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Dr. Byram Bridle Sues Uni. of Guelph & Faculty for Covid Harassment and Censorship


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Many of the censored doctors and scientists are suing over the treatment they received for speaking truth about the inoculations.

Dr. Bridle was so well-respected that the Gov. of Ontario and the Federal Government asked him to look into the inoculations and when he reported serious issues, he was silenced, censored, criminally harassed and driven from his lab, his teaching and his career.

As one of Canada's top vaccinologists/immunologists/cancer researcher and professor of such at Guelph University, he was interviewed many times and so, spoke publicly about the issues with myo/pericarditis and that the spike protein was excreted in breast milk, causing upper GI tract bleeding in infants.  Of course, he was right.  Which was why they censored and silenced him.

Faculty at the University actually created a fake website and a fake Twitter account impersonating him to defame and denigrate him.  People are still being directed to the fake website today.  If you read the SOC, it's disgusting and shocking what was done to him.

This is very indicative of what has been happening in the world of science and many of the world's top professionals in these fields are now suing.

Dr. Bridle has been branded by the University faculty as an "anti-vaxxer", conspiracy theorist, killer.  The police involved in the case recommended he get security for himself and his family due to the incitement of hatred the University faculty leveled against him.

Here is the public announcement of the case:

Constitutional Rights Law Centre - Canada (constitutionalrightscentre.ca)



Dr. Byram Bridle sues University of Guelph, their professors, and others for Tortious conduct against him.

On December 19th, 2022, Dr. Byram Bridle issued a Statement of Claim in Ontario Superior Court. The expert vaccinologist, and viral immunologist, states that he has been viciously and falsely attacked by some of his colleagues, with the complicity of the University administration. Some of the Defendants include the President of University of Guelph, Dean Wichtel, Administrator Arnott, Professor Pyle, Professor Weese, and Dr. David Fisman at the University of Toronto.



Here is the Statement of Claims against the University and faculty:

ISSUED-SOC-ByramBridle.pdf (constitutionalrightscentre.ca)


The first pages recount his career achievements and the things that have been - and are still being -  done to him right up until a week or so ago, including Twitter statements verbatim, start about page 18.

It's pretty horrific.

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1 minute ago, Moonlight Graham said:


Also I'm pretty sure I developed mild Bell's Palsy after one of my COVID vaccines and it hasn't gone away.

How can that be?  The CEO of Pfizer himself said it's 100% safe.

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