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  1. Current events have a tremendous political, diplomatic, social, and economic impact on affected nations and citizens that results in increased geopolitical competition, which is what we discuss. The group isn’t USA-centric, we touch on what’s happening the world over and have several international members. But TBH, the group is tilting slightly to the left and I would love for some strong, well-informed conservative voices that can keep their cool to join to prevent it from becoming an echo chamber. However, folks from all political ideologies are welcome. The MeWe app has great features/functionality. You can ask a specific question you’d like to discuss or share relevant information on Posts, create a Poll or engage in a fluid conversation with no restrictions on Chat. Also, there’s a wide array of emojis to convey your thoughts without words! You’ll have the opportunity to exchange ideas and make acquaintances with some well-informed and high-quality people. You’ll find me there as LuxLuz, love to see you there! https://mewe.com/group/629ba8857e82a64167c5245c
  2. So here we go again, a campaign full of bullshit promises to get the gullible to vote for him. Added bonus: We can expect a lot of name-calling and nicknames, he already started calling the GOP’s golden boy “DeSanctimonious”… a circus worth watching if a lower level of debate is your thing. Ugh! Trump Promises.mp4
  3. I gather you’re unaware that without NATO’s intervention, Ukraine would have lost the war, probably by early March. And it’s only the USA’s “generosity” that keeps them fighting. You've got to give it to Zelensky though, he’s mastered the art of extending a hand and asking for more money and weapons… to the tune of what? 65+B? With zero accountability, which works well for him, considering Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Maybe stop relying so much on western propaganda. How many months now we’ve been told Russia is losing? They may be losing, but so is the rest of the world, at least economically. Europe’s stubbornness in teaching Putin a lesson is ridiculous, shouldn’t those “leaders” care about their own instead of preaching something they hardly practice?
  4. Maybe look at a different perspective, not the one western MSM is madly pushing… “Most of the world, including Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, is carefully watching Russia systematically destroy what was by far the largest and most capable NATO-equipped, NATO-commanded army in the world (the Ukrainian army, that is), understanding full well that what is unfolding is Washington’s Waterloo. Some countries (Saudi Arabia, for instance) are so sure of the result that they are already refusing to obey Washington’s dictates. This is a problem, because all the Washingtonians know how to do is impose their will on the world. Treating others as equals or looking for opportunities to negotiate a win-win is simply not part of their core competence—or any of their competence, for that matter. Once defanged, all they know how to do is bark and drool.” https://thesaker.is/the-new-cuban-missile-crisis-that-isnt/
  5. Well, if not authoritarian, how would you describe someone who freezes the bank accounts of protestors? Is there a better way to silence people than through their wallets? As far as I’m concerned this shouldn’t be happening in a “democracy” and Trudeau should know better. Don’t you get tired of USA’s preaching? Why does the empire feel it has the moral high ground to name bad guys while turning a blind eye to their favored baddies? I’m thinking of Saudi Arabia and Israel. My war criminals are better than yours, is that the thinking? And the knack for regime change is only extended to those countries considered unruly. Let’s open a can of “democracy” and destroy the lives of people living in countries the USA can’t control.
  6. Unfortunately, the western system isn’t working as expected. Just ask Canadian truckers if Trudeau is an authoritarian or if democracy is the panacea we’ve been led to believe is. The west’s hubris has gone amok and the proof is that people advocating for peace like Clare Daly are called naïve or idealists.What would you suggest? To remain opting for the status quo which evidently is in a free fall and not working? Shouldn’t now be the time to try something different?
  7. Now this is the way to discuss terrorism & the West's hypocrisy in claiming Russian "terrorism". https://twitter.com/EvaKBartlett/status/1583129989964533760 @ClareDalyMEP "There is nothing constructive about the pot calling the kettle black. If the EU is going to start naming "state sponsors of terrorism," let's do it... Let's recognize West-sponsored terrorism too, and make sure 🇺🇲🇬🇧🇫🇷🇪🇺 and their pals 🇮🇱🇹🇷🇸🇦 & the rest are all on the list." https://twitter.com/ClareDalyMEP/status/1583073033593712641 Hope the fence-sitter [https://twitter.com/EvaKBartlett/status/1582809205324800001] will learn from Daly. 65) Terrorism.mp4
  8. Can't understand how anyone would make excuses for an old man sniffing children - disgusting!
  9. Whatever! I simply find people intent on waking up others annoying. How do they know they're not the ones asleep?
  10. That’s why I’m asking. My perception (and I’m not saying I’m correct) is that they are. I’ve come across one too many True Patriot, American Patriot, Blue Hero Patriot, Cowgirl Patriot, Lady Patriot, et al. All of them intent on waking up the masses. Here’s an example: “I put up true news to help the masses raise their vibration but some leftist assholes don't like that, cuz their light bothers their demons. The bottom line is this scamdemic and vaccines are to lower the population. The bad guys are the usual suspects. Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc... To me it's obvious but I'm awake.” BTW, this is a copy and paste from a response I recently got – not here though.
  11. Seems Republicans suffer from short-span memory. It’s been their presidents who have significantly increased the national debt. https://www.sounddollar.com/national-debt-by-president And Trump ranks as the third-biggest increase, relative to the size of the economy, of any U.S. presidential administration, according to a calculation by a leading Washington budget maven, Eugene Steuerle, co-founder of the Urban-Brookings Tax Policy Center. And unlike George W. Bush and Abraham Lincoln, who oversaw the larger relative increases in deficits, Trump did not launch two foreign conflicts or have to pay for a civil war. https://www.propublica.org/article/national-debt-trump
  12. No need. Here are some way more ridiculous - all from your side. Evidently, Republicans are clean as a whistle and above reproach. Enjoy! Liberals are the ONLY ones to do Satanic Ritual Abuse Pedophiles are ONLY democrats Adrenochrome and Pizza Gate QAnnon: let’s all “Trust the Plan” Michelle Obama is a tranny Ted Cruz and JFK’s assassination False Flags Deep State George Soros, etc…. How many do YOU believe?
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