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  1. Wow. Thank You. The Moasic is beautiful. For the brutality of Rome, something this reminds us of the beauty of the Roman Era.
  2. No she a lying scum bag. The name that best suits her slang for a female dog.
  3. In totally irrelevent and very unimportant news, water is wet.
  4. First off, in case you're not aware, there is no KGB. It died years ago. Next. the only party that running toward a former KGB Officer (Putin) is Republican. So what if one anti-choice sissy got his frillies in twist. Grow up.
  5. So some anti-choice/anti-woman cry baby suffered. Remind me to cry.
  6. Mr. Biden knows better than to put himself the middle of the clown car. The Traitor either comes forward with the proof he declassifed the documents or Judge Dearie will rule in favor of the DOJ.
  7. IF the Traitor can declassify documents by thinking (pardon me while I ROTFLMAO)), then by the same measure President Biden can reclassify the same documents by just thinking about it. The stupdity of the Traitor is boundless.
  8. In order think about doing something, you know how to think. The Traitor Lacks The Necessary Qualifications To Be Called An Intelligent Life Form.
  9. IF you support Capitol Punishment, your NOT Pro-Life. IF you support/condoned/endorsed the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan you are NOT Pro-Life. If you supported/condoned/endorsed the Torture of Prisoners by the U.S. you are NOT Pro-Life. IF you condone/support/endorsed Right Wing Militia Violence, you are NOT Pro-Life. What about those unborn killed by the U.S. as a matter of military policy is Iraq and Afghanistan. Was their "Right To Life" somehow less important the unborn in the United States. Or is killing Unborn Muslim Children justified? The fetus is a cluster of cells, it is NOT a human being. Murder is Immoral. Tamir Rice was murdered. George Floyd was murdered. Michael Brown was murdered. Walter Scott was murdered. Eric Garner was murdered. You seem to making distinctions as to what is and is not "Immoral". Until that child is born, you are all about protecting it, after it you force the Mother to give birth you do not care one way or the other. Let them be murdered in the streets after their born, but force the Mother to give birth only to watch her child murdered in the streets. You make distinctions between U.S. unborn and Muslim Unborn. Is the "Right To Life" an Imperical Right or a Universal Right?
  10. It is NOT up to you decide Women's Health Care. It is the Woman and the decision is hers.
  11. A sterilized egg is NOT a human. It is a cluster of cells. Like all Cons you believe the Government can dictate when you want it to.
  12. It is NOT up to the State to decide that a Woman must carry an unwanted child. To do so is "Big Government" at it's worst. The argument made by Conservatives is that "The Government Should Not Decide Health Care", "The Government Does Not Belong In The Doctor's Office." But that is also exactly what Cons want, the "Government" to decide what health care a Woman can receive, what medications she may receive and what Medical Procedures she may or may not undergo. The "Government" has no place in deciding for the Woman. The decision to abort is one of the most difficult things a Woman will ever undergo. There is no Fetal Heart Beat at 6-Weeks, that is lie. Most Women do not know they are pregnant at 6-Weeks. Men have zero deciding Women's Health Care, just a Woman cannot decide for a Man. Women are NOT Brood Mares whose only purpose is to pump out as many babies as possible. They are more than a body. They are individuals with their goals and aspirations. Forcing an unwanted pregnancy on a Woman is wrong. Conservatives cut school budgets. Oppose school lunch programs. Budgts for pre-natal care are being cut to the bone. They are more than willing force a Woman to have a baby, but they such a hell do not to make sure that Baby has three meals a day, education, a roof over its head or proper health care.
  13. Forcing Women to unwanted children is inhumane and demonstrates a desperate need to control a Woman's Body.
  14. "The Truth" is that Women know what is best for them. "The Truth" is that forcing a Woman or Girl to carry they are incapable of caring is wrong, especially when that pregnancy is the result of Incest/Rape. "The Truth" is Pro-Life is plain out and out "Anti-Woman", it is deny Women control over their bodies
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