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  1. Trudeau Lite's problems stem from a lack of experience in anything that relates blue collar citizens . . . . he just does not 'get it'. A strong leader wouldn't be begging someone else to do his negotiations for him. How embarrassing for this country. Vote this cuck out on October 21st . . . . time to flush the toilet on this mistake.
  2. The world's full of people like you . . . . so clever with un-solicited advice that no one cares about. 114 days 'till Election Day . . . . please make an effort to vote !
  3. Internet psychologist from Toronto . . . . how nice for the rest of us. 115 days until the Federal Election . . . .be sure to vote !
  4. Just curious . . . Is 'Iron Eyes Cody' a real Indian, or just a Roman descendant ? Should he be apologizing to the Gauls or whoever the Romans over-ran 50 BC ? The 'apology contract' might be an interesting endeavor for Justin Trudeau . . . . tears & Kleenex. It's difficult to describe the depth of my contempt for Justin Trudeau . . .
  5. Didn't you inform everyone that the refugee from Germany owns Canada ? How can you 'own' anything . . . ? ps. The queen is a man . . .
  6. Big companies aren't willing to invest in BC while the Edgar Bergen/Charlie McCarthy duo sit in government. Combined with the First Immigrant land claims and 'forever victim' mindset . . . this is an unstable province at the moment.
  7. You, in the name of a displaced German, are going to fight to the death to 'try' to take my land from me . . . . pffffft!
  8. Let her try to take it . . . ps. The Queen is a man . . .
  9. Bottom line: The hospitals got direct funding. You can make all the assumptions you like as to the reasons for the donations . . . who cares what you 'think' . . . the hospitals got needed funding. Comprehend ?
  10. Quebec is the cancerous big toe on the foot of Canada. Cut that toe off, and the rest of foot becomes healthy and active. Canada could run without Quebec. Instead we cripple along with our bulbous, self important, cancerous toe. Realistically, Quebec contributes nothing to the welfare/well being of Canada. Endless bitching, endless hand-outs, endless gasbag threats of leaving, endless . . . . .
  11. The Sioux were pushed westward from their traditional lands . . . . they become a part of the 'horse culture' of the Great Plains. They were pushed into the traditional Crow territory, and the Crow were pushed into Blackfoot/Peigan/Blood territory. Many bloody tribal wars. As above . . . do the Sioux apologize endlessly to the Crow people? I doubt it.
  12. March 28th, 2017 . . . . $75,000,000.- St. Paul's Hospital, Vancouver May 30th, 2017 . . . . $50,000,000.- Children's Hospital, Saskatoon Thank you Jim Pattison . . . .much appreciated ! Maybe you would rather Mr. Pattison payed the tax on the $125,000,000.- and then the hospitals could suckhole to the federal/provincial governments for the needed funds. That would guarantee Jim Pattison would never ever donate a dime to anything . . . . Why not let Mr. Pattison enjoy a tax break, and let St. Paul's and Children's Hospitals get the needed funds directly ? Win - Win
  13. Ontario finally got off the govt. teat . . . . but, will still receive 960+ millions in transfer payments for 2018-2019. Maybe the inner city sage can give us an eastern point of view . . . . again.
  14. The Department of Highways or one of their contractors remove 'road kill' . . . . Up behind Hixon Falls south of Prince George is an abandoned gravel pit where the carcass's are dumped. From twilight to dawn you can listen to the wolves sing. Ravens there all day long. Animals get hit on roads . . . . predator/scavenger species have learned this and many travel the roads at night, and many are hit also. With the Edgar Bergen / Charlie McCarthy duo forming the BC govt., and their uninformed cancellation of a highly controlled, sustainable G-bear hunt . . . . expect to see many more 'bear incidents' this year. Wildlife decisions made to placate the many voting dummies walking around the lower mainland in their G-bear / wolf T-shirts. Wildlife biologist data thrown out with the trash.
  15. Prime Minister Harper brought in the 'Transparency Act' . . . . . . we all know what sock puppet Trudeau did with that.
  16. No goals in life, nothing to strive for . . . There are many 'first immigrant' men working in the coast logging industry. For the most part, they're a hard working bunch. No different than the many 'second immigration' men in that industry. The one blaring commonality with the 'first Immigrant' fellas is that they would never go back to live on reserve. Many of them are shunned by family and friends for making the break with the reserve life of doing nothing. These 'first immigrant' loggers don't follow an easy road in life . . . but, they'll never go back from where they came. Hat's off to those fellas that saw that life was full of choices and chose to become involved in this country. Chose to contribute to this country and culture. ps. I can wear a moccasin or cowboy boot . . . . they both fit.
  17. Yes, I am a logger. What I 'get out of these projects' is the satisfaction and pleasure of providing for my family. No hand-outs here. Guessing you're some idealistic un-employed transplant from central/eastern Canada. Betting you have the answer to everything. Extremely intelligent . . . but, your shoes are on the wrong feet.
  18. Note to native Indians: The buffalo are gone, they're not coming back . . . . . get over it.
  19. As above ^^ Is there ever a time when someone refuses to be a victim, refuses to view themselves as a victim, refuses to play the part of a victim . . . Generations of natives with no direction, no concept of how to look after themselves, no work ethic, no skills, no need to do anything . . . there is no amount of money that will 'fix' this. With a little bit of initiative and enthusiasm, most anyone can make their life better . . . .
  20. Indians want to buy our collectively owned pipeline . . . Mr. Dress-up purchased it for 'us' . . . You want to sell your portion of said pipeline ?
  21. Agree with much of your post . . . The one thing that bothers me about Maxime Bernier however is that he couldn't see that he'd be so much more effective in the Conservative cabinet than trying to sway 'the west' as just another politician from Quebec. He could have sandbagged Sheer from within the party . . . Most everyone can see that Scheer just doesn't have the 'royal jelly' that a Maxime Bernier has. Maxime Bernier had a temper tantrum when he should have been Scheer's stalker from within . . . . bad move Maxime !
  22. Jason Kenny did what he said he'd do . . . Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is scrambling to impose a 'new' tax on Alberta residents. Thoughts ?
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