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News from sources with an Off-line presence (eg mainstream or legacy) can be posted here for consideration regardless of whether somebody might consider them "garbage" or a lame attempt at starting conversation and therefore deleted because others might choose to discuss it.
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  2. Finland about to join NATO. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/61419961 Sweden will likely follow. Wonder if this is what Vlad had in mind when he invaded Ukraine. Instead of scaring countries off, he showed them they need to be NATO members.
  3. Take a course on political philosophy maybe? Israel has a constitution that (1) defines itself as a particular ethnicity's domain with absolute priority., thus are 'fascist' and not merely a country defined by anyone who exists there, and (2) that the system is 'socially' defined democratic ONLY under that nationality with the added belief that they represent all the diaspera (thus, National Socialist). German Nazi party targetted the Jews for being in direct conflict of the same ideals. That is, Nazis were inspired to adopt the same extremes they perceived about Jewish isolationism (segregation) and purity of something 'genetic' given one can be Jewish while not be culturally defined as requiring the religion.
  4. Took me awhile to make sense of all those verbal acrobatics above but I think I've got it. Near as I can figure you're telling us when Lavrov claimed "Hitler also had Jewish origins," he was not talking biological as most seem to have assumed. He was talking ideological. Therefore there is nothing confusing about wanting to walk into the Ukraine and "denazify" it even though their President is a Jew. Because we can put all that Apocalypse nonsense to the side for a minute and when it might be more convenient to think of Nazis as simple fascists or national socialists with modified definitions. And those need to apply more to the democracy of Israel than Russia. Is that about it? There's some heavy duty mental gymnastics required there, Bud, but thanks for the entertainment.
  5. I didn't learn this from anyone AGAINST the Jews but by those who were pointing out the irony of Hitler supposedly being 'absolute' about the eugenics they were excusing a 'genetic' inferiority as an excuse for the genocide. This is the first time I EVER heard that this was 'not' the case. But it is nevertheless irrelevant. Israel was the one complaining about the comments of the Russian. What is missing is context and the fact that Israel IS 'fascist' by definition, contrary to the religious wanting to overlook this fact. This is NOT a conspiracy theory but is being touted as such BY those attempting to DEFLECT others from daring to notice this corruption. We don't know if that minister was pointing out the association to the Zionists (their fasci) versus one merely being Jewish. Did the accusation of the minister assert "Nazi" or "National Socialist"? And if he asserted Ukraine's Zelinski as "Nazi", given that is only the German label for "National Socialism" (the extended belief that one's fasci is not confined to one's borders), then it is relatively reasonable to use such rhetorical comparison to the very contradiction of Israel's own belief in that extreme. Why should the Russian representative NOT defend the claims they assert of Zelinski's association if they sincerely believe it? That is, why should Israel or ANYONE expect the Russian represenstative to hide Putin's belief or be 'politically correct' by some standard of etiquette? Why should WE agree that some 'apology' is needed to Israel given they are in essence DENYING Zelinski's association of being Jewish as relating to Isreal's actual National Socialist constitution. "Fascism" is the belief that one should embrace one's 'cultural' association in a political way (not unlike our own country's insistence on this) and "National Socialism" adds that this goes beyond the mere borders of a particular country, as a "nationality' or our modern term for this, as "ethnicity". The fact is that Israel should NOT be the ones to speak on this OR they actually are arrogantly believing that they really DO have some belief that they are Superior by a religious standard that they EXPECT all others to respect, indirectly SUPPORTING the accusation. If Zelinski is NOT associated, he nor the rest of us should welcome Isreal's input on the matter. They are only fueling the flames and are just reflecting their own hatred. They seem to presume that their own fascism is somehow distinctively immune or exceptional given the Christian world accepts them as the Biblical 'Chosen people' of God (and thus 'superior' by Nature's standard). While the "Holocaust" is wrong and Russia's own behavior is apparently genocidal, ANYONE who aligns themselves to some tribalist belief who isolates themselves as 'distinct' apart from one's individual choice to SELECT one's own 'culture' apart from any genetic association is racist and if not overtly willing to do what Hitler did, will still believe in the same EFFECT of annihilating those they hate INDIRECTLY regardless. Making their enemies starve or suffer by overtly walling them in, occupying strategic grounds and assuring their economic failure may not be overty the same as the Holocaust, but they are worse in kind by how they are just better at hiding HOW they 'purge' the non-Jewish Palestinians from the territory they stole from them. And if YOU side with them in kind, I question your own logic or integrity. The Russians already told us they think that Zelinski is a 'fascist' prior to this comment. And so if they are lying, we already presumed it by our defence of the Ukraines. As such, this news is innappropriate PROPAGANDA against the Russians in a counter attempt to basically call Russia 'Nazis' in kind. Two wrongs don't make a right. If it is inappropriate for Russia to excuse the war against the Ukraines based upon an assumption of them being aligned to Zionist fascism, we can't pretend that Zionist fascism doesn't exist but at best show how Zelinski is not Zionist. The delusion by Isreal is worse given we KNOW their political ideal for Palestine; we are STILL in the dark regarding Russian motives. [My guess is that Russia isn't merly attempting to war with Ukraine personally but is trying to secure strategic locations and probably boldly pushing the world into war before they lose their only chance to gain ground if they waited. The effectiveness of the upcoming tech regarding 'deep fakes' is coming soon which will change how all of us could trust ANY news that is controlled by those who love censorship powers. The world is embracing a dangerous faith in 'wokeness' that contributes to fears everywhere. And the fact that Russia is targetted as though they are secretly 'masterminds' of computer tech to me is itself surprisingly 'counter-conspiratorial' and creating a justification for them to BECOME the feared conspirators the world has already been accusing them of. Once 'deep fakes' become viable, OUR OWN side WILL likely use it if we already haven't been. Note too that the Israelis are actually ahead on this and other computer and media related tech themselves and may relate to the fears of Zelinski's Jewish roots by Russia. ]
  6. I love it when the extreme Lefts eats their own. Democrats and Leftists and Liberals embrace such extremism and such insane ideas that it was only a matter of time before they clashed. So called Feminists are already angry about tranny freaks in girls sports. A female judge cannot even define the word woman. So much for "I am woman hear me roar."
  7. So can lock step climate crisis acceptance to the point you're following a teenage Swede and a bunch activist wackos. Not really the point of the thread but I just couldn't let you get away with that "climate change" crap. Climate Changes. Nobody denies that. That's not where the doubt is. Wanna a talk about the big lie that actually is a lie. Climate Change denier. There ya go. Sorry for the interruption. Continue.
  8. While we bicker over abortion that nobody really needed to talk about, the economic divide increases. Social discord is being sown by media outlets almost as if on purpose. One can only conclude, there must be good money in it.
  9. 1. Think about how constant this theme has been for decades and decades. 2. That's your definition, but ok let's see where this goes. 3. Ok well you have zoomed into one talking point. That's a whole topic we can debate but cancel culture can be embraced by clever people, and so can climate change denial. I even know a flat earther. The bigger question is how are we changing over the years? Then, what do we think about this? 4. Agreed. My neighbourhood is hugely diverse so I identify naturally with that. Where I grew up Protestants fought with Catholics. What can we make of all of this? 5. They're many but small.
  10. Not me. I'm talking about more than that, anyways. Generational dumbness is a concern. Despite everything, we may be dumber on average than previous generations. Dumb means less knowledgeable about math, science and literature. The perceived disparity between "races" in math for example is an illusion. It only appears when you take a racist view yourself. That's not to say the problem doesn't exist. Yes there are a disproportionate number of black students who do not do well in math. Assuming the reason must be that math programs are racist is false dichotomy. In other words wrong, dumb. In my opinion. There is still racism in Canada, in my opinion. And everywhere for that matter. It is a natural reaction of humans to identify with those who are similar, in their family, village or town. .... What's your problem?
  11. It also shows that we don't really care about what is put out there if it is popular...At one point in time, the earth was flat and the moon was made of cheese. only we did not get canceled. Maybe we as human beings have reached our pinnacle of evolution, and are now regressing backward. And we complain about fake news...this is acceptable fake news...
  12. " Conservatives on Twitter had a field day Wednesday bashing Gov. Gavin Newsom, D-Calif., for getting his far left talking points all mixed up. At an abortion rally, he denied that men can get pregnant, which goes against current woke ideology. On Wednesday, Newsom posted a video of himself speaking to abortion and Planned Parenthood supporters about his commitment to defend the "reproductive rights" of women and girls in California in a rebuke of the potential Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v Wade that was leaked in a court draft opinion on Monday. Newsom’s speech consisted of the typical boilerplate pro-abortion talking points, but the caption for his video made one assertion conservatives thought the left had abandoned some time ago. "If men could get pregnant, this wouldn’t even be a conversation," Newsom tweeted. "This decision isn’t about strengthening families - it’s about extremism. It’s about control. We will fight for the right to choose." Conservative commentators were quick to point out that Newsom’s claim about men not being able to get pregnant is inconsistent with the current far left narrative on gender and sex, which now insists that men (trans men) can become pregnant. https://www.foxnews.com/media/gavin-newsom-mocked-disgusting-transphobe-men-cant-get-pregnant-abortion
  13. So why didn't Russia confine its military operations to the Donbas? What justification did they have to attack every major Ukraine population centre and create nearly 6 million refugees, displace nearly 8 million more and counting. Yes, Russia bad.
  14. Swedish volunteers served with the Finish Armed forces during the Winter War when Finland was invaded by guess who. Swedish armed forces were not involved other than accidentally losing equipment across the Finish border. Donbas is part of Ukraine. Ukraine did not attack itself.
  15. Sweden sent soldiers to Finland in WWII. Ukraine became a country in 1991. The USSR was falling apart and they had a "referendum". 90% voted to become independent from the USSR, yet they maintained their communist government and became military allies with Russia. That 10% which voted against the "referendum", were primarily in Crimea and the Donbas region. Crimea and Donbas held a "referendum" in 2014 and voted to separate from this new country because they were more Russian than Ukrainian. Shortly there after, the Donbas region was attacked by the Azovs. These Azovs have been bombing the hell out of them ever since. Crimea is now a Russian ally. This is the timeline of the region. It is inescapable. BTW... https://torontosun.com/news/national/defence-watch/canada-failed-when-it-trained-ukrainian-troops-linked-to-the-far-right-says-nazi-hunter/wcm/87a9696c-8a27-443e-b700-c76887f82340 https://tempoweb.ca/canadian-officials-who-met-with-azovs-battalion-fear-the-public-will-find-out/
  16. Sweden hasn't picked a side any European war since Napoleon. It hasn't even been part of an alliance let alone gone to war. The Donbas referendum hasn't been recognized as legitimate by any country other than Russia. And you of course. Donbas is part of Ukraine, not Russia. "The Ukrainian military is full of Neo-Nazis" According to who, Russia?
  17. I don't blame Sweden. It looks like every western nation will have to pick a side. That's sad IMO. Ukraine has a rather toxic leader too. His military is full of Neo-Nazis. They attacked the Donbass territories after the people of Donbas VOTED to become independent states. These people don't want to be Ukrainian. Just like the Crimeans didn't want to be Ukrainians. But to you its all too simple...RUSSIA BAD! Ya buddy...Russia IS bad...compared to our culture. They have a very different culture. Different values. Every bit as fiercely patriotic as you may be. Good cuisine too... As our society polarizes, it becomes ever more apparent who among us will seek answers when things don't ring true, those who will say whatever it takes to cover up inconvenient truths, and those who merrily follow whoever happens to have the soapbox at any given time. The third group is who fascinate me. I get the Mikies and Moonies of this site. They actually make sense to me. But people like you I just find fascinating. Your "leaders" lie right to your face, and you nod your heads, like that Li'l doggie that was in the back window of my Grandfather's old Buick, and go along with any old rotten fish. Understand...the Ukrainian military is full of Neo-Nazis who attacked Donbas in 2014. This "war" has been going on for that long. Should the Russians have invaded? Likely not. But none of that excuses the TRUTH of the matter and most certainly does not make Zelinsky a "good guy". IMO...Zelinsky and Putin deserve each other. And that's based on time and effort to learn all points of view and the history of the participants. Not just..."RUSSIA BAD!"
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