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  1. I agree, the notion of one-world government sounds terrible to me; however, I doubt this will come to pass, instead I believe we’re heading towards a multipolar world. Fractured in two, the Eurasian block and the western block. BRICS is gaining traction: https://www.reuters.com/world/middle-east/iran-applies-join-brics-group-emerging-countries-2022-06-27/ Also, the USA is broke and I wonder for how long they’ll be able to prop their fiat currency https://www.usdebtclock.org/
  2. I love where you’re coming from, a concept of integrity that unfortunately, I don’t see anywhere practiced in politics. Are things getting worse? Where they always like this? Or are we simply older/wiser and can see the forest for the trees? Seems everyone is up for sale and the SCOTUS is no different. Intellect or a watered version of it may be still around; however, loyalty takes precedence and permeates all endeavors. A single person shouldn’t be appointing public servants for long-life tenures. Many conservatives think of Trump as a “Godsend”, but he’s (like all of us) a fallible individual with limited knowledge. The only solution I see, is having limited appointments, say of 10 years. And that’s the main challenge the USA is facing today, the country has been polarized to an unhealthy/religious degree. Many conservatives truly believe this is the end of times and that their fighting evil represented by the demonic Democrats. When church and state mix, you can expect nefarious consequences.
  3. No, but their past performance (as a predictor of their future performance) should be scrutinized; especially the Roe V Wade mess, and checks and balances should be put in place to prevent any further overreach/misunderstanding.
  4. Are you aware of what's going on in the South China Sea? It's kinda sweet hear you say China is dependent on the USA to keep freedom of navigation open for them - as if they played by the rules!
  5. Many countries are experiencing a population decline. I fail to see what the big issue is, if China loses 500 million, they’ll still have 1B left. Also, AI can pick up the slack for the lost workforce.
  6. I gather you’re not familiar with Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). A World Bank study found that BRI transportation projects were boosting trade among 70 nations by up to 9.7% and lifting 32 million people out of poverty. By 2027, Beijing is expected to commit $1.3 trillion to this project, which would make it the largest investment in history — more than 10 times the foreign aid Washington allocated to its famed Marshall Plan that rebuilt a ravaged Europe after World War II. Meanwhile, by attacking Ukraine, alienating Europe and having sanctions leveled against Russia, Putin has suffered a serious but not necessarily fatal geopolitical blow. He is now accelerating Russia’s pivot to the East and rapidly integrating its economy with China’s, all this while the United States, reels in domestic chaos. But hey! Let’s keep discussing abortion and the second amendment while the east eats USA’s lunch!
  7. Cool! Yet another conservative whole-heartedly believing the USA is the navel of the world...
  8. Just ROLF! China and Russia are being cut out of the WESTERN version of globalization. FYI - plans for a trade settlement currency are already advancing under the support of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), a project planning to do away with dollars for trade settlements. The ambition is for it to become the mechanism for freeing over half the world from dollar hegemony, including all nations whose export markets now depend more on Asia than the current developed world. If you have no clue how the current financial system works, here’s an example: “If I want to transfer money from Russia to Kazakhstan, the payment is made using the dollar. First, the bank or payment system transfers my roubles to dollars, and then transfers them from dollars to tenge. There is a double conversion, with a high percentage taken as commission by American banks.” Why should this unfair advantage continue if the only benefitting is the USA which has squandered the privilege by printing money out of thin air to launch asymmetrical wars of aggression? BTW, US multinationals will do business with anyone as long as they can increase profits. Or how do you explain Hollywood’s accommodating stance to China’s demands – perhaps the “unreliable” market of 1.4B+ Chinese is what US multinationals are interested in reaching.
  9. Gotcha: Men talking about what's best for women, having no clue what its like to have an unwanted pregnancy. The utter ignorance of the right - "Praise the Lord"
  10. When you say whatever it takes during the job interview just to get the job.
  11. I’m so sick and tired of people not understanding what Globalization or Geopolitics are. Here you go, you can thank me later: 1) Globalization means the speedup of movements and exchanges (of human beings, goods, and services, capital, technologies or cultural practices) all over the planet. 2) Geopolitics is the study of the effects of geography (human and physical) on politics and international relations. Geopolitics is a method of studying foreign policy to understand, explain, and predict international political behavior through geographical variables. Globalization is well and alive and shows no signs of dying. Mainly, it’s American Conservatives that hold the view that somehow they can bring Nationalism back. Ironic, they demand this now, after reaping the benefits of globalization for decades and being “exceptional” by the ruthless theft of other countries’ wealth and resources. And if one dares point out the fallacy, they tend to support their arguments citing Bible prophecy and calling anyone that disagrees with them “Globalists and Satanists”. That’s one accomplishment of their hero Trump. He managed to successfully polarize the country and boast about it. If the premise “Divide and Conquer” is evil, then Trump is the epitome of evil.
  12. Here's the link to the YouTube channel. The testimonials are heart breaking, all these people had very difficult childhoods. https://www.youtube.com/c/SoftWhiteUnderbelly/featured
  13. I envy your self-righteous certainty. Judging others without knowing what their circumstances are that led them to take such a difficult decision is the definition of a lack of empathy.
  14. Abortion for many women is the only viable option – and I’m not talking rape or incest only. Accidents happen, there are many circumstances that make it difficult for women to carry their babies to term. Adoption isn’t the panacea some make it to be, the stories one hears from the foster care system are oftentimes horror stories. Incest, pedophilia, human trafficking, are baked into the system. But hey, eyes wide shut! Pro-life people focus on and vehemently defend the fetus, but they shun the homeless, drug addict and sex worker. Want to guess the common trait these people share? They were unwanted. If you’ve got the time and interest, please check Mark Laita’s Youtube Channel “Soft White Underbelly” He interviews individuals within our society that America has turned their backs on, ridiculed and seen as untouchable. https://conversations.indy100.com/soft-white-underbelly-youtube-docuseries#:~:text=Boasting over 2.3 million subscribers,ridiculed and seen as untouchable.
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