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  1. On 9/5/2017 at 9:55 AM, Argus said:

    The funny thing about Catherine McKenna's outrage that Erin O'toole called her NAFTA climate change demand virtue signalling is how clearly and obviously true it is, and how she reinforced that in her snarly reply.

    O'Toole said that Liberal demands to include requirements on climate change in the negotiations on renewing NAFTA were nothing more than virtue signalling, and that the Liberals certainly knew there was between zero and less than zero change the Trump administration would accept that. McKenna replied - in French, in a facebook posting.

    O'Toole is not, as you probably know, French, nor was his talk in French or in Quebec. McKenna is also not French. So why write her Facebook post in French if not as one more virtue signal, this time to Francophones? And her statement "We will continue to stand up for Canadian values at home and abroad"? If that isn't virtue signalling, what is? And it's nonsense in that the Liberals are not standing up for Canadian values at all since they will clearly drop this demand after they've 'signaled' their virtue to Canadian voter segments. Anyone with more than half a brain can see that. It's just like their earlier demand that the US end 'right to work' laws, which are state based anti-union laws. That's another absurd demand that has less than zero chance of ever going into NAFTA. But it will make their union allies happy, even though, of course, they'll drop it to get an agreement. 

    And, of course, their  demand to end 'unfair tax loopholes' for small businesses, including doctors, is more virtue signalling. It's about their portraying themselves as the defenders of the middle class against the evil 'rich', who 'aren't paying their fair share' which apparently includes all doctors, dentists and other small business. Even calling it a tax loophole is a sign that this is only being done as part of their class warfare efforts.

    One of the more tiresome aspects about these all style, no substance Liberals is their self-righteous indignation when it's pointed out to them that they and their emperor have no clothes.


    Ezra Levant has a video on the Liberals and NAFTA.  He thinks it is possible the Libs are taking subjects to the negotiations so NAFTA will fail and they can have China as the major trading partner.  It is just an opinion.  I'm not sure what to make of it.  I do find it strange they would be taking things to the bargaining table which they know Trump would abhor and have nothing to do with free trade.

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  2. 19 hours ago, Omni said:

    Um you sound  bit confused, but yes Li did his time at an institution  rather than  jail cell because a jury of experts in their fields found him not criminally responsible. He has been released.

    I believe most Canadians would disagree with a so-called "jury of experts" and a system which would let someone in those circumstances be released.

    Wikipedia says " In the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the United States, use of the (insanity) defense is rare;[4] however, since the Criminal Procedure (Insanity and Unfitness to Plead) Act 1991,[5] insanity pleas have steadily increased in the UK. " 

    It seems Canada is a leader in a number of questionable "progressive" things, which many seem to pride themselves on.    The not criminally responsible defense seems to be one of a number of things Canada is taking a lead in.   Other subjects are same-sex marriage, doctor-assisted suicide, open borders, and of course abortion on demand. 

  3. 4 hours ago, Omni said:

    No you won't. We have what are called courts here, I'm sure you've heard of them, and they examine the case and if you are determined to be mentally ill and therefore not criminally responsible you will be sent to a rehab facility, not a jail. Check around, you have similar situations in the US, and maybe stop trolling all things Canada for once. 

    I guess you haven't been  following the latest.  Didn't the fella who decapitated someone on a bus walk free recently?  Being found "not criminally responsible" doesn't meant one can never walk free again apparently in Canada.  It all depends on the decision of a judge at some point in time.


    The fella who killed his three kids a few years back and was declared NCR has recently had a judge rule he will not get dangerous offender status, even though he has had many incidents of violence in custody and authorities believe he is a danger.  He is still in custody, for now.

  4. On 8/5/2017 at 6:54 AM, capricorn said:

    The Liberal government was warned by senior immigration staff that a crisis was looming with regard to refugees and our ability to handle it. Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen was cautioned that there will be a need to review refugee related policies in response to the growing number of refugees entering Canada. Couple this with Trudeau's open invitation to the world that Canada will welcome one and all with open arms.


    If we are so well prepared to absorb hundreds, soon to be thousands, of refugees streaming in from the US, how come we have to house them in a sports arena like so many head of cattle.

    Mixed messages have been emanating from the Liberal government on this matter. Is it to much to ask that the government develop cohesive policies and take decisive action on this pressing situation?

    Trudeau is in Quebec on CBC at this moment answering questions about the illegal migrants flooding into Quebec.  He is doubling down on the idea Canada is a welcoming and open country for migrants and refugees.  He repeated this several times.  He also calls the illegal migrants irregulars repeatedly.  He obviously continues to send the message to the world to come on in.  We will welcome you and take care of you.    

    The Canadian government has set up refugee camps on the border and openly welcomes them to come in.  He claims there is no advantage to coming in "irregularly" on how they will be processed.  But he gives such a soft approach to the whole thing one would think they are welcoming illegal migrants with open arms, which they are. 

    Almost 7000 have crossed into Canada in the last six weeks.

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  5. 14 hours ago, hot enough said:

    You have a terribly specious idea of what evidence is. You think brainwashing constitutes evidence. The bible is a bunch of crap, the very brainwashing that I speak of. You speak of evidence and then you contradict by saying one accepts it by "faith or doesn't". 

    You might as well believe in the flying spaghetti monster. 

    Eyewitness accounts of many supernatural events does constitute evidence.  It is your bias that is getting in your way.  Without knowing beans about it, you dismiss it as brainwashing.  The irony is you are the most brainwashed person on here with your constant nonsense about the U.S. and west.  So you are the last person who should speak of brainwashing.

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  6. On 7/27/2017 at 4:49 PM, hot enough said:

    Nor any proof, just a bunch of folks who want so desperately to believe that they make up the most phantasmagorical stories and call them science. 

    Science and the Bible are two different things.  Science is defined as a branch of knowledge conducted on objective principles involving the systematized observation of and experiments with phenomena, esp. concerned with the material and functions of the physical universe.  (Oxford dictionary)

    On the other hand the Bible is a written revelation from God and a supernatural book.  Much of what is recorded in the Bible is supernatural in character or nature.  It does not claim to fit the definition of science according to the Oxford definition of science. 

    People sometimes add confusion to the subject by arguing the Bible is scientific.  It is not meant to be and is not a scientific book.  The events recorded such as the creation account in the beginning part of Genesis in the King James Bible (1611) are supernatural.  While I believe they occurred as they are written, it is not meant to try to fit it into a scientific mould.  God who created everything did it in a supernatural way and is not required to prove how he did it.  Neither are believers required to prove how God created the universe out of nothing.  The evidence is all around us in the creation and the Bible itself gives ample evidence that it is indeed the word of God.  One either accepts it by faith or doesn't.

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  7. On 8/9/2017 at 4:40 PM, Argus said:

    In fact, the memo was on an employee discussion forum meant for the exchange of ideas about Google's workplace and policies.

    The Rebel Media, which uses youtube for it's video distribution, is concerned about being dumped and is working toward creating their own video distribution venue.  It will be very expensive and they welcome any donations to help with this.  Expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe more.  Just wondering how much is dumped out of youtube by Google who owns youtube.  Anyone who opposes the liberal or left ideology should consider supporting The Rebel Media.  They are one of the few media opposition voices in Canada.   They had a program on a satellite TV channel several years ago but it was terminated for some reason.  Then they moved to the internet and have been using Youtube to a large extent.  They are quite organized with a number of reporters with their own video reports.

  8. 6 hours ago, marcus said:

    I agree that we should have a debate about the number of people coming into Canada through the refugee system and also a debate about how to deal with their integration. 

    My position is that we can afford to do this, like we have done before with refugees coming from the Balkans, from Vietnam and those fleeing the holocaust.

    I think when there are vulnerable people around the world, personally, I am okay with my government welcoming at least some of them into the country. It's my personal feeling to a situation like this, but I also take history into consideration as well. Our history shows that bringing in refugees have turned out okay. Nothing is ever perfect, but the majority of the population who have come in and have been able to integrate. 

    My response to Argus was not about refugees. I was correcting him on wrong information he shared on here, where he said Canada's immigration system 'prefers newcomers from third world countries'. Which is absolutely wrong.

    A lot of these debates and arguments start with misconceptions and misinformation like the one Argus shared and if they go unchallenged, then everything beyond the comment is just a waste of time. 

    Nobody opposes helping legitimate refugees up to a point.  But you have to remember there are millions of people in poverty and an endless number of refugees.  The costs of what assistance Canada provides must be watched closely.  That is the limiting factor.  Obviously Canada cannot solve the whole world's problems.  There are many other countries that could be doing more than they are for legitimate refugees.

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  9. 2 hours ago, August1991 said:

    Fair enough. IMHO, the family name is causing confusion.

    Our current federal PM is far more like his Mom. He is nothing like his Dad.

    And frankly, between the two parents, I see little original.


    His Dad was original. His Dad chose an original woman.

    We'll see whether Justin is an original. 

    I am concerned about a number of things that JT is doing.  His idea about openly welcoming migrants to walk into Canada seems like a very unwise idea.  I can guess he is doing it to please the immigrant vote, which he relies heavily on.  Running up a deficit of 30 billions dollars in a year is hard to imagine and adding 30 billion a year to the deficit makes no sense.  Expected to be 100 billion dollars in a couple years.  What is he thinking?  Hard to believe one man has the power to do these kinds of things.  If you want to know more about Pierre Trudeau, get the book "The Truth About Trudeau" by Bob Plamandon.  He did so many bad things it is hard to understand why so many people seem to revere him.   He seemed to thumb his nose at our allies and traditional institutions like NATO while showing an unusual fondness for the communist dictatorships like the USSR. China, and Cuba.  JT's carefree attitude about national deficits might have been inherited from his father and of course his affection for Castro and the Chinese dictatorship.

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  10. 5 minutes ago, August1991 said:


    blacklbird, do you work for the federal Liberal Party? If you do, the LPC is clueless.

    It is wrong to say that Canada has a "controlled immigration system" when everyone knows that foreigners are easily crossing the border daily.

    I am not a supporter of the LPC;  more of an opponent.  But I was just describing the info I found on how the system works in theory, not counting the illegal entries from the south.  I know they are just walking in in droves.  This could effect some categories and will cost a fortune to feed and house thousands of people and process their claims.  Many may be deported unless the government decides to allow them to stay under some dubious category.

  11. On 8/5/2017 at 0:32 AM, August1991 said:

    150 people/day is about 50,000 per year. (In winter, the numbers may change - rise/fall, I don't know.)


    .According to our federal PM, Justin Trudeau, we can accept all these people. I tend to agree: Canada is a large country. We can manage 50,000 refugees per year.

    But my thought/fear is that Justin Trudeau is sending the message to many more/other foreigners: Canada is the place to be.


    Some immigrants arrive in Canada with an understanding of Enlightenment principles. Many young children arrive with no knowledge of Voltaire at all.

    Can we manage 100,000 refugees each year? Can we even manage 300,000 new immigrants each year?

    Can we educate all these people, bring them into the 18th century? 

    Canada has a controlled immigration system and there are a certain number of immigrants allowed for each category.  This year the total number will be 300,000.

    Faith Goldie, a reporter and commentator from The Rebel Media, went to the main border crossing in Quebec recently and counted about 15 illegal migrants per hour coming into Canada.  This works out to 360 per day.  Of course these numbers probably vary widely.  These migrants probably do not fit into any of the legal categories because they are likely not genuine refugees fleeing persecution or threats to their lives.  If they are accepted then that may reduce the numbers permitted under certain categories.  Those who are trying to come in through the legitimate application process could be effected.  One website gives a basic description of how the system works.


    Canada plans to allow 300,000 immigrants into the country this year.

    Applicants are ranked on their age, education, language ability, and work experience and earn points for each category up to 600. For example, people aged between 20-29 years get the maximum 100 points while those over 45 get zero for that category.

    Potential immigrants get additional points if they have a sibling who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Immigrants' spouses are assessed on the same criteria if they are also applying to come to Canada.   Unquote


    The number of immigrants for each category has to be justified by how they will fit into Canada.  For example, authorities who decide on the numbers must have justification for their numbers and know whether the numbers for each category will be able to find jobs and support themselves, or if for family reunification, be supported by family.  They can't bring in large numbers who will be required to be supported by social services because this will effect the social services budgets of the provinces.  So when people say we can bring in and support any number of migrants who come in illegally, they basically don't know what they are talking about.  The system has to operate on a controlled basis and be financially viable.

  12. 8 minutes ago, dialamah said:

    Well, the right seems to have spent a lot of time over the last couple of decades predicting chaos/catastrophe and the end of life as we know it but as a country we still seem to be doing pretty good, so forgive me if I don't cower in a corner just yet.

    That's your privilege.   I'm just giving my own personal view and warning that this is likely to be a costly disaster for Canada.  The right has not spent a lot of time predicting chaos but we certainly are in for great expense and problems as a result of the liberal ideas of open doors and encouraging phony refugees to come here.

    Years ago I wrote a letter to the federal justice department to ask why a foreigner who was wanted for murdering several people in the U.S. was still in Canada after about five years of appeals and legal challenges.  They wrote back to me and told me everyone has the right to appeal through the legal system. (even if it takes five years or more)  There you have it.  The liberals put the rights of criminals and illegal migrants ahead of ordinary Canadians.  

    There are other examples of this kind of thing.  There have been people suspected or known to be Nazis from WW2 that have fought deportation for decades and never been deported.

  13. 2 hours ago, dialamah said:

    Assuming that rate holds steady for every hour of every day, which is extremely doubtful.

    You seem to think this is a minor issue.  Well we don't know what the actual numbers will be for this year and next.  In any case we could be getting tens of thousands of illegal migrants per year.  This is going to be very expensive for Canada not only in terms of direct financial costs for living expenses, policing, immigration proceedings costs, dep for lawyers, appeals, court costs, etc., deportation costs, but will probably result in increased crime and social problems, which is extremely costly as well.  Canada has an extremely lenient refugee appeal system that can drag on for years, costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars per claim.

  14. On 8/6/2017 at 4:22 PM, jacee said:

    “They flew out of their country after the earthquake and they don’t want to to go back there because there is no hope in the country. They are seeking some place to live,” she said. “Leaving with your children, it’s a very desperate move.” 

    It remains to be seen whether Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board rules it’s enough.

    Not a problem. It's handled. They'll be processed, maybe more quickly depending on which province they elect to go to.

    About 60% may be successful.

    Informative article. Thanks.

    I can't see how Haiti is a "safe country" for them to return to:

    The crisis hindered the Haitian government’s ability to meet the basic needs of its people, resolve longstanding human rights problems, or address continuing humanitarian crises, even as a new crisis emerged. In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew, a devastating storm, hit Haiti’s southwest. President Privert estimated the losses surpassed the entire national budget and warned of an impending serious food crisis, driven by the loss of crops from the storm.

    As of August, authorities had failed to assist many of the 61,000 individuals still living in displacement camps since the 2010 earthquake to resettle or return to their places of origin, and many continued to face environmental risks and the threat of forced evictions. An ongoing drought affecting much of the country pushed the number of people living with food insecurity to one-third of the population.

    Haiti’s cholera epidemic has claimed more than 9,300 lives and infected more than 780,000 people in five years. There were more than 21,000 suspected cases and, as of July, 200 deaths in 2016. Cholera cases surged in October in the communities most impacted by Hurricane Matthew. 

    It's  just one blow after another in Haiti since the earthquake. They'd be in displacement camps there, if Haiti even agreed to accommodate them at all.

    We can accommodate 150/day somewhere in Canada.

    They are coming in at the rate of around 300 a day.  Faith Goldie from The REbel Media counted 15 an hour, which is 360 a day.  These people have not been screened and I think it is fair to conclude they are economic migrants, fleeing poverty.  An immigration lawyer on CBC PnP was asked what he thinks about allowing them to stay because of poverty.  He thought they should be allowed to stay.  He was asked if that would open the floodgates.  He had no answer.   We know what the answer is.   Canada takes in a certain number of "refugees" a year and a large percentage of immigrants are allowed in after having been screened for their education, skills, language ability, etc.  to determine whether they will be able to support themselves and be a net asset to Canada.  If we bring in too many people who have to be put on welfare indefinitely, it could break our social services safety net, which is designed to protect Canadians.  There is no way Canada can just open the floodgates and allow thousands of people to come in to get on welfare.  We simply can't afford it without threatening everything we have such as old age pensions, health care, social assistance, unemployment insurance, and infrastructure.

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  15. 4 hours ago, jacee said:

    Canada has always had a steady stream of immigrants through the application process, and also waves of people displaced from their own countries by wars, famine, etc. This has been the same since before Canada was Canada.

    And during every wave, there are always a few people crying 'IT'S A CATASTROPHY!!!'

    It never is.

    And life goes on.

    Some people just like to create drama.

    Some people just like to blame and hate.

    Most of us just want to live our lives in peace, grateful to be Canadian and not haters, and welcome new people to join us in that. 

    Happy summer, folks!

    Enjoy! B)


    The present entry of illegal migrants into Quebec is a catastrophe contrary to what you think.  Obviously you don't know what's going on.  The number of migrants coming has been witnessed by Faith Goldie from the Rebel Media in order to find the truth of what's going on.  She counted about 15 an hour.  That works out to about 360 a day.  Quebec  does not have the facilities to properly house this number of people.   They are running shuttle buses now to pick up the illegals when they cross in.  The Armed Forces are putting up tents somewhere to house them.  If this continues at this rate, it could run to near 100,000 or more a year.  This is a large percentage of the number of immigrants Canada lets in legally.  But Canada screens all immigrants before admitting them legally.  They are screened for their education, skills, whether they speak one of the two official languages, etc.  so that they will be able to support themselves and not live off welfare indefinitely.  These people coming in illegally have not been screened, even to check for criminal records.  If they are here illegally they probably won't get a work permit and will have to be put on social assistance.  This could be very expensive. 

  16. 3 hours ago, marcus said:

    Wrong Argus.

    The largest immigration program, that goes through the Express Entry system is a merit based system. Language level is the biggest factor in scoring, which means that someone from a native English speaking country has a better chance of immigrating to Canada through this program because English is their first language.

    Source: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/express-entry/grid-crs.asp

    Furthermore, there are special agreements that Canada has with majority of the European countries, Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries. They allow people under 35 to receive an open work permit to come and work in Canada. This results in work experience in Canada and it opens up options for permanent immigration.

    Source: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/work/iec/eligibility.asp

    Conclusion: Europeans and those from English speaking countries have an advantage to immigrate to Canada over others, including from third world countries.

    No offence, but you know VERY LITTLE about our immigration system. I recommend you learn a little more about it, before typing and sharing articles from Toronto Sun.

    Trudeau has erased the border into Canada.  Illegals are walking into Quebec now at the rate  of about 300 a day.  Do the calculations: 300  x  365 days =  109,500 per year.  One report said the average illegal migrant could cost $50,000.    All one has to do is walk across the border now and get on welfare.  This is going to cost Canada a fortune.   One immigration lawyer the CBC had on said the government should allow them to stay if they are coming because of poverty.  The host said wouldn't that just open the floodgates?    He had no answer.  Of course it would.  They would then come by the thousands daily and get on welfare and our country would soon go broke.  We would have no money or government services to take care of our own people.

    Also, when they find out they will be deported because they are not genuine refugees, how many will simply disappear into the cities in Canada and possibly get into crime to support themselves?   They might find simply fleeing  to the cities and going underground instead of being deported is a preferable option.  I'm not sure but some provinces might even pay them welfare even though they are here illegally.  In any case, a lot of them might seek illegal refuge in Canada rather than go back to a poverty stricken country where there is nothing for them.  We are in trouble.  People thought Trump was crazy to talk about building a wall!  Hah   Trudeau is running  up a deficit of 30 billion additionally a year and our social services such as health care, social assistance, employment insurance, old age pensions ..all could be threatened if this keeps up.

  17. Faith Goldie on The Rebel Media has a good seven minute video on the illegal migrants flooding into Quebec.  You don't have to be a subscriber to watch it.  JT has erased the borders to Canada and people are flooding in at unprecedented rates of around 300 per day now.  This will cost Canada a fortune.  One report said each illegal migrant could cost $50,000.  They have run out of space to house them in the arena and have now brought in the army to set up tents as well as taking over schools.  This must also be putting a strain on the welfare system.  But hey what the heck.  All one has to do is walk across the border and begin collecting welfare.  Canada is open to the world to be ripped off.


  18. 10 hours ago, hot enough said:

    You know full well why you are doing this, Goddess. As does every other thinking individual. None of your kind had the least bit of concern during the many long decades, continuing to today, when the US was and still is supporting brutal dictatorships, and Canada to , by supporting the US. 

    You are all major hypocrites and other equally immoral, abhorrent nouns that are not allowed to be expressed. 

    If there were any truth in your outlandish claims, we would have heard about it long ago in the media, but after a lifetime of hearing nothing, we must conclude you are some kind of hysterical extremist who has spent a lot of time reading conspiracy theorists or anti west rabble.

  19. On 8/6/2017 at 4:17 PM, hot enough said:

    See what your christianity has wrought, Betsy! Two centuries of supposedly christian countries, the USA/UK, [and other European powers] raping and pillaging the planet. Neither the US/UK or you are christian in any way, shape or form. 

    I don't think you are in any position to say who is a christian or isn't since you know nothing about it.

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  20. 4 hours ago, hot enough said:

    More juvenile behavior from the lover of the most vicious of US war crimes and terrorism, which is all of it. 

    The US is not an empire. It's a war criminal/ terrorist/deeply evil "country". You know this and to cover it you prevaricate, fabricate, finger point when there isn't anyone that comes close to your deeply evil "country".

    So you say while you enjoy the good life and prosperity the U.S. and allies have brought you.  You enjoy the freedom to spout your nonsense because the U.S. and allies fought for your freedom. 

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  21. 40 minutes ago, hot enough said:

    None of the over 70 US illegal invasions, Betsy. And here you are, christian Betsy making light of the slaughter of tens of millions, innocents who only wanted to have the "freedoms" you sheeple chortle about. People who only wanted to use their resources for their children, their country folk, and you are trying to make excuses for vicious war criminals/terrorists/thieves/rapists/torturers/... . 

    Are you happy with women having their breasts slashed off, are you happy that US proxies do the same to their children? Have you got a happy face emoticon to describe your joy for these atrocities?

    Did you know McDonald's restaurants was started in 1954 by an American businessman?   Today McDonald's feeds at least 1% of the world's population in over 100 countries.  American (and Canaian) supermarkets of full of fruit, vegetables, and foodstuffs that many parts of the world only dream of.   We in America and Canada have great wealth with automobiles, homes, computers, TVs, and many other material goods.  Many people have good-paying jobs or pensions.  They enjoy several weeks paid holidays, they get lots of long weekends like this one we are on now.  The opportunity is available for many.  Many people dream of coming to live in America and many come in illegally to reap the benefits of the good life. Meanwhile in Russia, the former USSR, people are lining up a grocery stores to try to get a few things.  There are shortages.  The people in the former USSR have suffered greatly since the communist revolution in 1917.  Millions of people were murdered just as millions more were murdered by Chairman Mao tse Tung in China.  America, the leader with it's military might has kept the west free.  Tyrants abound in the world and are threatening the west; even right at this moment in N. Korea. Thanks to the U.S. we enjoy great prosperity and freedom.  We might have been taken over by the USSR long ago or Hitler would control the world if the U.S. had not brought it's military might into the battle in WW2.  You should appreciate the U.S. and west's military strength instead of criticizing the west.  You probably enjoy all the benefits of our prosperity and freedom daily, but you show no appreciation, but exactly the opposite.

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  22. 3 minutes ago, bcsapper said:

    Nothing depends on God because there is no God.  An awful lot depends on the irrational belief that there is, regardless of what its name is believed to be.

    The proof of the existence of God is in the creation for one thing.  The creation was not an accident but the complexity and beauty of the creation should tell one that there had to have been a divine creator.

  23. Just now, bcsapper said:

    No they don't.  God depends on us.  Without us, it is nothing.  If only enough people would understand that, we could be rid of it forever.

    Don't tell me you are another one who denies the basic truth of God.  God created the universe and everything in it and everything is sustained by the power of God.  Without God's sustaining a person's life, he would cease to live.  We owe our continued existence and life to our Creator.  It is nonsense to say God depends on us.  Probably just a rhetorical comment but means nothing.  God is omnipotent and everything depends on God.

  24. 1 minute ago, Omni said:

    Religions have done abominable works. It would take forever to list them. But buy into whatever soothes your fears. I try to live diversely.  

    There is a difference between "religion" and biblical truth/God.  Religion can be a false system or something invented by man.  There are many "religions" in the world, but only one true God and only one true revelation of God to man.

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