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  1. Sure no problem, the 2022 right wing is nothing but a hate group they call a party. They are bigots, Chauvinist, homophobic, Xenophobes who preach hate of just about everything. They are made up of a massive amount of white supremacist, Nazi groups, domestic terrorist, KKK and hate groups but in truth they exist for one reason and one reason alone and that is the transfer of wealth to the golden few at the top, all the rest of the things they proclaim to support are lies , Abortion , guns , freedom. nothing but a vote getting system , made to get the numbers needed to accomplish their only real goal.Money to the top. Now it is obvious to sell this to the public they have to be totally stupid, so how do they do that, simple, all you have to do is look at educations systems and results in hate party driven states across this country. Keep them stupid is how it is done. They are always talking about how bad democratic cities are run and how unsafe they are, well here is a simple fact. There are 13 states(total states) that have a bigger chance of getting killed, robbed or attacked or hurt with violence, that are worse per 100,000 than New York and they are all right wing states across the country. By far the biggest recipients of food stamps and welfare are all right wing states. The states with the worst relationship in federal funding are all right wing states.(they get way more than they give) The worst education is in right wing states . The safest cities over 100,000 are all democratic run city's , the safest states in the country are all democratically run states. The worst income states are right wing states .Best healthcare is all in democratic states. Best Life expectancy states are all Democratic states. In fact you will live 2 years longer in the best Dem state compared to the best hate party state. Most people in jail per 100,000, the whole worse bottom half are right wing states, except 2 that are Democratic states. 23 hate party states make up the bottom half . Of hate crime murders( as designated by the federal law for hate crimes) in 2018 there was 50 hate crime murders all by right wingers. Should I go on. All right wingers have to be stupid obviously.
  2. They have no one, they all think they have to out hate Trump to get elected but no one can out hate Diaper Don. ,so only the ugliest of the right will even try. Your republican party died, you are now the hate party. I also know there are a lot of ugliness and hate and haters of our government and country and that all your party has to offer. Your made up of Homophobic, Bigots, chauvinism, xenophobic s and hate, To the man your hate group are Traitors to this great country and the ugliest group with all your white supremacists , domestic terrorist, gun bubbas, KKK, and Nazi's. You are a great group. Yes you can win , The Nazis won you can win.
  3. LITTLE CONFUSED BUDDY WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION WAS ALL RIGHT WING BULLSHIT> There is no arguments, that's a hoot, I'm right and you are wrong. You are a traitor to my country as is all Diaper Dons MAGA MAGGOTS <I'm a patriot , something the right has no clue what they are anymore. You think this is a debate ,IT isn't I"m telling you and you are either listening or not, Don't care either way. You people are a joke.
  4. That is a hoot , if you say anyone in politics lies as much as Scum bag, it's you that is a nutso. Not me. No one even comes close to the pile of shit when it comes to lying. Hell the piece of shit lies even when he doesn't have to ,when the truth would make his point just fine he will lie anyway, hell he lies and then in the same sentence says that the opposite is true. There is no scum in the world like Trump. He is literally the most hated man in the world , still now he is even hated more then Putin.
  5. Maybe you can match the list of 30000 lies in four years that Scum bag accumulated, hell I will even let you count Biden's whole political career. By the way I never said Biden never lied , get that straight. But in comparison I bet it's close to 100 times more that Scum bag has lied in his 4 years compared to all of Biden's career.
  6. First I won't let you hijack this thread , second I won't let you waste bandwidth on this thread , third if you do , you are gone, say go ahead!
  7. Well one is hate based and a total liar and one isn't hate based and tell the truth very often.
  8. When after condemning him they they were forced, in their opinion, to give him their complete support because they realized that so many of the Republicans helped in the process of the attempted overthrow of our government and country that it prosecuted for their treasonous action( being insurrectionist) that they wouldn't have a party anymore. So they all sold out our country to stay in power. That's the facts and that is exactly what history will say about these creeps.
  9. That's good then because no one is pushing it , the only place you see it is in college programs that study racism as part of their curriculum, , unless you are calling the fact that someone says there is racism in this country is CRT, You book burners never change.
  10. Slave owners , that's ridiculous ,that is 160 years ago , what a hoot. When Lincoln was in office he was a classical liberal by his own words and actions , so puppy things change. What happened when the democrats got big on civil rights in the 60's , the whole south went from Democrat to hate party. Why do you think that happened. Boy you need a history lesson.
  11. You are a cartoon character , racism is darn near 100% right wing. just as they are 100% haters of all things.
  12. CRT is taught to just about no one maybe 10 to 20 % of college students even hear about it , This is just hate party nonsense.
  13. What a pile of crap, You have zero clue what Marxism is , you are a joke. Tell me how CRT correlates with the only way that socialism, Marxism and communism is implemented. The means of production is owned and operated by the state and the sales of that production is designated to the state. Without which their is no socialism , no Marxism and no communism. CRT is Marxism what a fricken hoot. Marxism is a economic response to capitalism nothing else Its a country's economy. it has nothing to do with Racist right wing fat old white men .I always enjoy this attack the most from the right , it shows their willingness to show the whole world how stupid they are. The only way the lame can make the Commie attack work for them is if they define what it is themselves , the problem with that is that it already has a definition and that definition says theirs is brain dead IGNORANT.
  14. Now that's stupid. That is so ridiculous and nonsensical that its comical. Listen book burner, you are afraid of teaching that racism exists. What else can be said. What a hoot.
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