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  1. There was a cyber joke going around about a guy who bought a small taser for his wife, and decided he should try it on himself to make sure it was working. It was hilarious, but all I can recall is that days later he still had not found his balls yet!
  2. Once upon a time ... a student at Kent State yelled "You can't do that! I'm an American citizen!" And the American National Guard opened fire on them anyway. GO CHAVEZ!!!
  3. I read an account of scientists learning about bugs from Indigenous people. They had 10 different names for what the scientists thought were all the same bug. However, when they investigated further, they found they were, in fact, 10 subspecies. The scientists now support efforts to maintain Indigenous languages because of the wealth of scientific information they contain.
  4. I am not in favour of different 'levels' of citizenship. A citizen is a citizen. If the electorate has reason to think their allegiances lie elsewhere, then they won't be elected.
  5. Difficult to speculate, but the fact is that preservation of the Earth is central to their spiritual beliefs.
  6. Class C (Canteen) licensing hours are at the discretion of the senior officer in charge of the facility. It appears there are no hour restrictions for police 'canteen' licenses, which operate as private clubs. http://www.aglc.gov.ab.ca/pdf/liquor/5224.pdf I would think, more importantly, the sale of sex on the premises would be both a legal and moral issue.
  7. I think rue's point was that they took care of the land rather than destroying it. I agree. We are on a path of such destruction it is mind boggling: 16 lakes are to become toxic dumps, for example. These are not accidents. This is on purpose.
  8. Interesting choice! I hope she does. Who wants another stupid v stupider election. Make them work together for a change!! Coalition for a year ... hmmm ... Can she really do that?
  9. I would hazard a guess that OL was pointing out that if the environment cannot sustain people, we won't be here to need an "economy". It will interfere with profits to keep humanity alive, but hey, what's it all about eh?
  10. You sure make a lot of sense. Thanks for brightening my day!
  11. I've been reading your posts with interest, and was inspired to declare myself. It just bugs me so much when people just dismiss our responsibilities. Not sayin it's easy, though ... Talking truth to government is like having a conversation with yourself most of the time.
  12. "Ontario Loyalist" ... are you saying that because we have no control of our governments, they get away with anything they want? They can just take over Aboriginal land, already under claim, and Six Nations just has to 'suck it up' because 'that's just what our governments are like'? If we don't have any say over our governments' actions, who does? If we don't stop our governments illegal and aggressive actions, who will? A silly scenario might help ... Bully the elected neighbourhood rep says "I'm running my drainage ditch across you yard. Don't like it? Tough! I'm the government in this neighbourhood!" You stand up to Bully and say "NO ... no more! You are not using my yard anymore!" Your neighbour says "You know what Bully's like! He'll never agree! Just shut up. Don't cause trouble!" I believe you are quite wrong about our responsibilities as Canadians. Canada is a democracy and we, the people who choose our governments, are completely responsible for their actions, and completely responsible to change their approach: That's why we elect them - to do what we want them to do. Six Nations does know what our governments are like - aggressive profiteers who will stop at nothing - They have been watching Canada take their lives, their children, their land for centuries now, but it is clear that they are not tolerating it anymore. The only thing our governments will respond to is concerted, large scale action by the voters. We have to take the initiative to make Aboriginal Rights and Titles an election issue, because our politicians don't want to talk about it. These issues will only be resolved when Canadians finally stand up and take responsibility for the actions of the governments we choose. We are the ones responsible for what happens now.
  13. My understanding is that this case is still before the courts, and the facts have not been finally established as yet. However, I also know there is incriminating video of the builders arming themselves to attack the youth, so don't count your chickens yet, eh?
  14. Can someone explain to me why anyone would defend people who drive 50k over the limit? Off the road, denied the right to drive makes sense to me! Why does anyone have a problem with this? Street Racing death - Trial The victim, Matthew Power, 21, was torn in half by a speeding vehicle in November 2006 as he crossed a Hamilton street at an intersection after watching a hockey game with friends.
  15. I just joined this forum. I must say I am rather surprised at the negative comments about "immigrants" to Canada. Are we not all immigrants? I'm interested in whether the statements made here about the ratio of refugees/family reunification and 'economic' class are true. The info presented on the first page suggests not: Economic - 58% Refugee - 11% Family - 28% Thus, Economic (points system) immigrants are the largest group. I am not sure how this relates to what the ratio was back in the 50's, but I expect there were MANY refugees from the war who were old or infirm family members or refugees without papers or anything else. I don't believe anyone in this thread has proven differently as there are more 'impressions' than facts presented. Can anyone prove me wrong with facts? What is true is that the countries of origin and skin colour of the majority of immigrants has changed and, let's be honest, that does affect some people's 'impressions'. 100 years of immigration
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