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The new South African covid variant.


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Well, here we go once again. Another covid variant, or should I say scariant, is about to enter the world scene once again. This one is now called the Omicron virus, or Omicon virus as some have called it, and it is going to be the new covid virus that we will all have to live in fear of and try and avoid at all costs until the next covid variant comes along. And no doubt our dear Canadian comrade political leaders, with the help of the lying media, and those lying health officials will try and make this scariant variant virus to appear worse than the other two covid viruses. Maybe the next one after this one will be a real dandy. 

The South African Medical Association has already said that this Omicron virus is a very mild virus and will do no real harm to the body other then give someone sore muscles and feeling tired for a few days, and then it is gone. Of course, here in Canada, our politicians and the media will try and make it appear as though our arms will fall off if we do not take a booster jab or two to protect oneself. Let the globalist big pharma bull chit continue on. 

Now I have to wonder as to how many more scariant variant viruses are going to come along in the near future and will want to attack us and try to kill us? Will this mean that booster shots will become the norm and that we must keep taking as many booster jabs every so many months or so that our dear leaders want us to take to keep us from getting ill or dying? Eventually, if this keeps up, we could end up with more vaccines in our veins than blood. 

As far as I am concerned, this is getting way out of hand. This must end and we must start to realize that these so called covid scariants or variants are here to stay and that we must get back to normal and accept the fact that we must stop with the fear mongering and endless vaccines and just get on with life.

We did it in the past and we can do it again. We need to allow herd immunity to do it's own thing. How much longer are we the peasants going to continue to keep going along with this farce? Sadly, IMHO, there will be plenty of zombie peasants out there who will fall for this new scamdemic once again and go out there and take as many booster jabs as they can so that they won't get ill or die. As long a we have those many fools around this will never end. Enough already. Just say no. it's your call. 😇


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