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  1. The leaked documents reveal that the White House doesn't think Ukraine can win the war and suggest the US administration may lack confidence in supporting Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Many of the documents appear to be part of briefing slides for the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon, which could include analysis from the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency and other intelligence agencies. Also, the narrative is shifting and more attention is being paid to China and what's happening in their neck of the woods.
  2. For all the Ukraine apologists: They also commit atrocities, there are no good guys in a war. https://www.nytimes.com/2022/11/20/world/europe/russian-soldiers-shot-ukraine.html
  3. How sad that you're giving arguments against peace... and quoting Kissinger to make a point. Low.
  4. If you're against scams, why not hold the west accountable? They're the biggest promoters of war, of course, always under the guise of "bringing democracy"; which is ironic, since they don't have it either.
  5. I'm glad you think: 1) you make any sense 2) have any idea what war is about 3) believe "peace of the world" is non-realistic. It shows you've never been close to war and are proficient at theorizing.
  6. Interesting how you make fun of "peace of the world" and advocate for war while sitting in Canada. When was the last time your country fought a war in their land? Never? Perhaps only against native Canadians? Impressive! Putin isn’t the monster the western MSM makes him out to be (although he isn’t a “good guy” either), but make no mistake Ukraine is getting funds and Zelensky is the latest media darling because they’re fighting USA’s proxy war. And the USA is committed to fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian and shows its support by sending billions there to the detriment of the American people. When it dawns on the EU that they’ve also been used in this proxy war, meaning they are paying a much higher price than the USA - which is making out like a bandit with oil and weapon sales -, we’ll see how they end up showing that resentment.
  7. While folks passionately defend their POV there’s a prevalent short-sightedness or perhaps it’s an unwillingness to admit who the biggest losers in the long run will be: 1. USA 2. EU 3. NATO 4. Ukraine 5. Russia Let’s see if the USA finally stops interfering in other countries’ business and stops with the proxy wars. There’s a massive contradiction that in the land of the “brave” the strategy has always been to “fight them there, so we don’t have to fight them here”… something only cowards would do. It’s so easy to be a war hawk while sitting in the comfort of your living room.
  8. Who is cheering on an invasion? Contrarian described a bunch of positions when it comes to the war in Ukraine, but he forgot to mention folks comfortable subscribing to binary thought, because: · If you’re against the war in Ukraine you must be a Kremlin/Putin apologist · If you think Biden is a spaz you must be a fan of that uncouth bully named Trump · If you question Lula’s rise back to power you must be a pro-fascist Bolsonaro supporter · If you doubt how organic most social uprisings are you must be a conspiracy theorist · If you want Hunter Biden made accountable you must want to give the Trump kids a pass · If you’re for abortion you must be a demonic baby killer · If you’re for gun control you must be an unpatriotic wuss · If you’re for border control you must be a heartless racist · If you’re for legalizing all drugs you mustn’t care about how drugs destroy families or be a druggie yourself. · If you’re for funding the police you must be for police brutality · If you’re for heightened mental illness awareness you must want increased discrimination. · If you’re for lowering taxes you must be a selfish elitist · If you’re for limited government you must be an out-of-touch idealist And so it goes… Binary thought prevails because it doesn’t concern itself with nuances or the pursuit of integrity. It provides an easy go-to argument that doesn’t require thinking and is the reason why too many feel comfortable subscribing to it.
  9. Seriously? Why are you opining on War when you're so obviously confused...
  10. War is a Racket Ukraines future.mp4
  11. Disgusting! This corrupt clown is "person of the year"? ROLF!
  12. ... and you missed the point of the article. Good to know!
  13. Everybody knew that trying to rope Ukraine into NATO was crossing Russia’s red line, but now people would like to hold up Russia as a villain. After having done everything to teeter on the redline. And this happened only AFTER Biden came to power. https://prnigeria.com/2022/03/05/how-western-strategic-thinkers/
  14. Current events have a tremendous political, diplomatic, social, and economic impact on affected nations and citizens that results in increased geopolitical competition, which is what we discuss. The group isn’t USA-centric, we touch on what’s happening the world over and have several international members. But TBH, the group is tilting slightly to the left and I would love for some strong, well-informed conservative voices that can keep their cool to join to prevent it from becoming an echo chamber. However, folks from all political ideologies are welcome. The MeWe app has great features/functionality. You can ask a specific question you’d like to discuss or share relevant information on Posts, create a Poll or engage in a fluid conversation with no restrictions on Chat. Also, there’s a wide array of emojis to convey your thoughts without words! You’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas and make acquaintances with some well-informed and high-quality people. You’ll find me there as LuxLuz, love to see you there! https://mewe.com/group/629ba8857e82a64167c5245c
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