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  1. They claim someone tossed a bike lol.. The guy with the bike jumped out of the way after being charged at with the gestapo's horse.
  2. That should theoretically include the convoy. Of course Jagmeet only means the Unions who butter his bread
  3. Trudeau wants an investigation into foreign money. Of course he doesn't mean the foreign lobbyists HE associates with. Just ones that he disagrees with
  4. Even when they did the horns there was a limit. 9am to 6pm while parliament was sitting
  5. Trudeau has been a disaster. Imagine if there was an actual emergency ?
  6. Suspending a single mothers bank account over a $50 dollar donation to a protest opposing vaccine mandates doesn't make Trudeau a dictator. Got it...
  7. Your proud of the joke of a pm who has to send in the cops to beat up women eh.
  8. State violence is okay with Jack so long as he disagrees with whomever is the target of it. Sign of a weak man
  9. Probably because police have been throwing punches when they think there's nobody watching? Even still the cop probably has a small wiener and trying to accommodate by slapping the phone out of a woman's hand. Tough guy you know
  10. Wow the professionalism of the stasi in Ottawa on full display
  11. Well I'm pretty sure it's settled. The west SHOULD separate after Trudeau turned the country into communist Germany. Maybe build a wall at the Ontario border
  12. Not a window smashed. Not a building burned down. And yet they are called "terrorists" for asking to meet with their politicians...
  13. Anything goes now in Turdos Canada. Police can assault you and if you fight back you go to jail.
  14. ? saw that. "A few bad apples" that likely significantly harm any sort of prosecution and open themselves up to lawsuits.
  15. https://www.foxnews.com/world/ontario-police-watchdog-opens-investigation-woman-reportedly-trampled-mounted-officer Police watch dog opening investigation into attempted murder by the officers charging their horses through a crowd
  16. Attempted murder is still a serious charge. The officers involved in the police incident and the police who punched a woman outside of Iconic Cafe today should all be up on chargers.
  17. It's more than just the "vaccine". It's the government sicking the nazis on business owners, churches and just your average citizen for simply trying to live a half decent life. When you or people you know are on the receiving end of the gestapos threats and intimidation, then you'll understand.
  18. Seeing as the Liberal Party is now a nazi group, perhaps Saskatchewan or Alberta should start freezing bank accounts of those who contributed to the Liberal Party?
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