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  1. I'm sure if I searched through all of your past posts, Forunata, I would see you holding the "insurgents", Taliban and Al Queda to the same "rule of law" high standards you have set for the United States. In fact, I'm sure all you lefties are completely outraged every time you see Al Queda gently bend the rules of the Geneva Convention. I know all you bleeding hearts gather together with the djembe drums and protest the outside the Iranian and Syrian embassies to decry their disregard for "rule of law" when it comes to their prisoners. No instead you protest because a fanatical murderer has to sit too long in the same position or has had a dog bark at him. I think perhaps that since we're so intent on following the "rule of law" perhaps we should send poor little Omar back to the country where he is accused of committing his crime. Maybe a little Afgan style of due process would help the situation. I'm sure Omar would miss the loud music at Gitmo once they started cutting off his fingers or began throwing rocks at him. Perhaps then naive Canadians would get a gimpse at what torture truly is.
  2. Hi all! Long time no argue. Nothin like a terrorist crying on the news to tug on the heartstrings of lefty Canadians eh? Khadr Cries Like a Little Girl
  3. Not true. I actually don't mind Gore, he's a pretty likable. I'm sure he's a nice person with good intentions. But he is pretty hypocritical. If he were living in a cabin with no electricity I'd still disagree with him but I'd have a lot more respect for him. I'm sorry but I'm not seeing any hatred here.
  4. Sorry but if you expect people to listen to you lecture to them about something you'd better live what you preach whether you're a born again preaching about homosexuality and prostitutes or you're telling people to telecommute and reduce air travel.
  5. So as long as you're rich it's ok to use as much energy as you want? I guess it doesn't take any energy to build those solar panels or build those wind generators. Interestingly Gore just recently decided to buy green energy, Bush was doing it before that: hmmm "Whether we recognize it or not, we are now engaged in anepic battle to right the balance of our Earth, and the tide of this battle will turn on when the majority of people in the world become sufficiently aroused by shared sense of urgent danger to join an all-out effort." Applause filed the halls of the Kyoto International Conference Center. "We must achieve a safe overall concentration level for greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere." carbondioxidemethanenitrousoxidehydrofluorocarbonsperfluorocarbonssulfurhexa chloride. The message is serious. So serious in fact, the DRUDGE REPORT has calculated that Vice President Al Gore is burning more than 439,500 pounds of fuel, or 65,600 gallons, at a cost of more than $131,000 on his 16,000 mile daytrip, just to deliver the warning.
  6. Typical leftists, talk a good game but nothing to back it up. It's interesting how no one here has any good justification why Gore and the other limosine liberals should be given a pass to lecture to the rest us. Gore's only justification is that he uses energy efficient light bulbs and drives a Prius to the airport. (Drudge actually does a great job at tracking Gore's emissions with his entourage of black Suburbans and Jumbo jet flying all over the world).What a sacrifice Al! He fits in well with his new friends... the same Cape Cod bunch that lectures about the environment but put a stop to wind generators blocking their precious view. Kinda like the Ontarians who want Kyoto as long as it doesn't touch their polluting auto industry. Kinda like the majority of Canadians who want Kyoto but driving a environmentally friendly car ranks 24th down the list of when looking for a car. Come to think of it of all my liberal, so called environmentalist friends I'm the most environmentally conscious. I take the bus while my best friend, an environmental consultant, drives his SUV to work. His other car is a gas guzzling beast. I wonder if he uses energy efficient bulbs though? Ah well, wasn't to long ago we realized that the right is more generous with their time and money while the left just tells everyone else to do it. And we're the ones who are self righteous? As a side note it'd be great if someone got some video of Suzuki's giant bus starting up one morning and put it on youtube. Picture it, that boasting statement in green lettering on the back claiming carbon neutrality while that black diesel smoke is billowing out of the tail pipe on a cold Winnipeg morning.
  7. Environmentalism is not a science, it is a religion. David Suzuki is Canada's Ayatollah. Conservationism is science.
  8. You really should look into the economics of retrieving oil from the ground, especially oil sands. It wasn't even economic to extract oil from the oil sands until oil rose above $50. There are a lot of costs involved. Ya the NEP didn't affect the oil patch either. And all those record profit margins... No one was crying for the oil patch when oil was $20/bbl and families were losing their homes. Of course once anyone in Alberta starts making any money it's time to reign the selfish bastards in. It's the Canadian way. I agree with Argus, the Canadian media is doing a huge disservice to Canadians by contributing to the brainwashing of Canadians. We need some balance in the media to give the other side. We'll see how much Canadians gush about Kyoto when gas is $2 a litre. Of course we could legislate that any CO2 taxes would not be passed on to the consumer and shut down oil production in Canada completely. Kill the golden goose... also the Canadian way.
  9. Hmmm. Ignoring the argument like say pasting a picture of Nuremburg or perhaps calling someone a "douchebag". The Nurenberg picture was in specific context of the argument. The douchebag comment, well, like I said: if you actually had a point to make, then I'd consider the argument and a appropriate response. But since all you've been doing is trolling me with asinine personal comments, well, you reap what you sow. Anyway, I'm done with your shit. Ya the context of calling someone a war criminal. I hope you're done, done with the verbal abuse.
  10. Hmmm. Ignoring the argument like say pasting a picture of Nuremburg or perhaps calling someone a "douchebag".
  11. linkInteresting that all that is necessary to stop the big, bad, fascist Israel is to give them their 2 troops back.
  12. About opening your yap... As much as you like champion yourself as the defender against adhominem you sure do seem to make a lot of use of it. I'm just looking out for you Black Dog. I don't want you to leave because you're getting kicked around by Rue and Argus. After who would be left to regurgitate the Air America talking points.
  13. See you there! After, all, they are just untermenschen anyway. Do try to keep up. I wasn't talking of extant policies, but of your little wet dream which I quoted. Proof? Yeah, I didn't think so. Nothing like the snivelling of one who is badly losing a debate. What's that law again that refers to the one who brings Hitler (or in this case Nazis) into the debate as the loser? It's interesting how many people siding with Hebollah and Hamas are comparing Israel to the Nazis. hmmm
  14. What was Anti-Semite in his post?! Stop calling everyone that disagrees with your views on the Middle East an Anti-Semite?!!? The emotional tirade by Kindred was clearly anti-semitic as evidenced by his use of "the poor Jews". His use of the "...Jews intent to kill..." rather than distinguishing between Jewish people and the state of Israel. The UN and the rest of the world? well that says it all doesn't it. Ya gotta love the "UN and the rest of the world" card. Especially when the "rest of the world" is defined as Russia and France.
  15. I somehow doubt that.For a preppie, Yalie Bush Jnr to say "Just wait" is an admission of abject defeat. No preppie says that. (It appears that, during the Cold War, the LGY/MGIMO were better forming grounds than US prep/Ivy schools. Nixon of course knew that.) Good quip by Putin but holy over analysis there August. What a foolish comparison. That's along the lines of saying hmm Castro is more red than red state voters.
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