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  1. Such a good idea. I was thinking they should do a street hockey tournament to bring Canadian pride back
  2. Otoole isn't popular out west. Why do you think his party is revolting right now?
  3. A blackfaced bigot? What does that say about the moral compass of our power centers? Trudeau isn't popular outside of Ontario. Most people out here can't stand the guy
  4. My concern is we still got reserves without clean drinking water while PM blackface blows our money on paying for private speeches from his family at WE charity events.
  5. Nice to see Cpl Bulford involved. He was treated horribly by PM blackface.
  6. It is becoming increasingly clear the current Government does not represent the hinterland. Between carbon taxes which are crippling western industry, border mandates which are taking food off the table of the average Canadian, insults from elected leaders, few seats for the Liberals west of Ontario, and just a big disconnect with the "leadership" in Ottawa, leaders not honoring the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, etc. should the west consider demanding the same level of independence as Quebec and look at separating?
  7. Trudeau gets 3 seats west of Ontario, 2 in the territories and pretends like he's the majority 😆
  8. Guy got 20% of the registered vote, in a minority government and acting like he's a king. King of blackface
  9. He's lost the popular vote... twice... I'm sure the racist bankers, lawyers etc down east love the guy. They are just as out of touch as PM blackface
  10. Yet story after story of Ottawa residents feeding truckers and offering up homes to protesters.
  11. He's in quite the pickle. On one hand he's trying to send more money to one of the most corrupt nations on the planet the Ukraine to "fight against Russia". On the other hand he has his capital city clogged up with trucks protesting human rights abuses at the hands of the Canadian/Provincial governments
  12. Better than the guy wearing blackface telling the working class they are racist for not following his lead.
  13. 400 less people in hospital now in Saskatchewan than at the peak of 2019.
  14. The guy speaks for the average worker. Trudeau comes from a family of privilege and is only taking advice from the same. Why there's such a disconnect
  15. Lemme guess.. cbc 😆. No sir this protest is about the blue collar whos been pushed to the limit by a spoiled rich, blackface wearing, lunatic.
  16. If you see the video, the guy was the lone fellow with a mask and was quickly denounced by the crowd and told to leave. Why you'd fly a confederate flag in Canada.. wierd.
  17. Pierre Poulieve really nailed it yesterday. The prime Ministers rhetoric toward hard working Canadians who have seen their small businesses close, their elderly parents die alone, kids missing important therapies etc etc calling these people "terrorists" for voicing their frustration is so beneath the office of the Prime Minister. One of his finest moments. Thank you Pierre
  18. Trudeau's a nazi sympathizer.. sad
  19. Sounds to me like the billion the feds spent on the vaxx tracking app would've been better spent on fast tracking nurses through school and improving service delivery
  20. I honestly can't see Trudeau's atrack on bodily autonomy going over well. The CPC is likely also corrupted.
  21. The hair on fire crew is still at it? Haven't watched the evening news in probably 4 or 5 years lol.
  22. For those who claim that those opposing the restrictions are a "fringe minority", simply not the case. In every province except Atlantic Canada we are the majority
  23. Numbers out from sask today. 70% of the hospitalizations are vaxxed
  24. With all the negativity being spewed at us, people suffering both financially and health wise, restrictions etc. here are some positives I've seen: 1. Great Canadian spirit of generosity 2. Working from home really highlights how technology has improved commerce 3. A desire to not take freedom for granted. When you see loved ones, cherish that time. 4. A greater appreciation for the struggles of people groups whove had to come against oppression. Anything else?
  25. And there was. They blasted the crowds with rubber bullets and water cannons and wondered why they were tossing stuff back at the cops
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