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  1. When we talk about this, it leads us to think that the interest is related with the idea of whether there really is a big plot, while the interest for conspirators is to win a lot of money (to see Pierre Barnérias who won a lot of money with the documentary Hold up), political causes (to see maybe Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with his Jewish or American-Zionist conspiracy theory), in connection with religion (to see conspiracy theory about platists of the Flat Earth Society) and "to please the badgers". The problem is not so much to believe or not to believe in a conspiracy theory but to use the rhetoric related to conspiracy theory to attack information and knowledge. If we are talking about astronomy you won't for example find the universal law of gravitation by yourself and before believing in the theses of the Flat Earth Society you'll ask people who know the subject, be interested in what is said in astronomy etc. And it is at this point that the rhetoric exploiting the conspiracy theory takes all its interest because it will allow to cut off the access to knowledge to the person under the influence of conspiracy since for example the modern astronomers are accomplices of plotters working for NASA, that the teachers in the schools are sheep handled by Freemasons, that all the books or information going against the idea that the Earth is flat are satanist propaganda.
  2. I don't imagine myself to be this fuckwit. Otherwise, these stories related to the coronavirus don't interest me. I was vaccinated but I wasn't charged and I don't care about the news made in conspiracy.com. I'm more interest about cybercrime, mind control, harassment, road hazards, aggressions because it is the present dangers that I find more problematic.
  3. In a French-speaking Youtube video called " Les dérives d'INSTAGRAM (Arnaques etc..) " posted by LE ROI DES RATS we have an individual who tried instagram pretending to be a 13 year old girl (because since there is public advertissement and stars who go on instagram, parents believe that it is a social network of relative danger and maybe it is a good idea to send their kids on instagram). It's a social network that scams (it makes fakes, makes you believe that you can win a lot of money easily if you join the scheme, etc., only to have your money stolen), there is conterfeith, There are false advertisements to charge for things that will never reach the buyer. All this can be enough to not have the foolishness to go on instagram except that it goes further than that since an incalculable number of pedophiles go instagram to catch kids.
  4. A real crap. In the subway I saw an Instagram advertissement, there are famous people who go there or have gone there which makes more advertissements, I came across an advertisement in a Youtube video today that offers to sell things on Instagram. Instagram is not a social networking famous like 4Chan where there is a blinking sign warning that you are in a troll box where all cybercriminals are welcome. Instagram is the world of illusion, the tyranny of cool. Glad to know that I won't be part of the badgers who fell into this shit.
  5. I believe he is a member of the alt right. Trump seems to me to follow an ideology common to Richard Spencer. It seems to me that Milo Yiannopoulos was in the same team to help Trump to win the presidential elections by political trolling. Plenty of fake or false news against Hilary Clinton would have been made in order to increase Trump's chances to reach power. Trump would be eco-septic and his right-hand man a creationist.
  6. I think the real problem it is above all an execrable mentality. if I caricature incel's mentality to what I think I understand : 1) 🧑(mentality of a regular man) : - Oh excuse me ! I didn't see you, it's ok, I didn't hurt you. 💩 (mentality of an incel man) : - Oh I excuse you ! Fortunately I'm fine but next time watch where you're going, I don't want to hurt myself. 2) 🧑(mentality of a regular man) : - Dear sexologist, I have a problem, I can't get a hard-on and I ask for your help to solve my psychological problem. 💩 (mentality of an incel man) : - Miss sexologist, my girlfriend have a problem, she can't get my d..k hard and see what needs to be done to solve her problem.
  7. A Youtuber just makes a youtube video and if a lot people like or they intererest by these videos they watch and the Youtuber can become famous. To what I think I understand, incel is an involuntary celibate and in theorie he doesn't look for the love but to have sexual rapport and as he doesn't necessarily have a rapist's mentality he can take a direction of women killer. (the incels who aren't killers or make acts of misogyny are ignored because probably they don't salesmen or interest politics )
  8. There seems to be a famous YouTuber that people call the King of Incels. This individual is named or called Elliot Rodger and he killed women : There seems to be another famous YouTuber who is incel that the newspaper Le Monde call Jake Davidson or Professeur Waffle. The newspaper Le Monde said this : ... An "incel", a recent expression in the Anglo-Saxon world, is an involuntary celibate, a man who has no success with women and ends up hating them - a character like in the novels of Houellebecq. Nothing but the ordinary, you might say. Unfortunately, in the last few years, the "incel" has become more radical and has turned his failures in love into a fight, his resentment into a torch, and women into his hereditary enemies - an attitude that is increasingly asserted, accompanied by an outpouring of misogynistic hatred on the American and Canadian Internet. The Urban Dictionary, the wikidictionary that records new living language in the English-speaking world, gives a disturbing definition of the radical incel: "An incel thinks his lack of sex life is because he is 'ugly' when it is just caused by his blatant sexism and terrible behavior. An incel has a horrible personality and treats women like sex objects. Incels have no self-awareness (...)".
  9. Ok so there is this video which is valid for all languages : because if we try to go to a higher level than the intermediate level whether it is English, French or any other language it becomes difficult or very difficult. The opinion French is difficult or another language is difficult doesn't make much sense at high levels.
  10. It's a strange question and notably people feel special because they aren't in the social norm. Sometime you believe you are someone special because you are different from others. What is it to be someone special ? Is it something positive or negative ?
  11. Yes and I think is bad idea to speak in French or any language other than English. There is traductor google ( Google Traduction ) can help if we have difficulties with the English language. Apart from the fact that it's becoming ridiculous to have multilingual topics, there is the problem that the French language is difficult as far as spelling is concerned and it is likely that the translators are not programmed to translate French with spelling mistakes which will create closed discussions.
  12. English grammar is not so easy, for example I'm sure I make a lot of grammatical mistakes when I write (and I also use a translator so in some cases it can be the translator who makes the grammar mistake). Do I have to put as or like ? Do I have to put do or make ? Do I have to put an evidence or a piece of evidence ? Then it is necessary to look if the French-speakers don't make the errors of grammar because if they themselves make full of it the relevance of the difficulty isn't any more the same one since in a case we speak about a grammar which would be simpler about English but the English-speakers don't make almost any error.
  13. There are many reasons but I don't think is this the reason. I think that wolves can attack humans, can be dangerous to humans and that this animal can become a symbol of fear that humans have created a myth, a scary movie story. In terms of justice, yes, or at least I assume that if someone kills someone in my family, I'll go to the trial not only to make sure he will be condemned but also to know or have an idea of the motive behind the crime. For the history for example I would like to know the motive of the crimes committed by the Jön Türkler against the Armenians. Are these political reasons related to the Islamic religion or not ? It seems to me that Erdogan has already rewritten history on this subject and so if I were Turkish I would know the story that is being sold to me in Turkey which may be the story of a political trickery exploiting history. It is easier to manipulate irrational people than rational ones and the concept of divinity goes with the concept of the divine law, of the last judgment with a place of torture, a horrible thing reserved for those who have not submitted to the right doctrine. Apart from religion, there are political (see the story of Lysenko) and economic (fake news on the net are made for reasons related to money)
  14. (FYI : I think French or many languages are more difficult than English because English is a useful language to learn even if you don't live in an English-speaking country whereas French and other languages may have no or very little use) 1) You- formel or informel His first argument is irrelevant because if the person isn't a French-speaker, no French-speakers care about that. The important thing to do is to say "tu" (you singular) when it concerns one person and to say "vous" (you plural) when it concerns more than one person (two, three, four etc. persons). Language is a communication tool and the important thing is to be able to make yourself understood and when it is not your mother language, you must avoid that the person who listens to you is in the confusion, the doubt to know if he understands what you want to say. 2) "on" (that means we in majority of cases) This is not really a difficulty. When French-speaker says on you translate by we and then in some cases you guess that when he says on/we he means "I". It is not because there are exceptions, special cases, etc. that one should drown in them. When I watch a movie in English, they talk fast, the few times I was able to chat with an English-speaker he also talks fast. The French-speaker is same, he doesn't talk at a snail's pace. It means you don't have time to ask yourself if when he says "on" it is we, I, it, you, they or drown yourself in technical stuff. 3) Pronunciation I find it is not a difficulty, it is a question of knowledge and you have google translate who gives the pronunciation. English is really much more difficult, already how you pronounce simple words like "can", "later", "bottle" ? American or English prononciation ? It's a big joke the pronunciation in the French language compared to the English language 4) Accents I'd misunderstood... but there is no point in talking about writing and how a word is pronounced in writing because a language is first of all oral communication. If you are good at writing and bad at speaking, you are always at the beginner level of the language, while the opposite is no longer at the beginner level.
  15. There is a linguistic confusion. science means just knowledge so History is a science because it transmits a knowledge. The problem is that when we talk about science we're talking about something that has to do with the scientific method. If I talk about paleontology it is based on something more serious than history, we need only compare the evidence for the existence of non-avian dinosaurs with the evidence for the existence of Jesus to be convined of this. For Hitler it is a near history, there are plenty of documents, videos, photos, radios, newspapers ... in short, plenty of elements to get a less subjective idea of what happened or not. Afterwards, as for the "history of now", there are also false or fake news, disinformation. For other it is a distant history where there are few elements is when we ask for the sources, the elements of proof we have the feeling that we made us a good joke when they answer us the testimony, a book... The history about Noah's ark seems to me a little too grotesque to be swallowed but in the meantime we can still say that this ark was not found on Mount Ararat or said in another way that it is not a discovery if it isn't the discovery of the existence of fake news or of the lie.
  16. On internet there are pornographic video where we can watch mature women so even if they are less successful than the beautiful young women etc. there are men who are attracted to this type of women. They remain in danger from sexual predators and this also means that they are not "obsolete". 40 to 50 years old, I think is ok after that it depends on how the body has aged.
  17. There are people who believe that werewolves exist, that Hitler only had one testicle, that a man born of a virgin would died and resurrected, that Noah's ark etc. and all these things must be believed perhaps because history ["this exact science"] tells so. A convincing element with science such as that related to biology is not the argument of authority but its method (observation then theory then prediction then experiment) but with history it works how the observation ? Apart from the arguments of authority, what are the proofs that werewolves exist or existed ? [ 🗣️ the testimony.] What are the proofs that Hitler had just one ball ? [ 🗣️ the rumour.] Do you have faith in history ? Do you believe that testimony, the argument of authority and rumour can be considered serious evidence ? (well, there's a bit of trolling and I'm not really asking to answer these rather grotesque questions but basically I'm trying to say that history can be a political/ideological/religious/sectarian issue, as can also be journalism, where there's also disinformation or fake news).
  18. Many people who are in prison are bad or evil but among the many offenses or crimes they have committed some have been retained and they have been sentenced to prison. What complicates things is that there are also a lot of people who are not in prison because they are bad or evil. There are people who are there because a manipulator incited them to commit a crime, because they ran over a kid in a car, because they sold drugs, for stealing etc. From what I understand, prison is experienced as a psychological torture and there are rapes or sexual violence that lead to many suicides. I think that the concern of the people who work there isn't be able to rehabilitate prisoners but to make sure that there isn't too much crime or mess in their prison. Prison is a kind of modern torture chamber where it's hoped that it will frighten bad people, sexual predators, thieves, etc. away from committing their crimes.
  19. I watch videos about prison or jail. I have never been to prison nor do I intend to go there but even if you aren't to go in prison you are confronted with violence, with things that you find in documentaries or reality TV about prison. I don't confuse reality with reality TV and I don't naively believe everything a documentary says but I find relevant information in it. Sometimes we get into physical fights but the reason is self-defense because we are physically attacked (so we are forced to react and fight). Otherwise we tend to have verbal clashes and avoid physical confrontation as much as possible. There is the robbery with violence as the car-jacking and there it's better to do nothing and then to complain to the police. But in prison there seems to be a clearer requirement to be prepared to do physical fighting and to make it happen because I think disrespect and harassment are far too dangerous and destructive.
  20. He gives reasons why he finds French is hard : Of course he's right just you go in French-speaker forum and you observe there are many spelling mistakes. People who make few spelling mistakes are often people who read books but nowadays we don't really read books anymore and worse we read badly written stuff, which encourages us to write badly. There is also les dictées de Bernard Pivot (Bernard Pivot's dictations ) which show that French spelling is difficult. Then he gives a similar reason to many other languages. How are you pronounce "enough", "would", "which", "gonna", "who" ? You see even if I take simple words, if I don't know the pronunciation first, I can only do wrong. Another argument given is that there are words that sound alike but this is even worse with English and in the end it's a matter of habit, you need to have heard many times to speak in the language. No I don't think. He gives a reason related to the lack of knowledge and of course if you don't know how you pronounce route (rood) or rue (street) it is difficult. Then he gives a reason with the liaison (connection of words) but the problem is if an English speaker doesn't make "la liaison" a French speaker understands and it's not a big mistake or somthing realy problematic. Being bilingual is very hard whatever the language and there's no point in trying to be bilingual because perfectionism doesn't really help in speaking a language. Then I think he makes a mistake, there isn't pronounce "h" just there are words you do liaison like les hommes (the men) and other you don't like les haricots (the beans). And when he pronounces "h" to les haches (the axes) he makes a mistake but he's right in the fact that we mustn't make the liaison. Same for all languages.
  21. Ok so in this video I see the problem but there are simple solutions : 1) French pronunciation is esay. In this video she tried to pronounce the word "chirurgie" (surgery) but she doesn't really know how to pronounce it and she uses the wrong method. First you have to google traduction - Recherche Google and after you click on the robotic voice and then it's easy because as the pronunciation is easy in French a robot can do it quite easily. 2) Don't hesitate and speak in doubt, go straight to the point with confidence and never mind if you are wrong. At worst, it's enough to first do a sentence in slow motion and then to do the same sentence again in fast motion, it's just a technical adjustment in fact. 3) Conjugation: it's much easier than in English if it's past tense you have to use passé composé (in most cases) and then it is present for present and Futur simple for "will" and "going to" (in most cases)
  22. If you look at the comments there is a guy who posted : Normaly it is : Donc non tu as tort, y'a des gens comme moi qui sont français et qui se perdent sur ta vidéo ( So no, some people like me are French and they get lost on your video). Already we can point out that spelling is difficult in French. ___________ Otherwise I don't find English easy and I found it interesting to watch people doing French learning but explaining in English to know what an English speaker has problems with and at the same time it helps me understand how the English language works.
  23. The video has been censored (it was here Fillette de 3 ans: "Les Juifs sont des singes et des porcs" - Point de Bascule Canada ) and we could hear a 3 year old girl saying that Jews were procs etc. and that it was in the Quran. Verse 2:65, verse 5:60, verse 5:78, verse 7:166, verse 5:27 are given. Now the problem as I understand it, is that it is understood in relation to a context because Muslims tend to interpret their sacred text in relation to a context. Then there are Muslim scholars, imams and Muslims tend to listen to their opinion. Their opinions are not formed by themselves with only verses from the Quran, and there are also Islamologists who make television programs etc. and if they only taught anti-Jewish racism, incitement to hatred etc. they could not even make a television program on a French public channel because of the law of the land. Then, I have no sympathy for Islam, but I sens that _"Islam is this because I throw this or that verse to go in what I think"_ does not seem to me to be a relevant approach.
  24. Ok but all this doesn't eliminate the question about the doctrine itself because if for exmple this doctrine is criminogenic even if the behavior of the Muslims were better there will always be this sacralized doctrine which incites to commit criminal acts.
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