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  1. Whoa, long time no see! Welcome back @Black Dog ... For those of you who don't know, Blackdog was an early adopter, he first registered back in 2003 - making him one of the oldest members still active. 

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    2. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      No means No treebeard...

    3. TreeBeard


      There’s a ‘safe-word’ if it gets intense, don’t worry. 

    4. Army Guy

      Army Guy


  2. NEW Clubs Feature! 

    Please check out my latest posting about starting a club in the forums. 

  3. Don't freak out! The most recent forum upgrade slightly changed the look and feel of the forums... Any issues, post a note in the support section. Thanks!

    1. Argus


      But... what if I like freaking out... ? 

    2. scribblet


      Does the new 'heart' increase the number of likes a poster has or is it starting all over?

    3. Hydraboss


      Odd how it looks exactly like the theme from Office 365 Web version......strange.

  4. Thanks for voting in the recent forum poll! I'll be posting another forum questions shortly...

  5. The reputation system has been updated: see my latest post.

  6. Status Updates, on the front page,  are working again.


  7. Here is your chance to make this forum better: head over to the Support and Questions forum and provide your feedback!

  8. I think we finally have the forum SPAM under control!

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    2. Smallc
    3. Greg


      Nothing's perfect!

    4. Smallc


      I am....no, I'm not. You're doing a great job Greg.

  9. The chatroom is now online - only 5 users are allowed at one time. WE ARE TESTING THIS FEATURE!

    1. Rick


      looks good greg. well done

  10. We're creating a new moderatoring position in the forums. Please read the notice in the News and Announcements section

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