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  1. Whats wrong with the Stampede and Big Valley Jamboree, have you ever heard of Stage 13. So let me get this straight in order to stop bigotry every single Albertan must vote for either the NDP and Liberals. We must also start to wear all grey suits, and everybody must act the same, and nobody shall disagree with the current political system that comrade Trudeau erected for us. Black Dog get off the pot, and your an idiot hippie.
  2. A 50,000$ peice of jewellery. Svend Robinson only came forward when he realized that he was on tape, and that the RCMP knew that he committed the crime. If the police did'nt know about it, then his boyfriend would have a 50,000$ ring on his finger. Svend was also shopping around for a ring days before the incident, which also makes me question the whole situation. Then Svend Robinson blamed it on stress . Besides that, his excuse sounds like basically every other shoplifters excuse, I don't know why I did it, I'm under alot of stress, booo friggin hoo. He's under alot of stress you know, calling everybody that disagrees with him a bigot, trying to lower the age for boys to 14, and that huge salary and pension that he's earning.
  3. He volunteered to fight for his country, and then bolted. It is considered cowardice to try to run to Canada, and take advantage of our refugee system. Imagine in World War 2, if our soldiers started bolting to the states because they did'nt feel like fighting in world war 2. A coward is a coward. He joined the military, and knew what he was getting into. He's afraid of fighting in Iraq for his country, thats about it. If he has such a strong stand for his beliefs, why is'nt he doing it in the US, rather than running up to Canada. He's in the army, thats what armies do. If he does'nt believe in fighting wars, than he should'nt have joined the army.
  4. Wow, your the first left winger to admit that. I actually would be supportive of the government, making sure that auto insurance companies are being fair to the consumers. I also believe that the reason auto insurance rates are up, is because people will get as much money as possible, even from a fender bender. I think that health care is going to be an issue also, I think that Canada should adopt user fees, similar to the system they have in Sweden. I'd actually say that if Canada should move closer to Sweden, because Sweden has been successful with their system in that country. Sorry, got off topic.
  5. I think that Bush was wrong to go into Iraq, and did so under false intelligence, from every intelligence agency in the world. I would say in the war of terror, Iraq was number 5 in priority. The US should have had to do 4 things before dealing with Iraq. 1- Take out Al Queida cells, and obliterate their organization 2- Focus on a peace plan for the middle east, to reduce the tensions there 3- Deal with the threat from North Korea 4- Clean up the immigration system, and deport illegal aliens 5- Bring about change in Iraq, and force Iraq to allow weapons inspections. Now, I don't believe for a second that people like Jack Layton would have ever supported the war in Iraq, even if the weapons inspectors had said their were weapons in Iraq. Jack Layton and the NDP were against the war in Afganistan, so that obviously shows that their soft on terrorism, if they do not believe that Afganistan was a threat to the western world.
  6. I think that the Canadian Army should stay at its current size. However I believe that the Canadian troops at the moment should be given the best training possible, and the best equipment to do missions overseas. A large reason why Canada does not hold much clout in the international arena, is due to the fact that we do not have a strong military. Canada had a lot of influence in the world from 1945-1968, because are military was strong, and could contribute to military operations. Right now I believe the only "well" equiped part of the military, is the Military Police. The Canadian Airborne should also be re-instated.
  7. Why should we allow these guys in, they applied to join the army. Imagine if between 1939-1941 Canadian's were leaving to the states because they did'nt want to get involved in the war in Europe. These guys are cowards and should be treated like cowards. refugees are suppose to be people from countries like Cuba, China, Sudan, etc, not people from first world nations.
  8. That's a qoute from what 15 years ago. Besides that marijuana is not a wonderfull drug, and it should not be endorsed by any politician. If I were to tell kids to go out and drink and drive, I'd probably get in a load of shit. Jack Layton should'nt be spreading the message that its okay to do "soft" drugs, because it is'nt. At my school for example, about 1/3 of kids do drugs, most of them, if not all, are failing at school, have lost most of their brain cells, and will probably be working behind the counter at Mcdonalds for most of their life. Ask any police constable and they would say that marijauna is not a wonderful drug, and should not be legalized. It is also believed that marijuana is directly attributed to harder drug use, the reason why is some pot is spiked with harder drugs, in order to get users addicted. Most pot dealers also tend to deal harder drugs also. Besides that I'd trust law enforcement officials any day over a left wing hot head.
  9. Yeah you know their just out their on the streets risking their lives to make sure that your safe from thugs on the street. Did you look at any of the links dealing with marijauna. Besides that Police Constables have to deal with the horrible effects of social liberalism in the downtown core every day. I am supportive of decriminalizing only small amounts of marijuana, that is it. Thats from 30 years ago. I had a friend who smoked marijauna in grade 8, now in grade 12 he's been arrested five times, and is basically a perma-fry. I blame marijuana dealers for his demise.
  10. Jack Layton described marijuana as a "wonderfull" drug. From what I've seen alot of people of the left agree, but how much do they actually know about marijuana. http://www.gov.calgary.ab.ca/police/kids/m.../marijuana.html http://www.marijuana-info.org/ I'd like to hear from Black Dog, Maplesyrup, and Ceaser, why Jack Layton believes marijuana is such a wonderfull drug, even though Calgary Police Service says the contrary. Is Calgary Police Service full of a bunch of right wing nazi's, I doubt it.
  11. I was thinking of joining the Rangers, but I need a green card. However I am 99% sure I will try out for a military policeman. Ask my grandfather who had to wait 6 MONTHS FOR A HIP REPLACEMENT. Have you ever been in an ER recently. Try getting out of your parents basement once in a while. The United States and the United Kingdom are havens for freedom in the world, while Canada is a haven for criminals from the US, terrorists, and that coward who does'nt want to serve his country. I'd rather have Canada a haven for those who wish to live in a free country. Are you an idiot, America is our only real trading partner. If we don't open the borders with American's we are basically doomed for cattlemen. Not to mention most farmers would prefer trade with the US, because it is harder to ship beef overseas. If Kerry wins it'll get even worse for Canada. PS: I'm going to join up with the Military Police because they are the only well funded branch of the military.
  12. Joe Clark and David Orchard were given the choice of helping build the new conservative party, they could have had valuable input. But instead they left. Few if any of those men would agree with the social policies advocated by Clark and Orchard. Kim Campbell sunk the conservatives, the cons were rebounding, but she made really stupid mistakes.
  13. Did'nt you say you were more supportive of Cuba than the United States. How are those leaders proud of Canada if they consider traditional institutions bigoted. Do you mean the Canada from 1968-2004, or the Canada before that. Both are completely different societies, and to be proud of the Canada before 1968 is to be bigoted, because of our evil policies regarding traditional marriage, culture, and morality. Besides that the Pierre Trudeau who transformed our country said that Canada was as bad as the nazi's during world war 2, and mocked the men who went to war with the nazi's. Were was Trudeau during world war 2, riding around on a motorcycle, mocking new recruits to the Canadian army. He was'nt proud of Canada, he hated it, during the Korean war he even supported Mao, even though millions died under his watch, and 600 Canadian's gave their lives fighting communist aggression.
  14. That is 100% true. However the problem today is that the NDP is to the extreme left on social policy. This can be seen when Jack Layton refused a free vote of gay marriage. You'd be hard pressed to find farmers that support gay marriage, feminism, employment equity, abortion, uncontrolled immigration, and abortion. Tommy Douglas was originally compassionate, however was socially conservative. The same can be said of Social Credit. The New Democrats actually won a large portion of the seats in Alberta, even in rural ridings such as my own, however they were more socially conservative, which is why they were successful. The Reform Party also sweeped alot of seats in Saskatchewan even with the presence of a NDP government, even in the last election the NDP won provincially, however the conservatives sweeped 13 of the 14 seats. I believe in free enterprise. However the current situation is not good, right now very few small businesses can even compete when Wal-Mart, and other big name corporations move in. I think that large corporations should be higher taxed, while smaller businesses should go tax free. I don't believe that conservatism is supposed to be about "greed". I believe that in some instances the government has to provide help to people who truly need it. On the other hand, I believe that a nation must be based on the traditional values that has been around for ever, and cherish them. Of course their's bigotry in every society, but in order to erase it the best cure is for people to discover tolerance themselves rather than the government shoving it down peoples throats. On gay rights, I believe that it is a sexual behavior, and that is it. If somebody wants to have sex with a person of the same sex then go ahead. Just don't shove it down our throats.
  15. Go down and say that at your local legion and see how well it goes over. I bet you about 95% of war vets would be supportive of traditional values, including the older generation which suffered through enourmous hardships to see this country prosper, than be torn down by stupid hippe, pot smoking, mentally retarded, pricks like your self. I think that veterans from Korea killed people like you in the early 50's so stay clear.
  16. I've grown up on a farm, and I can tell you right now that the vast majority of farmers have a huge disdain for the NDP, and their Socialists policies. That is why not a single NDP MP was voted in, in the province of Saskatchewan due to the fact that Jack Layton won't let his MP's vote based on what their constituents want. But on free trade, it has been a benefit, and a problem. In my small town, their are very few if any, small businesses up and running, Wal Mart, IGA, and a host of other corporations came in. Don't get me wrong I'm all for the free market, but I do think that corporate taxes for large corporations should be alot higher, and American and international companies should be higher taxed. On other issues Canada is becoming the 51st state due to the fact that Canada is no longer really a nation. A nation is a group of people that share something in common, Canadian's have nothing in common except for a dislike for the United States. Canada is also more ultra left wing, meaning that we'll give safe haven to those who murder, cheat, and lie, in the United States. Canada should integrate with American Customs, and immigration. Canada unfortunately has'nt been able to get stable funding for our military due to the left wing presence, so the United States would have to take over military affairs.
  17. What has the United Nations done thats been so great for the world. The way I understand it they have a bunch of anti-semitic nations, that will do anything to destroy Israel, what 15 bills condemning Israel, and one supporting Hamas. Where is the UN on Sudan while people are being slaughtered. Anybody who says the world would be better off if Saddam Hussein was still in power is a fool. Canadian's also unintentionally killed innocent civilians in world war 2. More civilians are dead due to the "freedom fighters" as Moore puts it, than the American soldiers trying to keep those people safe.
  18. He supported the troops in Iraq. He believed that we should be supportive of the US, and give moral support. Who did you support Saddam Hussein.
  19. Spoken like a true socialist, if it costs money kill them off. Kind of like in communist China, which Ceaser probably thinks is better that the USA . Why don't we give a tax break for every child a person has so it does'nt cost as much money for the parents.
  20. Nice to see your still a prick, who probably in the future will be behind the progressive movement to take away child porn laws. When you tamper with an institution that has been around for thousands of years, and an institution which 100,000 people were willing to fight and die for then it is an issue. Canadian's died for a country were the family was valued, not one were sick pricks like your self want to destroy every single institution, and make Canada simply a nation made up of a nation of freeloaders. Say Blackdog, have you gotten your welfare check from the government yet. http://www.traditionalvalues.org/pdf_files...es/Diseases.pdf Put that in your pipe and smoke it, with the marijuana the government provided you. I bet your just one of those rich snobs who has'nt had to get a real job and realize that everything costs money, or you freeload off the government.
  21. I thought the staff at CNN was not to cheer when Al Gore may have won the election. But then again middle of the road for you is probably pravda or the gay militia bulletin.
  22. I can't wait for the day that I can marry my sister, or brother, or mother, or father. Maybe in the future I can legally have sex with a 12 year old girl, after all, are'nt gay rights groups advocating for the lowering of the age of consent. I think theirs something wrong with that, not to a left winger, but to people with some morals who don't believe in living in a sewer. When you start institutionalizing sexual liberation, it creates an epidemic of problems. If your gay, and you want to have anal sex, or fist another mans anus in the privacy of your own home then go ahead. Just don't force society to believe that that lifestyle is moral and healthy. Because it ain't, the Atlanta Centre for Disease Control says so.
  23. How is Moore an American hero, what has he done that has been so great for the US. Making a bunch of movies so he can make millions. I find that American Soldiers fighting in Iraq are heros. Did'nt Moore say that if the planes on Sept 11 were full of black men that sept 11 would'nt have happened because white men are to chickenshit. With the exception of that one plane that was crashed into the ground by white men who knew what the terrorists were up to. Maybe for people with an IQ of a 10 year old girl. The only Moore movie I ever liked was Canadian Bacon. Moore lied in Bowling for Columbine, and he lied in Fahrenheit 9/11. George Bush did'nt lie due to the fact he got his facts from the CIA, and the senate. Basically every single other intelligence agency in the world said their was WMD's in Iraq. This guy sounds more like a traitor that anything else. He seems to sound more supportive of the terrorists, sorry freedom fighters for you lefties, than he does of the American troops.
  24. Actaully I would prefer that we do away with the party system and instead only elect independant MP's. Then once all of the MP's are elected they will choose the Prime Minister, who will then choose the cabinet to run the country. This system would work alot better due to independant votes, and also because we would get real solutions rather than close minded leftist ones. This system is similar to Great Britians were their is one left of centre party, and one right of centre. I would prefer Canada just do away with the party system and instead elect only independants. Canada's a close minded leftist country.
  25. Canada is one of I believe 3 nations who outlaw private clinics. MS look at Europe they have good healthcare systems, but have user fees and all of that type of stuff. Oh by the way my grandfather had to wait 6 months for a hip replacement, and had to go to the United States to get surgery, which was done in a week. Shove that in your pipe and smoke it. Have you ever talked to a nurse, ask them about the abuse of the healthcare system, my solution is user fees. I remember a book were people went to movie theatres, saw movies and were convinced of the greatness of their system. Oh yeah that was 1984. I swear MS you are a carbon copy of Castro. Maybe you should let freedom reign, most people don't buy everything we see in a movie theatre. Oh yeah I saw this one movie were aliens were taking over the world, it was in a movie so it must be true!!!
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