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Harper & the Franco Media

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Like it or not, Canada has two languages. Hence, our PM deserves a thread about how the French media perceives him. I have previously given a link to a fascinating French CBC video about Le style Harper.

IME, unlike Atwood's expression of her personal ambition, Canada is not a country of Survival. Rather, Canada is a country of Understanding.

IMV, Harper does this very well because he is clear and honest. Harper is also fair. Harper is typical of many English Canadians. He is a known quantity.

There's now a good post on a blogue about Le ton et la manière Harper. Three questions, three answers.

Quand il a décidé d’abolir, à toutes fins utiles, le registre des armes à feu, plusieurs provinces, dont le Québec, ont protesté. Réponse de M. Harper, la semaine dernière : «le droit criminel est une juridiction fédérale; je respecte les juridictions provinciales, qu’elles (les provinces) respectent les juridictions fédérale».
Translation: Gun control is federal jurisdiction.
Lundi aux Communes, le Bloc québécois interroge M. Harper sur les 328 millions de dollars promis par les libéraux pour aider le Québec à atteindre ses objectifs de Kyoto. Réponse du Premier ministre : «si un gouvernement provincial veut prendre certaines décisions, ses propres décisions, dans ses propres champs de compétence, il peut aussi utiliser son propre argent».
Translation: If Quebec wants to protect its environment, then it should do so at its expense.
Le même jour, à la même période des questions, le chef libéral Bill Graham interroge M. Harper sur l’abandon du programme national de garderies, promis par son parti. Réponse de M. Harper : «les services de garde d’enfants sont une compétence des provinces. Le gouvernement du Québec a déjà un tel programme, sans l’aide du Parti libéral».
Translation: Quebec's day care system is Quebec's affair.

Three questions, three refreshing answers.

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Harper's answers in this Radio-Canada interview attracted some attention among political junkies. For example, his answer "Je suis marionette à personne."

Harper's an Anglo and he would be wise to play carefully the card of "Quebecers are tired of the National Question". First, such an approach has given nothing to Dumont. Second, Harper must not appear as a carpet-bagger - taking advantage of Quebecers' divisions.

Speaking of Mario Dumont, if he appeared on a Sunday morning CBC TV interview, how many "Canadians" would know? This puts the proper context to Harper's interview. At some point, Harper will have to do a Bernard Derome interview.

Nobody saw this interview but I think Harper did well. He must cross over to female voters and I think he's on the right track in Quebec for this. Harper's glasses were well chosen. He looked studious, careful and trustworthy. Un bloke correct. I think Harper is right to be simply what he is.

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Three questions, three refreshing answers.
With all three responses, he is being consistent with respecting the different federal and provincial juristdictions.

He gives the impression that Canadians can count on the federal government to NOT impose its way in provincial jurisdictions. That was rarely the case under Trudeaumania and its successors.

Will Quebec still 'like' him then ?
Do you mean Quebec separatists or Quebec federalists? I do not think that they deserve to be treated equally.
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Like it or not, Canada has two languages. Hence, our PM deserves a thread about how the French media perceives him.

Like it or not Canada has 20 languages. Like it or not Quebec and their martyrdom of the french language gets more and more irrelevant every year. You should've all made your bid to separate while you had the chance.

Every year there are wars, bird-flu, unemployment, gang problems, drug problems, firearm related problems, rampant alcoholism and yet every year all we ever hear from Quebec is their 'neverendum' whining:- "How come no one speaks French--waa waa"? Who cares? It’s not our fault you made a static language that can’t create new words, (what’s that? You don’t believe me? Ok, what would, say, “4-wheel drive” be in French? Admit it; you’d speak that part of your sentence in English).

Get over yourselves already. French can't be enforced even in Quebec, go ahead and keep trying though. Go ahead and be offended. Go ahead and separate.


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Stephen harper definatly has ppl to tell him exactly what to say to the media, however his popularity will never stay that way more than one year because it takes too much time to see concrete stuff from his government, and lets face it, thats the way politics is, the media push a party then destroy it, then push it, then destroy it and etc...

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