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  1. So you agree, there are different types of Christians. Some good some bad. And we need to reach them by showing them that God is about love and to let go of the hate.
  2. If call yourself a Christian, Jew Muslim or Islamic he is your genocidal God too. Regards JMT
  3. I replied to this in the other thread but do not want to break the rules; I think it is "cross posting"; is the guideline I would be breaking??? Not sure here. But anyway yes those qualifiers would mean that person is not a good Christian in my belief system, and a terrible human being on top of that as well; and will I can and should pass judgment on the type of human being there are. It is not for me to judge their faith. Are they terrible examples of Christianity? yes. Have they, in my belief, betrayed Jesus and tarnished Gods image with one of hatred and bigotry? Yes. It is my duty to speak out against such things and I do try to. But I do not get to tell people what their religion is or I am no better than the bigots. This is much better articulated in the other post I feel.
  4. If you are going to quote me have the courage to use more than just the quote that fits your rhetoric. I left this entire quote here because it is all important to the point I was making. The two highlighted sections are the most important in my mind but the entire quote is important. I do not judge them on their faith I do not judge them on whether or not they are good Christians, mainly because the examples you site to my beliefs ARE NOT CHRISTIANS. They may call themselves Christians but those that promote hate are not praying to the same God I do. Now I do judge them by human standards and they are found VERY wanting people that promote.... This. This is not Christian in my beliefs. To be ok with or do the things mentioned here the genocide the homophobia the misogyny that is wrong and against the God I pray to. But they are my beliefs. Who am I to say that they are wrong, If I tell them they are wrong where do I stop, if it is ok for me to tell them they are wrong can I say that to Muslims? Islamsics? Pagans? Am I allowed to force my judgment and belief system onto anyone that believes differently then me. This would make me no better than the ones that have tarnished Gods image with a message of hate and bigotry. All I can do is give Gods message of tolerance forgiveness and love. It if up the them to listen and learn. But sadly I believe I religious freedom. I will tell I disagree with the beliefs I will talk about why, right up until they tell me to stop and go away. At which point I must do so, or I am no better than the homophobe forces his/her beliefs on the gay couple at the mall. I am just a terrible as the person standing outside the clinic yelling WHORE!! I will NOT be seen as them, I will argue against them, I will say they are not truly Christian to MY particular beliefs. But I will NOT judge their Faith. That is Gods place. My place is and I can judge how they treat other humans. And the people that do the things you speak of are not good humans. by most any standard but their own. Am I not fighting against them by post this here? I do not defend the homophobes, the misogynist, or the genocides'. I do not deny their existence either, they are there sadly. So I admit to your truth that Christians are some of the WORST homophobes misogynists and committers of genocide. But are you willing to admit that is not all of them. A vast majority, sadly yes as I said in the other thread. There are unfortunately more Christians like Mrs. Marsh from the video game life is strange, than there are like me. More is the pity. All I can do is pray for them to find the love, and continue to give the message of tolerance forgiveness and love. Again I am apologize for the Christians that reinforced your justified views on religion. 1.There is no part of this statement that is false and I agree with everything you said here, as the day before yesterday proves even I loose the message of love and forgiveness. I lashed out at you and proved your point very well all by myself. All I can do is try and be better, again, I apologize. 2.But I do disagree that I shirk my duty I am here speaking out against the homophobes, the misogynists. I agree that the genocides committed in the name of ANY God are wrong. I believe that to use religion to prop up a message of hate is to betray that religion. But as I said earlier, those are my beliefs. I will not force my beliefs on you or anyone else, I continue to speak to you about things because you seem receptive to the conversation. If I have read it wrong please let me know and I will desist. I do not do subtle very well sometimes you have to use the clue by 4. Have a blessed day.
  5. You say like it is not likely, personally I always thought quarantine got lifted to fast. And I kept hearing that the big businesses were tired of loosing money, what about all the small ones? hmm? Not to mention the fact, I heard a rumor about some Artic flow water and the currents around China. I never got a clear picture about what was happening but heard that they had bigger problems than Covid. Never found out what those problems were though. Anyway it would not surprise me if we did in fact rush the "cure" here. Big business was tired of paying people to stay at home. Food was about to start being an huge issue. Conspiracy theory nonsense, maybe. Plausible though, yes. But then all the best conspiracies are.
  6. Sure what's your flavor? keep in mind Jews Christians Muslims and Islamics all pray to the same God even if they will not admit it. So Paganism? Norse? Greek? Celtic? Egyptian? Aztec?
  7. What a novel concept someone posting something that disproves their argument you would think they cared more about the truth than being right.
  8. https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/investigations/police-shootings-database/ Looked this up to try and argue that point, and well crap.
  9. I got upset and let that bleed over in to what I typed rather than stepping back and taking a breath to calm down. That is a me problem, but I still apologize for my hard words yesterday. The only way I can dispute everyone that believes in God is not a bigot is by not being one myself. By not teaching my kids to be bigots. I can not and will not pretend that their are not a LOT far to many in my opinion Christians like Mrs. Marsh from the Video game Life is Strange. This saddens me. The Christian God is about love in my beliefs, love without qualifiers or limits. I am sorry I added to the trauma caused you by Christians. I will try to be better.
  10. fixed the typo and yes why wouldn't I, though there will be no wedding a joining thingy between her and her two partners. not sure what exactly it is called so not gonna mess it up. But yeah no marriage. For her. Not yet anyway she may change her mind. And I don't care who she does or does not marry. Is she happy safe and loved? If the answer is Yes. Welcome to the family my daughters partner. And I stay in this religion because I believe. I believe your statement is false. A true Christian is not a homophobe or a misogynist. A true Christian has not room for hate in their heart. A true Christian treats others like they would be treated. Jesus said others, not men not women, not whites blacks Jew, Christians, Muslims gay hetero or any other ding bat label the metaphorical you would use to separate humans. He said others, Just like he said love one another. Full stop. no qualifiers. He told me not to judge people, that was his job, He told me to have love in my heart for them and pray for them. Oh I am sure you can find verses backing up your claims of homophobia and misogyny, of Christianity supporting slavery and a host of of things most modern humans find deplorable. But those are just one or two verses here and there in a fairly large book. Me, I choose to focus on love, I admit yesterday you had me ready to pull my hair out. That is a me problem I let you hatred get to me. That is my fault. To me God is love, God is about equality, because in his eyes we are all equally sinful. I am FAR from perfect, and it bothers me the Christians you have run into that support and propagated your most likely justified hate of religion. For them I am sorry and pray that one day you find a way to forgive and move on from the hate. I am sorry for the Christians that espouse hatred and use a God of love to prop up a message of hatred and repression. All I can do is apologize for their behavior and be better. Be what I want the world to think of when they think of a Christian. Not someone holding sign yelling Whore!! at a rape victim as they enter a clinic for help. Not someone that tells a young man or woman or other they are going to hell for who they love. Someone who is about love and forgiveness, who offers them comfort, or simply prays for them to receive that comfort from a God they might not even believe in. And if they do not want to hear about God that respects that and changes the subject. That is what being a Christian is all about to me. Again I am sorry for the ones that spewed hatred at you. But as I said before, to me those were not true Christians. But I am not God, or Jesus, therefore it is not for me to judge that, however, I can unequivocally say that they were lousy human beings, and morally bereft of even a modicum of the tiniest bit of empathy or compassion.
  11. But when it happened it upset like you its Doug said "it bothered you because you are not one", but still it got to you right? Why do you think they did that, was it just to upset you and scare you off responding or to throw you off your game?
  12. Just admit it, you are a coward. You can not and will not stand up for your views when put under the microscope. I did it. I was most likely not the best candidate on this sight to do so especially as a male, and I knew you were trying to trap my in a logic contradiction so you could laugh and poke fun at my beliefs. I played your game anyway. And when it is your turn to answer, you run like a coward. No courage to back your convictions? Make fun of me for falling into your obvious trap all you want. Be little my views and intelligence if it makes you feel better about being a religious bigot. I have been called worse by better. But as the father of a young girl that went through the hell of a miscarriage, the worry about why she still showed signs of being pregnant despite three ultra sounds proving no heart beat after a high fever early in the pregnancy. I held her hand as she cried and wept thinking she killed her baby because she simply because got sick through no fault of her own to be honest we did not learn of the pregnancy until it was too late. Then to learn she has to endure going to an abortion clinic because her body was not rejecting the dead fetus. To know she would have to face people like you that would call her a whore, when she has only had one male partner, who stood by her through out this entire situation. Who still stand by her to this day and still loves her after she came out as bisexual. It makes me sick that you are what people think of when they think of a Christian. You disgust me, you are a coward with no conviction spewing hate backed by religion you are no better than the Muslim extremist that would stone a woman for being raped. I have conviction I stood up for my beliefs I answered your questions. You cowardly refused to answer a single one of mine. I give YOU one last chance to prove me wrong, prove you are not a hate mongering coward. Answer the question. Explain to me your reasons for forcing a 10 year old rape victim to carry the pregnancy to term? Are and adult? or a scared child hiding behind Jesus's robes?
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