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The last national leaders’ debate on women’s issues was in 1984.

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Go on then. Tell us a joke.

All right I will...so a little girl goes into a pet store, the owner asks can I help you. She asks wewe do you keep youw bunny wabbits. Shes such a sweet little girl and he notices her speech problem so he bends down to be face to face and asks if he wants a white bunny wabbit, or a bwown bunny wabbit, and we also have some bwack bunny wabbits. She looks at him a little funny and says, I dont think my Python weawy gives a thit!

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I support televised national leadership debates on women, homosexuals, gun owners, mens issues, niqabs, aboriginal rights and many others- a full day per topic in both official languages.

It would be entertaining to drop in every week or so to see if our 'leaders' could sustain their outrage for a prolonged period, live in prime time. While they are gabbing and preparing to gab, they won't be able to actually harm the country due to lack of time. It would also give the CBC something to broadcast during the NHL playoffs, though sadly nobody will watch the network as usual and they won't get any ad revenue.

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Ok... back to the topic now...

You mean the topic that some people want a national leaders debate on womens issues which excludes men - presumably including all three party leaders? Or is it that they want to have a debate on issues while being completely incapable of articulating what those issues might be?

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Women don't need a sepaprate debate. Issues that affect them probably affect them too, and specific issues can be discussed within a debate. My point wasn't hard to understand. Women's issues are issues, they aren't separate.

Exactly. The fact that there hasn't been a "women's issues debate" since 1984 is a good thing, and illustrates real equality.
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