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Gaiz so in reviewing some old footage of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, I think America should become an imperial power. It only took us 6 weeks to reach Baghdad and dispose Saddam. Similarly we could do the same with Iran. The difference this time though is we would get rid of all the terrorist's WMDs and take the oil.

 If we're ever going to even make the yang bucks a reality we need to attribute that freedom dividend to something, typically oil will suffice. It'll also strengthen our Petro dollar. The country would need to get 3.6 trillion dollars a year.In terms of barrels of oil, assuming crude stays at 50$ a barrel, we'd need 7.2 billion barrel a year.

And according to wikipedia's the number one trusted source of data for academics and intellectual nationwide, Iran has 84 billion barrel left. That would sustain us at least another 10 year before we invade Canada. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oil_reserves_in_Iran#Additions_to_reserves

Look tax cuts and a decrease of spending on social programs aren't going to sustain our open border immigration system. We need more UBI to be the world's number one immigration destination mmmkay.

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Yang is one of the few candidates with more than a DNR rating who gives the appearance of candidly answering questions without making a campaign speech at the same time. In that sense he is Mayor Pete’s opposite. He clearly addresses the circumstances that led to Trump’s election and for that deserves a lot of credit.  

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1 hour ago, WestCanMan said:

Omg pax, if that’s your sense of humour it’s so dark it’s worrisome. 

Re:Yang - he’s a sideshow at best. His campy campaign ideas are embarrassing and he has nothing at all to add to the national discourse. 

What democrat can ever add anything to the daily national discourse anyway? They all have appeared to have become nothing more than a sideshow at best alright, and have become quite embarrassing to themselves and America. The next election appears to be another big win for Trump thanks to those fools who have done nothing to offer or help Trump try to make America great again, but instead tried to impeach Trump from the very first day of Trump's presidency. If this is all they have to offer, well they are doomed,and good riddance to them anyway. They have shown themselves to be nothing more than traitors to America. They all now pretty much believe in the deep state or now socialism. Not much to look for there. 

The other day Trump had another rally in New Jersey where there were over a hundred thousand Trump supporters signed up to try and get into some arena in NJ to see and listen to him speak. How is that for being a popular president with we the people? If only Canada could come up with a Trump like leader for Canada? Dream on, eh? Canada is all but dead now. There is no fat chance of Canada ever having a real and true conservative party government in power anymore. The leftist liberal media will see and make sure that will never happen in Canada. The left wing liberal controlled Canadian media despise Canada, and it would appear that our so called Canadian politicians despise Canada also. So long Canada, it's been good knowing you. ;)

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