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  1. We all ultimately have rights because someone else gave them to us. But there are some "rights" (like killing babies) that no one should have.
  2. Guns don't have rights. People, including women, have the right to own guns. They just don't have the right to murder babies.
  3. Well maybe if they just had gun control laws in Norway, this wouldn't have happened... Oh wait, they do!
  4. Good. No more sluts murdering their babies just so they can sleep around without consequences.
  5. You do realize the end goal of the Marxists is complete tyranny, and that's not possible without confiscating all our guns. These attacks are all false flags. Why do you think they're happening so much more frequently? They're turning up the heat to try to force gun control laws.
  6. Millions of people voted for Biden despite not caring enough to support his campaign? Sure....
  7. Followed by putting all gun owners on an FBI watchlist, and eventually arresting them, right?
  8. The Biden Campaign did hold rallies. Hardly anyone showed up. But somehow he got more votes than any candidate in history...
  9. Trump would be in jail only if it was a crime to tell the truth.
  10. Never said they were, dumbass. The point was that if libs went out en masse to riot in the streets there, why would they suddenly become worried about spreading disease when going to Biden rallies?
  11. This is what happen when leftists run your government. They'll lower the age of consent as low as they can get it.
  12. If leftists were so worried about gathering in public during the pandemic, how come so many of them showed up for all of those BLM protests (i.e. riots)?
  13. LMAO. How many people showed up at Biden rallies compared to Trump rallies?
  14. It's too late to do anything about the climate. Just move away from the coast LMAO.
  15. Dump her like a bad habit. Doesn't matter how nice tits and ass she has if she's retarded.
  16. Only president I was ever proud to vote for. In fact the Marxists in control had to steal the presidency from him. He's legitimately still the president as far as I'm concerned.
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