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  1. I absolutely agree. I consider what the HRC and DNC did treason(+select GOP). They utilized and corrupted our 5 eyes intelligence for political purposes. Then, they got the FBI and DOJ to open an investigation. And all this was based on Russian disinformation funneled to Christopher Steele, a british agent and paid for by Hillary and the DNC. It also brought in the Australians and Italians.
  2. @Zeitgeist I don't believe everything is better in the US by a long shot. However, the US as a whole is better than everywhere else. The Ugly American you describe is just a rude person, we don't like rude people either. There are some issues with being the only real global super power, and it often comes out in many of our dignitaries. I've worked with the US State Department in foreign countries and I've ashamed at some of the shenanigans they've pulled. They are arrogant and sometimes abuse their positions. I personally consider Canada a great ally and friend. I've had close Canadian friends my entire life. However, when coming to this site I was very taken back by the number of hateful threads about the US. 'Why don't we destroy the US' type stuff. I've never found that kind of thing in American forums. What's up with that ?
  3. So what. Do you think I am GOP vs DEM cheerleader ? This is the Washington establishment against an outsider. Yes the GOP probably started this, likely the Bush camp. They should be held responsible for it as well as the HRC and DNC. Fact is HRC and the DNC paid for Russian disinformation, then got the FBI to weaponize it against Trump.
  4. There is some indication that this all started with the GOP. John McCain's fingerprints are all over the operation. They should pay the price for it as well as the Dems. Right now no one is paying the price for injecting Russian disinformation into the 2016 election.
  5. I'm ready to debate. I propose this. I'll state my case and I'd appreciate if you state your case. My case is that Hillary Clinton and the DNC utilized opposition research from allies and hostile foreign powers that research became known as the Steele Dossier. State Department official’s notes also indicate Steele claimed the Russians, Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov, were “sources” for the dossier https://dailycaller.com/2019/05/16/steele-dossier-sources-state-department/ Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for opposition research from foreign agents, ultimately from Russian agents.
  6. Trump is a flawed human, just like the rest of us. He makes plenty of mistakes, saying he'd look at opposition research wasn't one of them. You do realize this is a political trap. He said to see if the MSM would call this wrong, and they did. Why you wonder? Because Trump never did take foreign oppo research, but Hillary did. The MSM just admitted what HRC and the DNC did was wrong. Unemployment metrics in the US are not a clear picture of unemployment. Presidents have been changing how the metrics are calculated since JFK. The labor force participation is a better indicator. Trump halted the loss and exporting of jobs that started under GW Bush, and carried through BHO. Some say it even started under BJC during the late 90s tech bubble.
  7. Exactly. In the US people love the Sioux, they have a mythology that paints them to be this high minded people. But they were originally Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes people. Then they got the horse and ran the local tribes out of the Northern plains. Some of those tribes no longer exist, and the Sioux had a big hand in destroying them. No one says the Sioux needs to leave the Black Hills and go live in East St Louis. But East St Louis is their native land.
  8. What are you guys talking about, Canada is not great. Canada is a white supremacist, colonial, racist project. Canadian's are oppressors.
  9. Relax Canada, we will only be sending our urban elites who believe in AGW. You'll be getting Al Gore, Bill Nye and Alexandria O Cortez. Plus millions like them. We will be happy to send them north.
  10. I don't owe you anything. If you can't handle it, stay in your safe bubble and ignore me. Don't be ashamed if you can't handle opposing positions, not everyone is up to it. If you want to learn something, read Professor Victor Davis Hanson. Autopsy of a Dead Coup https://amgreatness.com/2019/02/17/autopsy-of-a-dead-coup/
  11. Are you just slow witted or cowardly ? If you are slow witted, let me help you out by spelling it out for you. You stated, "Trump's ridiculous paranoid assertions" after I referenced the Obama Administrations attempted coup of Trump. I asked you to make a case that on Trump's paranoid assertions.
  12. Bush is complicit as well. But the repeal of Glass-Steagall was the tool they needed to harvest the wealth of millions. O'Malley talked aboot this briefly in his presidential run. He boiled it down pretty well. Six big banks went from controlling, approx 15 percent of our GDP to now 65 percent of our GDP~ M. O'Malley
  13. That was the action that that set up 2008 crash.
  14. Historical GDP There's only one kid on the short bus, and it's not Trump
  15. He also was handed the friendliest Fed interest rates in history. Net -1.5, while Trump is like +2.5 already.
  16. What was that ? Did the GW Bush admin get the FBI and CIA to spy on him and attempt a coup ? Because if that happened, I can understand why Obama might have hard a hard time getting up to speed.
  17. Exactly. As the graph clearly shows President Trump has been dramatically more effective than Obama in his first two years. In Obama's first 2 years unemployment grew at least 1%. In Trumps first 2 years unemployment dropped 1.5 %. I appreciate you posting this. Many ill informed people don't understand just how much better Trump is than Obama.
  18. 1.6 MILLION JOBS AVAILABLEhttps://www.bls.gov/news.release/jolts.nr0.htm
  19. California needs more of what they've been doing. More illegals, more crime, more gas taxes, more human feces on the streets, more trash, more heroin needles, more diseases like typhus and cholera.
  20. The Case for Joe Biden crushing his primary opponents and become POTUS 46PrimaryVeeps do extremely well in primary's, almost unstoppable. Globalists are all in on Biden, he will be flush with cash.Media is all in on Biden, he will get primo coverage, and coverup of creepy episodes with 10 yr old girlsBHO is the boss of the DNC, he will see that Biden rises to the top. Biden and BHO have dead hookers in the crawl space and Creepy Joe is the best chance to divert the cadaver dogs.When it gets to the debates, Biden will crush his opponents. None of them are experienced at debating like Joe. They won't stand a chance.General ElectionBiden will pick a woman of color to throw some shade on his white privilege, bringing the barbarians to heelNo one gets in line like Dems. All the candidates will get in line behind Joe or be destroyed by their own.As other candidates drop out, several of them in key states will run for Senate and house flush with POTUS campaign cash. This will allow them to leverage votes to win their races, pulling Dem voters along to vote for Joe.The Dems will utilize a well organized ground game, aka ballot box stuffing, dead people voting, illegals at the polls to win the popular vote regardless of what Red States do.A series of states have changed law to send their electoral college votes to the popular vote winner. Joe may only win 10 states, but it will be enough, he will be POTUS 46 with a majority in the House and Senate.
  21. So, the United States Department of Justice ordered multiple warrants and the Federal Bureau of Investigations spent nearly 3 years time, 30 Million Dollars and the work of 40 Agents on Foreign Dissinformation, paid for by the Democrat National Committee and the Democrat candidate for POTUS. Does that pretty much sum it all up ?
  22. There are a lot of security concerns that come out of the Mueller Report. Things that need to be investigated ASAP. Mueller said Misfud is a Russian Agent. If that's true, we have very serious problems.
  23. Hey, let's see your evidence. Bring it on bitches. Let's lay it all out to the American people. Make public the evidence, and every last shred of documentation from the entire investigation, let's look at all of it.
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