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  1. 12 minutes ago, CdnFox said:

    So you couldn't answer your own question before.

    Another loser who's too afraid to actually say what's on his mind.

    I take it you also hate Canada and don't feel it's a real country?

    Why vote at all - this is a country you hate and claim you have no love for in the slightest.

    Stalker, your assumptions are laughable and child-like . . . keep that post count up.

  2. CdnFox . . . Thank you so much.  A very special response from a very special member, with a minimum of insults, assumptions and browbeating.  Possibly you've come to realize that your so very special and important tutoring carries more weight without the child-like script you seem so fond of.

    Again, thank you my friend.  It means so much to me and many others here.

  3. 5 hours ago, Army Guy said:

    ..You lecture about moral fibre, back bone, and having balls big enough to stand on, and yet almost everything in this country is broken, and Canadians are standing around watching, waiting for it to be fixed by someone else. You have posted about many things on this forum but have yet described how you sir, had the moral fibre, back bone and balls to step up and fix any of it...you sir are what we call in the army 'the Idea man', you're full of ideas, and advice but lack any form of action . . . i think in the civilian world they call you a politician.

    CdnFox,  Specifically, what is your solution to the Liberal government problem?  You harangue fellow Canadians and imply that you have the solution . . . well, lead the way 'keyboard General' . . . 

  4. 2 hours ago, eyeball said:

    And PP honestly does? BS, he's concerned about the same thing Trudeau is - power.  Poilievre will signal his climate change virtue to get it and so will his supporters.

    When Pierre Poilievre has been asked the hard questions, he's answered them straightaway, and on camera.  All archived for your viewing pleasure.  Also, why would Pierre Poilievre lay out his complete election platform so early before a federal election?  So Trudeau's puppetmaster(s) have an idea of how to fix the country they've abused so badly?

    You're above statement is typical for a displaced Liberal who has moved westward.  Are you on the dole now?

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  5. 1 hour ago, eyeball said:

    Well there's another thing we can thank Trudeau for.

    I abandoned this attitude you're talking about decades ago. Good to see more Canadians are finally woking up. Took you long enough.

    Now how many more years will it take before you figure out what to do next?

    Never had the 'oh well' attitude.  Mine is anger and contempt. Starting with Pierre Trudeau.  Before your time?  Probably. 

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