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The pope using the word "genocide" is a misuse of the word and therefore a blatant lie

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1 hour ago, Nationalist said:

It might have been me.

I cannot fear Gawd. I can respect and revere Gawd. But I cannot fear it, mostly because...I believe Gawd lives within me and I cannot fear myself.

Respect and reverence might be the kind of fear that is good.  This website says "When the Bible talks about fearing God, it is usually referring to an attitude of reverence and respect, not outright terror."

What Does the Fear of the Lord Mean? (lifehopeandtruth.com)

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7).

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I fear God

in the same way I feared my father's disappointment, if I failed to live up to his legacy

failed to live up my grandfather's legacy

failed to live up to my great grandfather's legacy, from Second Ypres to Mons

the story of my people

from the Heights of Queenston to the Heights of Vimy Ridge

that was the fear that got me through Battleschool, Recce Course, ISCC

the fear of failing my father

that kept me going through the darkest hours

when I was on my chinstrap

and when men I felt were far better soldiers than me, fell to the side of the road & quit


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I've recently found out that one of my closest brothers in the regiment has cancer

and it has spread to his brain

a brother who is the best of us

always to the left & right of me, constant companion, happy warrior

one who we all looked up to, who we all saw as invincible

thus is also how I fear God

for He is the hand who takes



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