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  1. Im a habs fan, my #2 team was anaheim, i was really happy that they won, i mean i like their style, their philosophy. I don't hate the sens but their are alot of team that i prefer. Actually their is only one team that i truly hate unconditionally, its the leafs.
  2. You are right, alot of city have to choose to organize an event the 24 or the 1st and they choose the 24th because its more likly to be successfull and the 1st is kind of a bad date for canada day, many ppl are moving and take a break after last week party.
  3. I think you don't have to be atheist to criticize a religion. I consider myself an agnostic, but at the same time i disaprove the idea of fundamentalism and i have a hard time with religion that disaprove equality of men, womens right and the principle of democracy. I consider myself tolerant torwards religions, as long as they don't enter in conflict with democracy.
  4. I don't know about albertan, but vivian barbot, the BQ candidate was on a tv show ~ 2 month earlier. She said she got contribution from ontario. Honestly, Justin Trudeau is not popular amongst francophone, but he may have a strong support from quebec anglophone. It will be interesting to see what happen. Id really like to give him a chance to talk to convince me he's not a disaster, id like to hear about his vision of the world and what he want to accomplish, but somehow evrything always end up about him talking about his father... Id prefer to see ben murloney than him for sure...
  5. The liberal will never win with dion... It was a really bad choice, they should make a putch while they can and give the power to ignatieff.
  6. What is wrong with this guy, blackburn definatly have an ethic problem... Here it say he used 150 000$ for flights and he "forgot" to write those spendings under his name... Here he pays his speechs between 1750$ and 3000$ each... WTF ? 3000$ for a speech ? Does he think we are stupid or what !!! Its clear he his using our money prolly to pay old friends who contributed to his campain... http://www.cyberpresse.ca/article/20070528.../1025/FRONTPAGE
  7. I can give my thought about that, Quebec is a hard place to understand, but i feel like there are 2 worlds, 2 cultures. I wouldn't say its french canadian, id say its a french-quebec culture wich is the majority in quebec. You have the french music wich is quite strong combined with american music. Actually quebec is america for the french world, our singer invaded france, it is problably our strongest cultural acheivment. Then you have the french movies wich is growing really fast since the years 2000's but its not easy to sell those movie on the international market, therefore we need to invest money into it to maintain it alive. Once again it is combined with american movies. You have french tv, all you can ask for, 2 french continuous channel for news coverage. A quebecker doesn't have to watch english american tv at all even if it's still available. there are of course french newspapers, french litterature, in fact quebec is culturally autonomous in all area, but is mostly completed with american cultural product. This is for the french but the same thing is also true for an english quebecker, they won't read the same newspaper, they won't listen to the same movies or the same tv channel, they won't be feeded with the same news coverage and etc... A french quebec superstar can walk anonymously in the west part of montreal. The only place where those culture connect is through the american culture. Culture is the hearth of a country, just look at the immigrant, when they want to integrate their new country, they have to slowly learn the culture and give up their old culture or make compromise. However it is possible to live in montreal without speaking an english word or without speaking a french world so there are in fact 2 different world. One person that live into the french-quebec culture will definatly end up with a different perspective of the world than someone that live into english-quebec culture. Therefore i think it is totally normal that english-quebec do not want sovreignty over canada, because they have access to english canada that a french won't have. It will always be that way and even i when i write on this board, i adapt my post to the canadian political perspective, when i write on a french board i will post with a french-quebec perspective wich can be a contradiction sometime. This is where i believe multiculturalism fail... sure it can work if there is one dominant culture to make the link between all of them but in canada it's not the case. I fell like there is an incompatibility between the french world and the english world, it is very hard to share things, for sample a movie like "Bon cop, bad cop" end up being a flop in english canada and a succes in quebec. Can we believe that the canadian movie who earned the most money through our history is problably ignored by the majority of its people... Well Its not different with Politics, there will always have 2 different world, the french perspective where the federal government is ignored and unwelcome wich explain the sucess of the bloc, and a provincial party that is seen has the main government. Of course, it is not black and white, there are as much perspective as there are different people, it is not fully incompatible, but it is just enough to make it a major and permanent problem. But in some way, it is a good thing for canada to have a quebec that is poor because there is no doubt that the day quebec will be richer than the rest of canada, they will separate. English canadian must understand one thing, french quebecker have close to no loyalty torwards canada and when they have, most of the time its easily broken. Why ? because quebec is culturally autonomous, therefore its hard to attach ourself to canadian culture is inexistant in french-canada.
  8. The thing is they won a minority government, so they have 2 choice: 1)They govern like when they where a majority. 2)They govern like a minority government and accept to give some of their power to the opposition. IMO, in the best world they should apply the 2nd choice, but in reality, politics has nothing to do with morale, its a constant dirty fight to stay on the top, evrything is allowed and lying is one of the most effective weapon. Jean Charest tax cut is a lie ! even if he apply them, he will have to raise hidden taxes like the price of electricity or things like that because quebec has no money, they can't afford it without dealing with consequence. But on the other hand evry party lies, they talk about social program or reinvestment that we can't afford.
  9. Yes but how can we punish a single party when IMO they would be all guilty. The PLQ because they didn't cancel their tax cut. The ADQ because they were voting against the budget before they saw it. The PQ because they don't want to vote for it. if only one of those change their mind, their will be no election.
  10. There is no better way than this to raise money for a political faction in quebec. Fake election or unstable government will make it easyer to collect $$ from their supporter all summer.
  11. The polls are the polls, they can be surprising sometime, the opinion vary but when you look at the overall picture, im not sure its not representative. Their are 2 things i know, id be surprise is if it does not change until the next election and that nobody can predict how it will change. I 100% agree, and the fact that he changed so quickly is problably because they convinced him to go back to the bloc. A few days ago i would have agreed, im not a marois fan, ive never been but sometime perception we have can be wrong. Like i said before im a big fan of Joseph Facal, I was surprised has hell when i found out he supported pauline, i was even more surprised when i found out he was supporting her more than ppl would have ever thought... I found out he was writing almost all her speech in 2005 and that there is problably more that we don't know about it, looks like she choosed her camp with the lucide. Then found out how much people supported her, Then found out how much journalist was praising her, its just amazing how MC. Auger and Vincent Marissal are pushing for her... Then i had a second thought and it was very plausible... In fact in 2005 i did not even wan't to listen what she was saying but at the same time i remembered she had great idea. And one thing that was amazing, few days (less than a week) after she get humiliated she was at the biggest, nastiest quebec talk show there to respond to the media... Well, sometime there are things we don't know, and i won't make the mistake twice, im not willing to say marois is against a true debate. Maybe she shouldn't be accountable for Landry's mistakes and after all. I think she deserve her chance and since she had a chance to talk to the media and i must say, she's still pronouncing Facal's word... What if they wanted to rewind it but not to 2005 or 2003, what if they wanted to rewind it to 2001 ?
  12. Sometime politics is hard to follow, According to the polls, The PQ was losing support day after day not being able to lead once since the election... and now what ? they takes the lead... 45% of quebeckers wants Pauline Marois, against 21% for Duceppe. a PQ with Pauline Marois: PQ: 40% ADQ: 30% PLQ: 21% a PQ with Gilles Duceppe: PQ: 34% ADQ: 32% PLQ: 23% I knew quebec politic was hard to follow and it was a likly scenario that yesterday's last are tomorow's first... But that soon, it seem surealist... its like a 20% gain in 1 week... And even more surrealist is that Marois lost two leadership campain... 2 years ago, a similar poll was showing 40% wanted duceppe and 16% marois... But has always i have my own theory, i believe a "PQ" that say unanymously they need strong change, and a PQ where any change are possible like some kind of magic in the air, like if politic was on the verge of evolving like in the 70's, it evoke some kind of nostalgia and at some point i believe alot of people feel the PQ could do a good job if they wanted cause they did it well in the 70's. I think that nostalgia please the Quebeckers, the expectation is high, but once the leadership campain is over, once the program is changed, it his sudently a highly volatile vote, after the expectation period come the deception period... And who is more likly to represent that nostalgia ? Pauline marois of course... I remember boisclair at ~50% in the poll saying he would recrute a better team than Levesque did... Looks like he felt the nostalgia too.
  13. Duceppe and Marois are now officially in the race. Curzi said he his still thinking and will announce his decision next friday.
  14. You know, its really hard to say because politics in quebec has never been a Left vs Right debate, its always been a Federalist vs Sovreignist debate. The funiest thing is Quebec politics is all about the liberals, the PQ and the ADQ where built by old liberals. Some natural alliance have been made tho, the unions and the left went to the PQ while the right, the anglophone went to the PLQ. But it does not mean that there are no Leftish with the liberal (Thomas Mulcair) and Rightish with the PQ (Bouchard, Facal, Brassard). IMO those politician that have to live with this contradiction make them better politician because they can be respected by both, the left and the right because they become part of both by default. It is also the reason why the Bloc is one of the only party that can make deal with the conservative in ottawa, because its in their blood to be a coalition, it is in their blood to deal with the left and the right at the same time. So when you say that an independant quebec would be socialist, i disagree. I think that someway the left is more popular in quebec than in the rest of canada but there is a new anti-left movement in quebec that is becoming almost has strong so we don't really know what is going on. I think for a long time the PQ carryed the left on his shoulder, he carryed it or the idea of it and still when it became less popular in the 90's, Lucien Bouchard managed to apply more right wing idea than charest ever did but he still called himself a social democrat and he still managed to have the support of the left over Charest. But now the left is becoming more of a burden for the PQ than anything. They have a hard time trying to please both sides, they are suffering of the image of an old left wich is IMO mostly due to the Landry era. IMO it has always been some kind of myth that the pq has been a socialist party because even someone from the right mostly agree with the Levesque era, then Parizeau has been in power only 1 year to prepare a referendum so he did nothing significant. then there has been the Bouchard era wich was imo the right wing golden era in quebec since duplessis then landry which have been the most leftish government since levesques (funny for an economist that supported free trade) came 2 year and made lots of mistake wich where amplified by the fact it was a 2nd term government and when you added parizeau's and bouchard mistake over it, it was just too much. But when you look at it, when people say the PQ is socialist its false, The Left made the PQ popular then the PQ carryed the left on his back straight from the 70's until 2007 but in fact has never been a true leftish party like the ndp because the right wing guys where pretty much in control inside the PQ.
  15. Few could make a difference and change the destiny of this party for the next election, Pierre Curzy has "charisma" written all over him but no political experience, IMO its an advantage id like to see him, not for his idea, i don't think he's a talented intellectual but for once politics wouldn't be boring. If we can't have politician with good idea, why not have someone interesting and entertaining ? Duceppe is boring, i think he's an ok politician but id rather have Dumont has prime minister than him. Has for Facal, well he's my #2 favorite politician. I mean the guy is the most brilliant quebec politician still alive after Bouchard. However im not sure normal ppl would see him has prime minister, in some way im worried, i don't want him to get knife in the back, if he want to take a shot he will have my support but i think he shouldn't go for it, not for the PQ. The other politician that would interest me are henri paul rousseau, and im not leftish but id give a chance to henri massé to convince me. Other than that i don'T see anyone else that could be interested and that could change the destiny of this party.
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