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Canada's new climate plan, is it just more of Justins fake promises

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Justin new climate plan are very ambitious to say the least , but is this just more gastro air from the liberals much like the last climate change targets... 


The Clean Prosperity analysis says those three things alone could get Canada almost halfway to the new target the Trudeau Liberals set last spring, to cut emissions 40 to 45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030. The previous target was 30 per cent below 2005 levels.


But Trudeau has substantially upped the ante in his climate plan over the last 12 months, including promising to end the sale of gas-powered cars and create an emissions-free power grid, both by 2035, as well as capping emissions from oil and gas and then forcing them downward, no later than 2025.

the end of gas power cars, looks like trucks are going to be the next best option...and the emission free power grid, now that is funney. 


Here is what climate specialist are saying about our boy .... and it is not flattering, kind of like his last vist to BC indigenous people... where they just told him to bend over we are driving. 



Catherine Abreu, executive director of Destination Zero, said Canada and Trudeau brought a lot to the table in Paris.

"But since then, there's been a growing recognition of the disconnect between the rhetoric that Canada brings to those kinds of conferences and the actual on-the-ground progress," she said.


Here is another flattering comment 


Clean Prosperity's executive director Michael Bernstein says taken altogether, Liberal climate promises could get up to 41 per cent below 2005 in time to meet the 2030 goal. Canada has not met an emissions goal yet, blowing well past the targets set for both 2012 and 2020.

and while off topic here is another one of Justins promises that is not being kept...and yet the Canadian delegation wants to make it a talking point for this trip, the world already knows we are not very trust worthy when it comes to our PM who promises the moon and delivers a barge for of garbage.  

Canadian officials said prior to the trip that Canada is making vaccine equity one of its priorities for the talks, even though Canada's own record on the matter is not great. After promising over the summer that 40 million doses would be donated to the COVAX global vaccine sharing alliance, Canada has thus far distributed just 2.6 million of them.

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Since we have the internet and smart phones with video conferencing covering much of the world, I am sure we will instantly see plenty of Trudeau's political posturing and virtue signaling at the G20 and COP26 in Europe in the next two weeks. It will be no surprise to see plenty of promises as he promises everything under the sun to be paid for by the Canadian taxpayers in the phony war against climate change.  God in heaven must be laughing at the fake and pompous asses as they think they can play god with climate.

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Justins new kick at the cat , build back better, is really taking a kicking, more lies and fake promises, to new out of reach promises. some Canadians are calling them out " the latest is by Catherine Abreu, a member of Canada's net-zero advisory body and the executive director of Destination Zero. "weasel words". Mean while most Canadians already know that, but they think their private parts will explode if they don't vote for the left and god knows Canadians like their privates.... or is it heads i can't remember, I hope it is heads, i'd love to see all those left heads just start to explode. now that would be the great reset. "build back better would take on a whole new meaning would it not...  *NOTE  while making this statement NO lefties where harmed in any way, nor do we wish them harm, ok not all of them some of them have it coming.

The cop26  has changed the goal post once again, stating that unless we cut by even more temperatures will now rise to 2 3/4 degrees... MTF as everything that was discussed means nothing any more....

In other news from the Cop26, Canadian indigenous and Black climate changer now blame climate change on colonialism and climate change in Canada is racists, as most pollution happens in poor and suppressed areas that have a high ratio of Black people... Yes, you can't make this stuff up...colonialism is the chief climate change instrument, followed right behind racism....Oh and it is all backed by science if you can believe that....

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Mark my words, The vaccine passports are going to morph into climate change credits.  This is social engineering.

You think the vax passports are great?  Wait til you can't go anywhere because you don't have enough "carbon footprint" credits.  I'm already seeing this covid thing  turning into climate change hysteria - media wise.

I checked out Australia's new G2G thing and holy cow - check this out:

"where you have permission to go"



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On 10/28/2021 at 1:51 PM, Army Guy said:

But Trudeau has substantially upped the ante in his climate plan over the last 12 months, including promising to end the sale of gas-powered cars and create an emissions-free power grid, both by 2035, as well as capping emissions from oil and gas and then forcing them downward, no later than 2025.

The only thing with such promises is they will fall outside the longevity of his mandate and for this reason he can promise anything. 

I want to know what actions are taken in 2022, not by 2035!


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