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  1. True, but let's consider the other side of that. Suppose this final massive push isn't enough. What else has he got after that? Nuclear, I guess. So will he use it? That's a question. Will Russia rise up before he does? That's another one.
  2. You mentioned Arizona. That one's Interesting. Mark Kelly Versus Blake Masters. That's one of the America First candidates Republican Senate leader, Mitch McConnel withdrew 8 million dollars in funding from. 80 year old Mitch knows Trump supported Republicans will vote against him as leader if they get in. But Independent and America First money immediately flooded in to Blake's campaign in reaction to Mitch's slimy maneuvering of the Republican money. So now if you're a resident of Arizona when you turn on your television you may see this ad financed without help from McConnell's old guard Republicans: And Blake has been closing in on Kelly in the polls. So how sure are you really, that Masters can't win?
  3. The Democrat cheat factor hasn't been factored into those polls though so you may be right.
  4. Are you sure? Why? Republicans have been closing on Dems in the polls of the states you mention. Senate, Right? Here's the RCP projection: https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2022/senate/elections-map-rcp-projection.html Dems 48 Republicans 52.
  5. According to the US Sun things don't look good for a war aged Russian male (or if you would prefer, cannon fodder) today. https://www.the-sun.com/news/6277405/russians-escape-putins-call-fight-ukraine/ Massive street protests too.
  6. I don't know why the Navy Scientists chose those dates for their prediction of Arctic Ice disappearing. I do know they were wrong. I also know they are not the only dummies that have been wrong about Arctic ice disappearing. You can find the links to those warmist scientists incorrect predictions at the climate skeptic site, Watts Up With That, HERE.
  7. Of this graph, you mean? See on the bottom left where it says JR Christy Univ. Alabama in Huntsville. That's the source. Dr. Christy was appearing before a May 13 hearing before the House Natural Resources Committee where he "argued that the state-of-the-art models informing agency analyses of climate change “have a strong tendency to over-warm the atmosphere relative to actual observations.” To illustrate the point, Christy provided a chart comparing 102 climate model simulations of temperature change in the global mid-troposphere to observations from two independent satellite datasets and four independent weather balloon data sets." https://cei.org/blog/manufacturing-alarm-dana-nuccitellis-critique-of-john-christys-climate-science-testimony/ Do you not know who John Christy is? He is the scientist who co-coordinates the global satellite temperatures with Dr. Roy Spencer. In fact Dr. Spencer has another one:
  8. I don't know... There's been some pretty freaky winter weather here and there for the last little while, causing all kinds of chaos. Did you seriously not hear the one from some of those political scare merchants you call scientists trying to convince us warming causes cooling to excuse it? Seriously...they have a whole theory and everything. I forget exactly how it goes. I was too busy laughing. Apparently some suckers actually take it serious.
  9. Sorry Bud, it's cut the crap time. So are you trying to convince me that when you talk about "Climate Change" you're not talking about human caused climate catastrophism? Very well what's your problem then? Climate changes. So what?
  10. What's my point, you mean? Why? How many times will you be needing to hear it before it penetrates? Oh well...let's try one more. Carbon is not the same thing as Carbon Dioxide. One is actual pollution in the air. The other is not. Your insistence on calling carbon dioxide carbon is nothing more than a lame attempt at deception.
  11. My point is Carbon and Carbon dioxide are not the same thing. Just as Hydrogen and H2O, water are not the same thing. Why? Are you trying to prove my other point as to how some are numb in the skull? Here, I'll try again to show you the difference between Carbon and Carbon Dioxide. See the below: That's carbon. Now breath out. What you see there is Carbon Dioxide. See the difference?
  12. Oh and by all means keep displaying your superior intelligence. I come here to be entertained by you numbskulls.
  13. And you can't have water without hydrogen. Does that mean you can put out a fire with hydrogen? Feel free to try it.
  14. I can find links to all the scientists making the failed climate predictions below if you like. Just tell me which one you doubt.
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