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How will this end? Has the US federal government become a Ponzi scheme?


Harper wisely said that Americans will figure out a way. But at over 150% of GDP, I wonder how.

Huh? Japan's government debt is well over 200% of GDP.

(Because of Harper, Trudeau Jnr's spending means we're still below 100%.)


In macroeconomic theory, if the growth of government debt is greater than real GDP growth, it's a Ponzi scheme.

-The government is borrowing faster than the economy can generate tax revenues.

-But wait. The government never dies. For you on the right or left, think: the State never dies.


As I always say, whether in Japan, Russia or Canada, it is not how the government/State pays - whether my credit card, debit card, my name on a loan - what's the difference? No difference.

It is what the government bureaucrat politician buys.

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On 8/7/2022 at 1:50 AM, August1991 said:

There is a huge misunderstanding about people like Putin and Gates.

Gates pays for things.

Trudeau Jnr and Putin command things.


How rich is Putin?  Well, how rich is Joe Biden?

What does Gates pay for that Trudeau commands?

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Okay August, riddle me this:

Russia and China have both been hoarding like trailer park trash.  Now Israel, as of Last month, has also started hoarding gold bullion like they know something’s up.  Germany, France, Italy, Venezuela, Switzerland and Turkey have been going hard at gold in the last several years.

At what point does an alert person catch on that something bad may be on the horizon?

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