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News from sources with an Off-line presence (eg mainstream or legacy) can be posted here for consideration regardless of whether somebody might consider them "garbage" or a lame attempt at starting conversation and therefore deleted because others might choose to discuss it.
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  2. The largest mass murder of school children in American history was from a bombing. The largest school massacre in the world involved explosives.
  3. GUNTER: The 'progressive' theories that drive our criminal justice system (msn.com)
  4. Yeesh. It gets worse: Saskatchewan mass killing suspect committed similar attack in 2015, court file shows (msn.com) One of the people he attacked then, seems to be one of the victims from this new attack - Earl Burns a veteran and identified here as the suspect's in-laws. There was also another knife attack in 2018:
  5. It seems the killers are natives themselves. https://torontosun.com/news/national/hunter-why-the-soft-touch-for-accused-mass-killer-myles-sanderson Shhh...
  6. This guy had 59 charges for violent offenses against him prior to this. Beating up a police officer and domestic violence were among them. He should have already been in jail.
  7. You find that hilarious,eh? Apparently, @Infidel Dog would like to see legalized rocket launchers, because cars kill more people.
  8. You honestly don’t see the difference between explosives and cars? Do you think Canada should legalize the ownership of hand grenades?
  9. Did you hear about the Ukraine kid shooting the RPG at a family friendly weapon display?
  10. Knives can clearly do horrific damage, but guns could potentially do much more, no?
  11. Not a fan of theirs, but it's kind of hard to compare them to two guys who just murdered ten people.
  12. Maybe that was the motive for these two - prove that guns are no more dangerous than knives. Is that what you believe?
  13. As America struggles with gun violence, China faces its own public safety threat: mass stabbings
  14. Let's put an end to this horrible knife violence. Ban all assault knifes. For the children.
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