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  1. Security from without and within. Would you trust the US government as it is now if we had a disarmed society?
  2. My heart goes out to the family's and friends this degenerated psycho hurt. As far as gun control goes... A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Its black and white folks. In the United States of America we do not ban the right to purchase/obtain, and use firearms. To do so would violate a core principle of our country.
  3. I got an easily solution for North Korea, Pin down where there Nukes are, Sending in special ops, neutralize everyone, steal the nukes, Invade from South Korea, and talk the Chinese into hitting from the West. It would be over in a week.
  4. Not every Jew supports the Direction Israel is headed in. Not every Arab Disagrees with the Direction Israel has taken. NOt every Arab Supports Hamas Not every Jew agrees with Hamas. That being said, My opinion is simply this. Arab, Jew, Christian it doesn't matter to me. Which Government will bring the best standard of Living to Israel. The Jewish Government(current) or the Arab Government(Hamas). IF i were a betting man, my monies on the Jewish government. Which government will give you the most FREEDOM? Again a Jewish Government. TO mean thats the real crux of the argument. If you look at countries that are deeply Muslim. That standard of living sucks. Muslim Governments DO NOT WORK!
  5. The problem with Islam is that its wielded by its acolytes to suppress and browbeat its practitioners. The religious teachings in the Koran are not the problem. Its how its used by a larger portion of the Imams that's the problem. The preach hate and ignorance, look at Arab Cartoons that children watch, look at comparisons between Palestinian propaganda and Nazi propaganda about the Jews. You will see a scary similarity in though process. And Germans and middle easterners could not be more different in cultural norms. Some of the posters here may take it a bit too far. but more of you need to take your blinders off. "When someone says they are going to kill you believe them" -Survivor of Auschwitz
  6. What would the Palestinian do if they got there way. Something Similar to this I would guess http://www.cnn.com/2010/WORLD/asiapcf/11/18/pakistan.blasphemy/index.html
  7. Would you say that Interference in Iraq has improved or lowered the quality of life there at this current time?
  8. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/39529232/ns/world_news-south_and_central_asia?GT1=43001 Looks like the taliban has had enough. discuss
  9. Not to mention down right illegal based on the UNITED STATES constitution.
  10. Correct but hard to follow when Pronouns are used such as His and he. I assumed you were speaking on Obama. Glad to clear that up then, I was hoping nobody was that mentally deficient!
  11. My fault for assuming you were speaking on the actual subject of the thread.
  12. You stated you wanted to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I see no reason to make a distinction. He is wrong. What is there to pander to?
  13. Because anyone who looks at Universal health care logically would not need feelings to determine that its wrong on a level we have never had to deal with in the united states before.
  14. I Completely disagree. I would advise you to follow reason rather than your feelings. However since you seem to be lead by feelings let me try to put this in your own terms. If I take your money from you without your consent how would that make you feel? I would expect you to be upset with me. Now Imagine your a shop owner who has to pay protection to the neighborhood thugs to keep himself or his store from getting hurt or destroyed. How would that make you feel? Now imagine a country forces you to purchase only one type of health care or you have to pay a fine? How does that make you feel? Now they can call it a tax or whatever they choose, but Freedom is the only thing that really matters. John Adams said "If we give up freedom for security, we deserve to have neither freedom or security." I urge you to step back from your feelings and look at this from a rational perspective. Is forcing people to use a service promoting freedom? What is the difference between bold faced extortion and forcing Americans to buy from one source of health care. Both sources take away your freedom of choice and both sources are backed up by a gun.
  15. If you have 10 dollars in your hand and I take 3 dollars away from you without your consent what did I just do?
  16. Universal Health care violates the 1st and 5th amendment of the constitution. The right to liberty is protected by the Fifth Amendment against action by the federal government. It ensures that Americans may act or refrain from acting in the legal... market for goods and services. If a good or service is lawfully available, there is no constitutional power by which the federal government can compel a citizen to purchase that good or service. The decision whether to be insured or not involves an individual assessment of risk taking and preference for association. The freedom of association is protected by the First Amendment against action by the federal government. It ensures that Americans may act or refrain from acting in choosing to associate with an individual, group, or business. If, for example, we oppose conventional medicine, believe in reliance on self help, or otherwise as adults elect not to take advantage of the services funded by private insurance, we have the right to avoid that association under the First Amendment freedom of association. Personally I think its good old fashioned extortion. Extortion is the practice of extorting money out of people by providing a "Service" usually accompanied with a "if you don't pay we will smash your teeth down your throat." Therefore the service provided is not voluntary... and is backed up by force. The Universal health care acts in a similar manner. Only instead of 3 guys named Vito, Joey, and Mickey using your rib cages for drums; there's accompanying fines and possible jail time for not paying for the health care. Even if you opt out of the program you still have to pay a fine. Either way essentially someone is pointing a gun at your head and saying "Its for your own good" I usually have a hard time with someone telling me what to do. Call me crazy but I wouldn't mind having a say in where my money goes. Need a real life example, Look at Social Security.
  17. More information, Stayed on Base the entire time i was there, in Iraq I was at least able to travel around a bit The depot was attacked almost every single day. Every time a Recon unit came back the vehicles had taken some kind of damage. We were racked in an area where we would have virtually no contact with the native population, in Iraq, there were native Iraqi's all over the place Enough info for you?
  18. Its been a long time, But I wanted to take the time to post up. I came back from Afghanistan about a month ago, and I was shocked to see there is virtually no coverage of whats going on over there. Does anybody know that its turned into a full blown shooting war? Compared to Iraq, heck you can't even compare it to Iraq. Iraq was a day spa. I encourage anyone who is not tuned in to whats going on over there to get yourself educated quick.
  19. Within 50 years a Western european nation will go through a civil war based on religion. I like the UK personally, but you could make a good argument for France or spain. I think if the Africans give the germans any trouble more then they already are the Germans will just expell the whole lot of them. The germans never had any qualms about other skin colors getting the rough treatment.
  20. Easily solution, Worked great for me, Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?
  21. Assuming the US beats Belarus or Switzerland again. We will definetly not have to see one of either Canada again or Russia as they would play eachother. Therefore, I believe the US has a legitmate shot to win at least a Bronze Medal this year.
  22. The winter olympics are a chance for the world to come together and compete over trivial things like "Who is the fastest", "who can jump the highest" etc. Its a chance to put aside the politics, a chance for young athletes to shine in sports that would otherwise never be exposed to the rest of the world. A great sign of that for example is the Jamacian ALpine skiier. Where in the hell would a Jamacian learn about skiing if not for events like the Olympics. Most important to me, is we celebrate the best. To me it seems like society has taken a step back and we only glorify the very worst or down trodden. For once, every four years, we get to see the very best in the world compete for a medal, and the best part about it is, nobody gets murdered in the process. (unless you compete in the luge and are from Georgia, bad joke I know) We already have a topic talking about why we HATE the Olympics. So if you disagree post it there, this is for people who enjoy the olympics for whatever reason, tradition, national pride, whatever you wish to post on. GO TEAM USA, and go Olympics. BTW 5-3 Put that in your pipe and smoke it. (see ya in the Medal round assuming you can handle the Russians)
  23. So you wanna close GITMO huh. Gitmo Story Once a terrorist always a terrorist. Jazakallah khair Imam.
  24. A Little interesting factoid, During world war 2, the few japanese americans who were allowed to fight, could only serve on the European front. The Government feared the prospect of shooting at other Japanese would cause them to betray the States. Funny enough, it looks that fear was pretty well founded in this case.
  25. I dont think its a case of getting worked up its a case of its borderline infringment of the right to free speech and therefore simply on principle should be shot down. Many things start with good intent and disolve into uglier things. Why give it an opportunity to become Wiretaps without warrants? Far from being worked up.
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