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  1. Good point. If Layton is serious about sticking a knife through the heart of the Liberals he will edge slightly towards the centre if anything. Why shouldn't the NDP engage the Liberals for all left of centre voters? The policy in the OP will pearpetuate the NDP being locked out of power. If the NDP engages the Liberals, they just might win. Then they could (maybe one day) form government, yikes...
  2. Wasn't "adopting and improving on" Reform/Alliance ideas what won Chretien a dozen years in office??? What in the article pointed to Harper paying off Quebec in any way? I don't see the rumours of a potential floor-crossing or two being linked to a payoff.
  3. Wells is an interesting character. Sometimes he is dead on, like in the post above. Then he posts the name of every Ministerial Chief of Staff and Director of Communications, with phone numbers, on his blog to prove a point. Sorta strange those two acts coming from the same person. Either you aren't going to get into the gutter over this battle or you are.
  4. Because Temagami Scourge has repeatedly tried to get a rise out of people, continually breaks the rules of the forum and nothing is being done to stop his behaviour...
  5. Holy crap are you weak? The left "won" the Gwyn Morgan battle. Get over it dick.
  6. You are ignorant and rude. Yet somehow allowed to get away with breaking the rules of the forum. Hmmm, you don't like what I say so it justifies being so childish and petty? Wow, must be a beautiful world that you live in. (btw how exactly did I misrepresent what you said?)
  7. You said that you posted something just to "piss me off" plus you antagonize Canuck E Stan and Argus? What is the motivation for such childish behaviour? This is freaking outrageous? Why should this guy be able to get away with so flagrantly violating the rules?
  8. $25K a year for somebodies first 12 years in the work force. Hmmm, soooo wrong on so many levels. Huge, huge loss of revenue. People encouraged to stay out of the workforce. Why waste those precious *12 years* when you can spend another year in school?
  9. Don Martin said it best. This is quite sad. But the Liberals definitely got their way. *If* they ever form government again they won't have to worry about their appointments being scrutinized. Too bad the NDP and the Bloc fell for their little game...
  10. Guess I got that one right. I'll go with the Oil in five and Carolina in six.
  11. There are a few problems here temagami. 1. We shouldn't stereotype people who collect welfare. Are all of them lazy? No. However, you make the mistake of going to far to understand. *under no circumstances* are they lazy? Hmmm, then *under no circumstances* they should have to leave welfare, to follow your argument to its logical conclusion. (Oh wait, you were only talking about a specific case. But Morgan was only using a story about ants...) 2. Why would you call Gwyn Morgan my *good buddy*? Does that somehow strengthen your argument? Make me a bad person? You are making the same mistake Naci Sey made. Morgan used a story, but you extrapolated that he was calling somebody in your very specific case lazy because of your random story. 3. Do you even understand the role Morgan was asked to play? How many welfare moms are being nominated for government appointments? Sadly for the left, the opposition used their limited power too quickly and too harshly. This was a bad move for Canada, but will ultimately be a good thing as it makes it that much more likely the Conservatives will win a majority next year.
  12. Ahh, but your argument had just as much basis in fact as the MPs who voted to not approve Morgan's appointment. So you can see how somebody reading your quote might be confused. But thanks for taking the time to post a wiki link to a word used in every day language. Arrogant, condescending.....
  13. Because *you* extend Morgan's story to Jamaican immigrants the Canadian people should be deprived of having one of the country's premier ex-CEOs chairing a committee that vets public appointments???
  14. The irony of this vote is how any Liberal MP could vote for the motion. The Liberals paid lip service to Kyoto but didn't do much to actually meet the targets. Oh, excuse me there was the "One-ton challenge". Whatever... Calling this a "major defeat" is a little bit of hyperbole.
  15. Manning won't seek Klein's job in Alberta So in a case of the utterly expected, Presto has decided to not running for Klein's job. Can't say I blame him. Running for office is a tough game. Manning is an old dude. He knows the hours that it would take to win this race. Decided his heart wasn't in it. Good for him.
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