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my take on covid 19 response


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That's not going to happen simply because you still have to pay $2O K monthly (plus allowances) to directors, managers, CEO and heads of taskforces for something, out of public budget.

For what? We cannot buy something, like smart, intelligent, responsive, effective and efficient action (travel from Wuhan, "rapid" Covid-19 "response", etc) what doesn't exist, only what's on the shelf here, or here same old lazy, incompetent, grossly overpaid bureaucratic status quo, wrapped in blue or red which one you prefer?

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The rules around travel are over the top.  I’d never visit Atlantic provinces under current rules, nor would I bother flying outside the country with my family.  The day or weekend drives to the US aren’t worth it due to pre-departure and arrival test requirements.  We can’t operate like this.  Our tourism sector, including the airline industry, is ruined.  End all restrictions immediately.  Don’t require vaccine passports or test results.  Our vaccination levels in Canada are high.  Vaccinated people are well protected.  If you choose not to get a vaccine or your kids cannot get one due to being under 12, make sure to take extra precautions for you and your family.  That’s it!   Vaccinated people are well protected from serious illness.  


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Well, one can ask question: what fraction of hospitality, travel and service industry would survive another cycle of lockdowns, and how many would just quit and move somewhere else, and what impacts it could cause for the economy?

Is anyone analyzing it, developing solutions and measures for different scenarios? Or the same innocent "oh so new!" all over again?

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