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What I think about Donald Trump


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I'm putting this here because I can't swear in other groups.

Now let me admit that at first, not knowing a helluva lot about the guy, I had some hopes here. I have a vast disrespect for professional politicians, especially in the US, because most of them are political whores. I thought, yeah, an outsider, a billionaire who didn't need to be beholden to special interests, who could bring a fresh attitude to things, that could be really good!

I'm not politically correct. Most of what Trump said that pissed off the media and liberals didn't bother me. I like the idea of far stronger fencing along the Mexican border, if not an actual wall along the ENTIRE distance. I'm a conservative. I believe in securing borders. No problem with me.

I think I first began to doubt the wisdom of Trump as president was when I started reading about how he conducted his business. Basically, he did his best to cheat everyone involved, from suppliers to partners to customers. And he was a guy who sued people all the time, and got sued a lot himself. He basically sued anyone who criticized him.

The next thing I read was about how he went bankrupt with his casinos. Basically he got into the casino business and started building them without doing the slightest research. No businessman does that. You need to know what your expenses will be along with your likely revenue. Trump didn't bother. He went bananas furnishing his casinos with the most expensive stuff he could find, wanting to cater to the cream of the crop of gamblers. Problem is the cream of the crop has no interest in going to Atlantic city in the winter. So someone in the industry did a study based on publicly available information on how much he was spending, how much he would owe, how much he'd have to pay for staff, utilities, etc., and then fed in the normal intake expected for hotels and casinos (per foot revenue) in Atlantic city. What he said was that the casinos would start going into a deep hole once the fall hit. Trump found out and threatened to sue the company, forcing them to fire him. But the guy was 100% accurate in everything he wrote. Trump, the moron, had built two incredibly expensive casinos that you could fire a cannon through in the winter.

His airline was the same thing. No research, no studies. He went on his 'gut'. Same with so many other of his enterprises that went under.

How he treated his wives didn't go over well with me either. Things like calling a radio station and pretending to be his publicist to brag about his sexual prowess with his then mistress. Or seating his mistress (who everyone knew was his mistress) at the same table as his wife at a public event. He loved to humiliate his wife because he wanted to force her to divorce him.

Basically, what I took from all the stuff I read was that Trump was both a shitty businessman and a scumbag.

Then came the election, then came him as president. Holy fuck. I didn't expect much but I had no idea just how ignorant this guy was. I mean, how anyone can grow up rich in Manhattan and know nothing about virtually EVERYTHING is beyond me. Not only is he astonishingly ignorant but he's also, as many have testified "incurious', ie, he has no interest in learning. He reads nothing. He won't take briefings that are more than a few minutes long. He considers himself to be smarter than his generals and more knowledgeable than his intelligence people. He knows nothing about government, the military, or the world outside Manhattan real estate. If you pulled a bumpkin with a grade 3 education out of a corn patch in the most rural part of Iowa and put him in the oval office he'd still be more knowledgeable than Trump. And at least he'd be willing to take advise.

Trump is, without question, the dumbest fuck ever to enter the Oval Office. And I don't just mean presidents. I mean no one in the history of America has even entered that room who was as pig-ignorant as Donald Fucking Trump. Even the cleaning staff are smarter!

Add to this he's a mean spirited bully, narcissist, rapacious, money grubbing greedhead, whore-mongering serial adulterer, compulsive liar, braggart and coward and you've got a man with almost every character defect imaginable. I cannot think of a single positive character trait this man owns.

Now saying this does not suggest I am blind to the defects of Hillary Clinton and the identity politics democrats. But I can at least find some good things to say about most of them. There's nothing honest anyone can say about Trump that's positive. He's scum. He's vermin. The world will be a cleaner place when he exits it. And they'll probably need a 24 hour guard on his grave to keep legions of people from using it as a toilet.

This latest business in Syria where he got hundreds of people killed and basically gave Turkey what it's been demanding for years, and is now bragging about it like he's accomplished some mighty deed is a perfect example. He is a simplistic fuckwit that the world's strongmen have no difficulty twisting around their little fingers. It got people killed in Ukraine and it's gotten people killed in Syria. And this glutinous, brainless shit stain of a man, who works maybe an hour and a half a day, continues to stuff burgers down his fat throat, slurp coke, and jab his puffy little fingers onto his keypad to whine about how hard-done-by he is.

And the fact he's managed to surround himself with a group of grifters, liars, cheats, kooks, and suckups, and that the entire Republican caucus kisses his ass, just goes to show how morally bankrupt that party has become.

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I believe he is a member of the alt right. Trump seems to me to follow an ideology common to Richard Spencer. It seems to me that Milo Yiannopoulos was in the same team to help Trump to win the presidential elections by political trolling. Plenty of fake or false news against Hilary Clinton would have been made in order to increase Trump's chances to reach power. Trump would be eco-septic and his right-hand man a creationist.


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On 10/23/2019 at 5:09 PM, Argus said:

Trump is, without question, the dumbest fuck ever to enter the Oval Office

Donald Trump, creator of a multi billion dollar international real estate corporation, the sweetheart of New York for many years, so popular they gave him a television show, and made himself president with NO special interest backing . . . 

 . . this you call a dumbfuck? If he is a dumbfuck then you are the feces of a worm. That would be a fair intelligence ration.

Dimwits like you are obviously a dupe of fake news. And as for his bankruptcies, men who take giant risks and create billion dollar companies have occasional failures. Its all art of the climb to the top. You are obviously too stupid to know that though. The only thing you have probably ever climbed to the top of is a schlock so you could by some crack.

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On 9/1/2021 at 9:30 PM, Jean-Kevin said:

I believe he is a member of the alt right

Alt Right: Another fake term made up by the Left, which belongs in the box of fake terms like homophobia, cisgender, and progressivism.



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@Argus - I agree somewhat with you. Trump has always been a habitually self absorbed and a boor. Interesting that society found it important to make the guy a TV star. The guy is indeed, a very unique character...or caricature?

@Great American - There is no doubt the Trump years were insanely productive for the entire West. Especially up here in Canuckland... He managed to push all the right buttons and in hind sight, I'm pretty sure most Libbies see that somewhat.

For what its worth people...I knew when Trump announced he was going to "drain the swamp" and that he was an opponent of status quo globalism, his goose was cooked. Yes he won the 2016 election, which must have driven the DNC out of their minds as they were beaten by four simple words..."Make America Great Again".

Donald J Trump is able to 'touch' people...reach them...in ways no normal politician can. He almost assumes a middle-class mentality and talks WITH them in THEIR language about THEIR real concerns. Again...watching his rallies...or concerts...must have driven Hilary-Bilary out of her mind. Which...oddly enough...we now know it did and she's implicated in the concoction of the Great Russia farce. Anyway...

The USA and all of the West, need much stronger and nationalistic governments. These leaders need to re-define our borders and our economies. Then we'll begin rising out of this...current mudslide.

I don't care if the US brings back Trump...he's amusing as hell. But whoever it winds up being, that person better be willing to do what's "right" for America and actually LEAD!

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Trump seems to test the limits of credulity in the people he adds to his team.   Yes, this person has been reported to have threatened multiple peoples' lives and is Trump's pick in Georgia.  The Republicans in that state were moral enough to not lie and throw the election for Trump so he has to go to the bottom of the barrel to find people to stand with him.

Good God.


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8 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

Trump seems to test the limits of credulity in the people he adds to his team . . . . 

So says the man who posts nothing but false statements and fake news propaganda.

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4 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

That's a Republican ad

No its not. All Republican ads appear on the RNC and GOP sites.  You lie.

5 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

The statements within are sourced.

Your ignorance is becoming Legend.

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