. That's my far right position. I don't know if O'Leary is talking about TFW or regular immigrants.
  17. What is "right to take action"? That has no meaning in a corrupt world where many hostile powers exist and will do what ever they wish or what they think they can. The reality is the countries that have the power, use it when and where they deem. The U.S. doesn't report to some other power. There are times they might try to get a coalition as for example with NATO to take some action, but they are not required by any law.
  18. You forgot the supposedly international body, the UN, is paralyzed because Russia and China do actually Veto anything the U.S. wants to do. In the past eight years under Obama, the U.S. has taken a hands off approach to Syria. The problem is Assad in Syria is backed by Russia and Iran. So there is no "international consensus possible on what to do with Syria. The U.S. has not decided to go into Syria to try to remove Assad. The big problem is Russia is there as an ally of Assad (and Iran). Another problem in Syria, some of rebel groups fighting against Assad are terrorist organizations themselves. So there is nobody is sight the U.S. could trust to take over Syria.
  19. The UN has been an abysmal failure in many cases in the world. What has the UN done about the civil war in Syria? There was no indication the UN was going to do anything at all about the chemical attack on innocent people in Syria. The UN just talks but does little. The UN also is unable to act because the Russia and China veto an proposed action.
  20. No, their not going to give up their privilege. Who will deal with the real threats in the world, like N. Korea, Iran, and terrorists?
  21. What does OTOH mean? There are many countries in the world that are bad actors who are a threat to the U.S. and it's allies. It's not a question of who runs the world. Who has the strength to deal with the bad actors when they step out of line?
  22. Being powerful means you get to call the shots. The world has many countries that are hostile to the interests of the U.S. and it's allies. Many bad actors scattered around the world.
  23. I have a lot of work I have to do. But I might create a thread.
  24. The U.S. launched 59 Tomahawk Cruise missiles against a Syrian airfield after notifying the Russians the attack would be coming, enabling everyone to get out of the airfield in time. This was in reaction to the chemical gas attacks against men, women, and children a few days ago. News reports say it is to send a message to Assad not to do it again. Canada PM announced Canada supports this action. What happens next in Syria?
  25. Here is a website with some information about why the King James Version is the only version to use: http://www.deanburgonsociety.org/PDF/Defending_The_KJB.pdf This website has links to countless other websites on the subject of the KJV 1611: http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Bible/1611_authorized_king_james.htm
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